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US scientists: Wind turbines cause Global Warming

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Researchers have suggested that wind turbines and lenticular cloud wind turbines can affect local weather by increasing night-time temperature.

According to the study published in Nature Climate Change, the temperature of the area near the newly constructed wind farms are higher than next-door areas.

Using satellite data, US scientists concluded that the effect is caused by turbines bringing relatively warm air down to ground level.

The increase, however, was not similar in all the farms, pointing out the effect of other factors such as vegetation differences on ground temperature change.

“We are now expanding this approach to other wind farms, and building models to understand the physical processes and mechanisms driving the interactions of wind turbines and the atmospheric boundary layer near the surface,” said the co-author of the paper Chris Thorncroft.

The researchers believe the results could be significant for developing efficient management strategies to ensure long-term sustainability of wind power.


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