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Argentina’s president to personally attend UN committee on Malvinas

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Argentina’s president plans to personally attend a session of the UN Special Committee on Decolonization on June 14 as her country tries to assert its sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands, Press TV reports.

June 14th marks the anniversary of the end of the war between Argentina and Britain over the islands in 1982.

Ahead of President Cristina Fernandez’s address in New York, a group of local experts, political leaders, lawmakers and war veterans on Monday adopted a declaration to support the government’s move regarding the “occupied” islands.

“Presidents do not usually attend the committee. It will show that the Malvinas cause is a state policy,” Juan Recce, from Peoples for Malvinas, told Press TV.

Argentina and Britain have been locked in a long-simmering dispute over the Malvinas Islands, with Buenos Aires accusing London of ignoring international calls for dialog.

“The UK continues to ignore calls by the international community; not only does it maintain a colonial situation but persists in unilateral moves through the illegal exploitation of Argentina´s renewable and non-renewable natural resources and consolidates an increasing militarization that proves to be offensive to the whole region,” Argentina Foreign Office said in a statement.

UK Foreign Office Minister Jeremy Browne has declined an offer by Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timerman to sit down for talks on the Malvinas Islands.

Browne has recently accused the South American country of “domineering” behavior by attempting to “isolate” and “impoverish” Malvinas Islands.

Last week, the national administration launched legal actions against five British oil companies that operate in “contested waters.”

The United Nations Special Committee on Decolonization formally considers the islands a colony waiting to be decolonized.


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8 Responses to " Argentina’s president to personally attend UN committee on Malvinas "

  1. Bonsai Guy says:

    The Hitler Islands,surely.

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  2. James says:

    fuck of you bitch, the Falklands are British and always will be. Now shut your bitching gob or we’ll come over and kick your greasy asses again!

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  3. Bonsai Guy says:

    Do you call them Jsap’s,as in Jewish south american.

    I guess few have not notices that France has another Jew president or that Jews recently favoured their own in Greece.

    If you look at it as Jews seizing the property of indiginous peoples you won’t be wrong.

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  4. Pro Justice says:

    :roll: How can you possibly colonize a country when it has already TURNED TO SOCIALISM??

    The media and the invisible empire’s agents gave accolades to Cristina Fernandez for doing the right things and for nationalizing everything. I don’t think she realizes that her country already has a NEW BOSS.

    I don’t think it’s going to happen with the United Nations (UN). It’s more like propaganda used to discredit the British.

    :roll: They’re using it this scare tactic, because they want to SHUT DOWN the United Nations (UN).

    If they create a One World Government, there will NO longer be a need for the UN, because the world would be under ONE RULER. What do you think, which country will be the leader? France (IMF), Libya, Japan, Russia or China? It won’t be the U.S.

    :-D One of the main functions of the UN is to resolve disputes between countries, such as to resolve all land disputes.

    BTW, the Rothchilds is now just a fictitous name, don’t buy into this crap.

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    • Pro Justice says:

      You should realize
      – A capitalist country NEVER colonizes a Socialist or Communist country.
      – A Socialist or Communist country has colonized many capitalist countries or turned other countries into puppet states.

      A. Everything is in the hands of the state. Whatever you do must be approved by the state.

      B. When a Socialist country takes over a country, it takes over a country’s military and forms a much bigger and stronger powerful military force.

      :roll: Before challenging the British or making its aggressive move, Argentina already had a new (invisible) backer who provided them with weapons and air support. Some articles show pictures of the foreign military aircraft provided to Argentina.

      Just like the France provided the United States with powerful ships, weapons, French soldiers and advisors (Lieutenant General Rochambeau, Marquis de Lafayette, etc..) during the English-American conflict in the 18th century.

      Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834), he was sent to America at the age of 18. Lafayette wanted to avenge his father’s death at the hand of the British as he said. He eventually commanded American troops and was promoted to General.

      :roll: Some how Lafayette knew the British’s troop movements and their plans which made it easy for him to plan a defensive maneuver. The people wore wigs at the time so their appearance would be different. Although Lafayette was actually born in France, history still questions whom his allegiance was really with.

      But it was quite a cat and mouse chase between Lafayette and Sir Cornwallis throughout the war.

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  5. Stefan Zeiss says:

    Now that Argentina is a Socialist craphole, the Brits have nothing to worry about because they will now guarantee themselves perpetual poverty and underdevelopment. Thus, Argentina will never be able to raise a military powerful enough to defeat a group Girl scouts armed with pea shooters.

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  6. Bonsai Guy says:

    The UN is often seen as another PR outlet for those who rather than live in a country as a citizen instead like to live in a world of perpetual annexation.

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  7. Pro Justice says:

    I certainly hope that America is not going to have any type of chaos; some call it a “Civil war”, “Revolution” or a “takeover by the super-rich”.

    :( A war can easily be started with just a little push from the help of the media and the invisible force who plays both sides of the fence – It’s just as easy to install two puppet groups and fund them, so they can go on until everything is destroyed.

    History has shown through its course, it eventually turned into chaos then into ANACHY as it happened in Cambodia (Kampuchea) with Pol-Pot.

    I hope people realize that there is no way citizens can fight against a well-train military force carrying high-tech weapons or against well-trained foreign soldiers, drones and the like. So please don’t buy into the Revolution crap!


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