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UK MPs find Murdoch unfit to run media empire

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Rupert Murdoch

A select committee of British MPs has declared Rupert Murdoch “not fit” to run an international company after concluding that he displayed “wilful blindness” to illegal phone hacking practices across his media empire.

The MPs, from the cross-party Culture Media and Sport select committee, concluded in their report that a culture of covering up criminal activity had “permeated from the top throughout the organization” and that both Rupert and James Murdoch should take personal responsibility.

The committee also said that former News International chairman Les Hinton was “complicit” in a cover-up while former News of the World Editor Colin Myler, and the head of the paper’s legal team Tom Crone, had deliberately misled parliament when they appeared before the committee. Both executives are expected to be recalled before MPs to apologize, a constitutional procedure that has not been used for almost half a century.

While the committee was damning of News International it was split on criticisms of Murdoch. In a reminder of the deep links between News International and the Tories, five Conservative MPs, led by Louise Mensch, refused to endorse any direct criticism of Murdoch.

The report will have repercussions for the Murdoch empire beyond Britain. In the United States campaigners are now calling for the Federal Communications Commission to revoke the 27 Fox broadcasting licenses which News Corporation currently holds.

The report will put more pressure on Murdoch. However, a forced apology from former executives and empty rhetoric from MPs is not enough. A genuinely independent and democratically accountable enquiry, with trade union representation, is needed if the true extent of the cover up at News International is to be revealed.


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One Response to " UK MPs find Murdoch unfit to run media empire "

  1. Rick Alexander says:

    The smell of rats is getting very nauseating. The rats in this case are the committee who are also trying to pressure the US Govt into taking down the only free media network in America – Fox News. Obama must love the free-media haters because he himself stands for nothing, believes in nothing and doesn’t want anyone to keep exposing him for what he is – America’s first fraudulent President. He was born in Indonesia and the cover-up to protect him was so unprofessional it is acutally laughable. The free-press haters, socialist fabians and the like will not stop the free press because they are too stupid to work out a cohesive strategy to do something on this scale. But try they will. They even tried this move in Australia recently but when it comes to rule of law – they know they have no case. Speaking of law – they may just be busy changing the law so they can actually achieve this – but even these laws don’t make the grade and eventually get repealed by conservative governments.

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