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Venezuelan president flies back to Havana for radiation therapy

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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez during a reunion with government members in ‎Miraflores Presidential Palace in Caracas on April 11, 2012.‎

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has flown back to Cuba for another round of radiation therapy for his cancer, few days after undergoing same treatment there.

“I must return (…) to Havana,” he said in a message broadcast on radio and television late Monday. “We are in the home stretch of my radiation treatment.”

Dispelling death speculations, the Venezuelan leader cited his health condition as satisfactory.

“These are not easy days,” Chavez said, “but we are warriors in facing adversity, and with faith in God, in Christ the redeemer and with this immense love from the Venezuelan people… we will prevail.”

The 57-year-old leader said that he would return to Caracas quickly to continue recovering from the “impact” of radiation therapy.

In late February, Chavez had a surgery in the Cuban capital, Havana, after the recurrence of the cancer he was originally diagnosed with last year.

Chavez has undergone two operations for the removal of cancerous tumors. However, the type of cancer has not been announced.

His illness, however, has not stopped him from running for president in the upcoming presidential elections to be held in October. Opinion polls suggest that he is popular enough to win the poll.

Chavez has governed the Latin American state sine 1999.


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