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Finland will lose sovereignty if joins NATO - Putin

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Saying that Finland will surrender its right to act independently in the event it joins the western military alliance, Putin added that Moscow will respond to deployment of any NATO attack missiles based in the Nordic country.

“The involvement of any country in a military bloc deprives it of a certain degree of sovereignty, and some decisions are made at a different level,” the Russian president said at a meeting on Friday with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto.

He compared the situation with what has transpired in the bureaucratic realm concerning Finland’s visa regime.

“The same has occurred over the question of visas, where part of Finland’s sovereignty is handed over to the European Union,” the Russian leader noted.

Putin then discussed the threat of Finland militarizing itself under NATO supervision, warning that if “the deployment of attack missiles is approved, Russia will take retaliatory measures.”

The Russian President then asked rhetorically if Russia and Finland really needed such a volatile situation.

“If NATO decides to deploy missile systems, Russia will take retaliatory measures,” Putin told reporters after talks with Niinsto. “Russia’s retaliatory measures will be guaranteed. But what would we need that for?”

Washington’s determination to construct a missile defense system along Russia’s border in Eastern Europe, and without the participation of Russia, has rocked the so-called reset, threatening to spark another arms race between the two former Cold War rivals.

NATO’s relations with Finland, which shares a lengthy border with Russia, are conducted through the Partnership for Peace framework, which Finland joined in 1994.

According to the western alliance’s website, NATO and Finland actively cooperate on peace and security operations and have developed practical cooperation in many other areas.

Meanwhile, the Russian Chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov said earlier this month at an event organized by Finland’s National Defence Courses Association at the University of Helsinki that cooperation between Finland and NATO threatens Russian security.

“Cooperation between Finland and NATO threatens Russia’s security,” stressed Makarov. “Finland should not be desirous of NATO membership, rather it should preferably have tighter military cooperation with Russia.”


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2 Responses to " Finland will lose sovereignty if joins NATO - Putin "

  1. o says:

    Rember ,isriel was produced by nato’s sins…you should join russia and save your right of free choice and defend your self from nato and the u.s. :-x

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  2. dangelo says:

    It is a pitiful situation happening between Finland and Russia. This is truely a situation of what I will term over desirous ambition.
    Can you tell me what rationale truely exist for Finland to join Nato apart from the European-conservative type reasoning that keeps constructing racist roots and plunging the world into disasters. Finland enjoys the benefit of hundreds of thousands of Russian tourist year in year out. These tourist will never create problems in finland. Infact, if u visit finnish shops you will be dismay at the numerous russian shop tenders you will meet. Less I forget, last year Finland decided to cancel a national holiday just to have shops open to serve the so many Russians that were on their holiday in the country. So many housing properties in Finland are owned by Russians. These Russians will only visit finland during hollidays.
    Against this background of friendly peacefull neighbourliness I find it very hypocritical the very move by the present Finnish president to pull Finland towards Nato. Mind you, during the voting pole in the last election, over 70% of Finns were against Finland joining Nato. Yet, it still does not sound bells in the ears of this overzealous Euro-conservative. During the peacefull 12 year reign of the outgoing lady president there was never any mention of joining nato. Finalnd had been very neutral in world politics while maintaining its right as a sovereign state.No doubts Finland has been one of the only countries that has been exempted from bombing parades. With the new stance of the present president dont be surprise if Finland begins to attract unwanted terorist groups due to her betrayal of neutrality to world crises.
    At this point i think the Finnish President Sauli Niinisto is acting as a hypocrate. Accepting the enormous economic benefits of Russains visiting Finalnd and at the same time purpoting that Russia is her enemy to be protected from. This leaves me with two reasons behind this: either the Finnish President Sauli Niinisto is playing a cat and mouse game to pull Russia to accepting Finns to own property in Russia like Russians own in Finland in exchange for joining nato or this very president has been conered by his European-conservating Nato-US hypocrates.

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