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Abortion is the Ultimate Child Abuse

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Outrage is expected from both liberals and conservatives on the issue of child abuse, but what about the ultimate child abuse of abortion? Liberals are usually strangely silent. As horrible as neglect, molestation, beatings, and desertion may be, murder of the helpless and innocent through abortion is worse. Though abandoned and abused children suffer, at least they still have life and, hopefully, can be taken by someone who will really love them. No such chance for the murdered unborn innocents.

Selfishness is the main motivation for abortion. Under the guise of “concern” for the unborn, the mother may use excuses such as, “Inability to support a child” or “I can’t give it the quality time needed” or any number of other inexcusable excuses. The paramount excuse for abortion is the one disguised in the cloak of the so-called freedom of a woman’s “right” to do with her body as she chooses. But a living, breathing human baby is not a part of the mother’s body; it is distinct from the moment of conception. The mother’s body gives life, support and nourishment to the separate, living human baby inside. If the embryo (another word for a DEVELOPING, MATURING baby) was only a blob, or mass of protein, then it could possibly be considered a part of her body, but common sense says otherwise. The dictionary definition of embryo is “The first rudiments of an animal (or human) in the womb or of a plant in the seed; the first state

(underlining mine) of anything.” Webster’s Expanded Dictionary, 1992.

Being a parent means more than just bringing life into the world. It means giving up time, sleep, money, and possibly a career, just to mention a few basics. And parents only bring life into this world. They do not give it. God is the giver of life, not the father or mother. God uses the father and mother to begin a new life in the womb. In a sense, every new life is an extension of God, for all life comes from God. Try as he may, through cloning or the test tube, man will never create life. If life is an extension of God, who made man in His image, then all murder is an attack on the creator of life. The state may sanction, even fund murder, but God will hold murderers accountable. Pro-choice (which is really pro-death as opposed to pro-life) is nothing more than allowing people the choice to legally kill. Murder is murder, regardless of the reason.

Children are a blessing from God. We should thank God for the little blessings He has given and treat them with love, respect and a reverent awe, for each one is a little unique image of God, testifying to the greatness of the Creator, reminding us that only God can give life.


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5 Responses to " Abortion is the Ultimate Child Abuse "

  1. Alexander Ziggy says:

    Finally, someone has the guts to say it as it is. Abortion has been, is and will continue to be the murder of innocents. Most media globally will not dare to print an article such as the one above, and I applaud the courage taken by EUTimes for printing the article, well done. Whoever you are, you are a real hero for the innocents that are permitted to be murdered by government policies that promote such murderous acts. I have no doubt there will be backlash over the above article, but so what, – the truth is the truth and if it bothers you, then so it should.

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  2. Shadowhand19 says:

    Abortion has been an issue for many years and will continue to be so in the near future. What many fail to realize is that those who are for abortion are correct in their thinking to an extent and those who are against abortion are correct in their thinking to an extent. I am sorry, but life does not begin when a man ejaculates into a woman and the moment the sperm cell meets the egg cell. Within the 21st day of conception, the only thing that is forming are cells. This is no different from blood cells that form, tissue cells that form, or other cells that are forming, so removing or getting an abortion this early is no different from removing a tumor or cancerous cell. Getting an abortion this early is perfectly fine and should not be frowned upon. The individuals who are for abortions are right in their thinking but here is where those that are against it are right (Below).

    AFTER the 21st day of conception, the body is prepared for the spirit to be attached to it. Once the spirit form (Soul as many call it) is attached, the heartbeat begins and the body along with the spirit form begins to coexist forming a bond of mind, body, and spirit proving that we are spirtual and material in nature. Because there is a lack of knowledge and manipulations of Jmmanuel’s true spiritual teachings (a.k.a Jesus Christ), many woman actually commit murder because they tend to get abortions when the spirit form has already bonded with the body and on its middle to final stages of becoming a human baby.

    Those who are for abortions, again are right in their thinking. No one should be forced to do anything against their will due to religious beliefs or any other beliefs that takes away rights from that individual to choose whats best for themselves. If a 9-13 year old girl is raped or molested by an HIV infected serial killer rapists and is impregnated, it is not being selfish for that young girl, or the parents to wish a better life for their daughter by helping her seek an abortion within the 21st day of conception.

    Many people around the world want to give rights to cells more than full fledge human beings that already exist and this is idiotic and foolish thinking based on religious beliefs. Many people cause uproars about abortion and that it takes life, but yet they scream for and support the death penalty, they destroy the habitats of innocent animals, or they abuse and kill children that are already here evolving and fully conscious of the world around them.

    Because you throw the word “God” in any topic, or quote scriptures out of the man-made Judeo-Christianity bibles does not mean that it is the truth. Having an abortion is the womans choice alone for she is the one that has to bare the child. If YOUR religious belief, and lack of true spiritual knowledge frowns upon her that is YOUR FAULT, if your “Deity” wishes to pass judgement on her (which is illogical) when she depart this world that is her issue and not yours again proving that in the end it is still the woman who has to bare responsibility for her actions and not you.

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    • Shadowhand18 says:


      Please disregard all “Typos” (such as the “19” in “Shadowhand”) guess I subconciously want to be 19 again! :-D Goodluck guys

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  3. Damien says:

    Bringing an innocent child to this cruel world is the ultimate child abuse. Especially when you don’t have the means to provide the baby a good life. All the problems we have in the world today is generating from uneducated, unloved babies growing up to be the unwanted people.

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  4. Shadowhand18 says:

    Well spoken “Damien”

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