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Diverse Activist Groups Unify to Protest Bilderberg 2012

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Last month while preparing for the Bilderberg protests, i put together an article called “Occupy Bilderberg to unify the resistance”.

In that article I had said that “many different people from many different walks of life have begun to speak up, all of us wanting freedom, but all of us also having different ideas about what freedom is and how to get there. There is no reason why the Bilderberg group cannot be that common ground from which we begin to clear a path towards freedom.”

This was partly a prediction, and partly wishful thinking, but if you were there over the past few days then you were able to witness the beauty of this unification first hand.

With so many different important issues facing our species it only seems natural for people to splinter off into various sects in an attempt to hack away at the various tentacles that are suffocating different aspects of our civilization.

The unfortunate thing about this is that until now many people have forgotten that all of these tentacles can be traced back to the same root and that we are all fighting the same battle when it comes right down to it. That root being the justification of violence and subjugation on behalf of the ruling class.

Our different histories and interests have many times put us at odds against each other because we look at the world through different lenses. However, this weekend the scene was much different and it was truly an amazing thing to be a part of, something that I will probably remember for the rest of my life.

Outside of the Bilderberg conference this weekend wall street occupiers, libertarians, anarchists, veterans, antiwar activists and newcomers were all one, with common goals and common interests, despite coming from very different walks of life.

This fact was not overlooked by those in attendance, many of whom took place in respectful and friendly debating, hashing out their ideas and finding common ground. I had the pleasure of witnessing one such debate, between Adam Kokesh and Webster Tarpley, two researchers with very different opinions who both converged on Bilderberg for similar reasons.

This was by far one of the most unique protests that I have ever witnessed in my life, it seemed almost as if it was more of a party and a meeting of activists and alternative media than anything. Researcher Mark Dice could even be heard making shout outs to “bilderfest 2012” on his megaphone as he was lobbing blow up beach balls into the crowd.

There were even B-Boys break dancing on the sidewalk!

Everyone was well aware that they were standing just yards away from some of the most evil conversations that could possibly be taking place, but that didn’t mean that the atmosphere outside had to take the same tone.

The vibe outside was one of celebration, love, togetherness and peaceful resistance. Everyone was excited to share that moment with one another, and were excited to see such an unprecedented turnout for something that has remained secret for so many years.

Overall, I would say that the first official “occupy Bilderberg” was an overwhelming success and I will have a series of articles coming in the next few days to explain exactly why.


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