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Top Obama Aide Warns Russia “End Of World” Near

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A new report prepared by the Foreign Intelligence Service circulating in the Kremlin today says that the United States top National Security Advisor to President Obama, Thomas Donilon, was granted a “rushed meeting” with President Putin this past Friday wherein he warned the Russian leader that the world as we know it may be about to end.

According to this report, the Obama regime became alarmed last week after Russia’s top military official, Chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov, threatened to carry out a pre-emptive strike if Washington goes ahead with its plan to build a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe, after which Donilon was dispatched to Moscow by a frightened Obama.

From the very outset of this meeting, this report says, a “highly agitated” Donilon proceeded to denounce Russia’s threats and “non-cooperation” with the US over a number of international issues, including Syria, warning that Moscow’s actions could very well lead to Obama losing his upcoming election and putting into office Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney who during a recent CNN interview stated that: “Russia, this is, without question, our number one geopolitical foe.

In responding to Donilon, this report continues, Putin stated that it didn’t matter to Russia who the US president was as the record clearly shows that Obama has done nothing since being in office other than continue Bush’s agenda of strict totalitarian domestic rule meant to aid America’s global hegemony. Putin further added Russia’s “extreme displeasure” that Obama has continued to protect the Wall Street “gangsters” who collapsed the global economy in 2008.

As this meeting neared its end, this report states, Donilon became “decidedly dejected” and voiced his concern to Putin that everything they were talking about may, in fact, be pointless and cryptically stated, “what’s the difference in any of this anyway; Nostradamus is the one in charge, none of us may even have a world to live in before this year’s out.”

This report ends by stating that Putin was “stunned” by Donilon’s strange remark after which the meeting ended with no further comments or appendages by the Kremlin or other Russian ministries, or officials.

To why a high-ranking Obama national security official like Donilon would make such a cryptic remark referring to the 16th century prophet Michel de Nostredame [1503-1566] (Latinised to Nostradamus) is an apparent reference to two of the French seers Quatrains which seemingly warn that our world could be facing massive upheaval this month. These two Quatrains listed in “The Prophecies, by M. Michel Nostradamus” published in 1566 are:

Quatrain X:67

A very mighty trembling in the month of May, Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter and Mercury in Taurus: Venus also, Cancer, Mars in Virgo, Hail will fall larger than an egg.


Quatrain IX:83

Sun twentieth of Taurus the earth will tremble very mightily, It will ruin the great theater filled: To darken and trouble air, sky and land, Then the infidel will call upon God and saints.

Equally interesting to note are that the Americans this past weekend, spurred on by their mainstream propaganda media, seemed to go into some kind of “Moon worship mode” to begin the month of “Nostradamus’s May” over a supposed “Supermoon” event, which in actuality did see the Moon reach its perigee for 2012 (the closest point it comes towards the Earth in its orbit), but only by a distance of less than 1,400 km from April’s Full Moon.

Most important to note, however, is that May, indeed, does have some very intriguing and historical astrological signs of note, including a currently ongoing rare alignment of the planets exactly matching those given in Nostradamus’s 1566 prediction, and an equally significant Solar Eclipse due to occur on 20 May that will cross the entire Ring of Fire zone from Asia to North America.

Most ominous to note about all of these events are their occurring immediately prior to the return from retrograde orbit of the planet Venus, which on 8 June 2004 crossed the surface of the Sun for the first time in 120 years, and on 6 June 2012 will do so again ending its 8 year journey that will not be seen again in any of our lifetimes, but which the ancient Mayans warned would signal the beginning of the end of our present age set to expire of 21 December of this year.

Curiously, and as if on some “cosmic cue” the Sun this week entered into this complex matrix when one of the largest sunspots ever recorded (AR1476 sprawls more than 100,000 km from end to end) began firing M-Class flares towards Earth, and matching an ominous warning given to the world last week by solar expert Mike Hapgood, a space weather scientist at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford, England, that our world is nearer to a catastrophic solar event than anyone realizes.

Though many have warned that all of these “signs of sky” point towards a possible cataclysmic event occurring this month (14 May and 20 May are named as possible dates), or at the latest sometime in early June, the significance of how (or even why) the prophecies of Nostradamus were injected into a meeting between a top US official and Russia’s president does, indeed, cause one to take notice.


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  • Jack

    The Bullshit-o-Meter is ssssmoking!
    …and the Psychotic contamination level is at it’s peak.

    • Dan

      Yup, the bull crap-o-meter is registering off the chart. The needle is bent. Common man, do you really expect people to believe this crap?

      • Carbonscam

        More-BS- The only Truth is Obummer has to be Impeached-NOW! La Rouche is spot on Russia is (NOT) the enemy quite the opposite!WAKE up USA-Your media is totally OWNED! Reuters=Rothschild, Your President is a Brit-Zionist Puppet.

        • Bj

          Totally right USA has some BIG karma heading there way……Australia shouldn’t get involved let the US vs Russia, China, Iran and the rest deal with it…..USA you need to stop bullying the world and concentrate on fixing your own country……Obama is going to be your destruction just like Gillard is for us

    • Nosterdamus is and was a joke!!!!!! However, the Bible, (GODS WORD) is NOT!!! america is being disintegrated from and by the “enemies within”!!! Just as Propehcy states MANY times for america in the “latter days” no end of the world only the end of satans rule of earth thru man!!! Jesus returns to stop the carnage satan will be responsible for just before man obliterates himself from the planet!! “lest those days be shortened NO flesh shall be saved” and yes pinnochio is just a small part of the “enemies within” he is a puppet boy of his masters, his masters being the money cabal of the earth which on a daily basis you see where the money flows, directly to europe and the german led EU (the beast)!! soon no one will be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast (the 7th ressurrection of the holy roman empire led by germany AGAIN!!!!

      • Ha’navi

        erm, you might want to go back and study prophecy some more… the Bible is very Jerusalem/Israel-centric, and never once mentions America or any western country either allegorically or by name. America has nothing to do with biblical prophecy, and for that matter, neither does the EU or a “revived Roman empire.” The next “kingdom” is comprised of the Islamic states surrounding Israel, such as Iran (aka Persia, the “kings of the north”) Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt, etc. Go and read your Bible, and quit listening to pretribulation dispensationalists.

        • pizzle

          I may be wrong but if you read book of Daniel it could be interpreted to single out America as Babylon or rather the new Babylon. Book of Daniel is crucial in interpreting and relating to today’s events and what it could mean as we move forward.

        • LOL! Dude, apparently you are a Bible expert!

          There is tons of prophesy in the Bible and while America is not mentioned (and I don’t see why we would expect it to be mentioned by name. Russia is called “Gog” in the Bible.) by name, the prophecy is meant to be world wide in nature and context. Just because it’s centred in the middle east, does not mean there are not other inclusions.

          Even the best scholars cannot categorically state that certain scripture does not reference the US.

  • Shri

    What a crap… People posting this kind of sensitive matter should understand that unless and untill you don’t have any solid proof you should refrain yourself from fooling around. We the common man can no longer be fooled by posting such matter on internet. This is an utter misuse of internet and these type of people should be dealt with utmost firmness. It is nothing but an internet hoax.

    • really,just a hoax!!!we will see.and then in the end ,the joke’s on you!!hahahahaha :-o !!

      • Sam

        Then,it will not be a joke

    • Pro Justice

      I agree with Shri. Every day, the media is constantly promoting their agenda and promoting their false heros, their liberal politicians and by trashing their rivals. :-x There is no way people can correct their inaccuracies quickly enough to get the truth out.

      HISTORY has often been ALTERED and BURIED by the MEDIA. Even recent events where you know what really happened but have been reported incorrectly such as with Libya, Egypt and other past events.

      Nostradamus is just a NITWIT and a FALSE prophet. The media has over inflated him and his false predictions. The media claims Nostradamus could treat Black Plague although he was not a doctor. :roll: :roll: No one could, and every French Family lost at least half of their family members and in a lot of cases, their entire families (during the Black Plague in the 14th century)…….. That’s why France has a lot of immigrants from Eastern Europe.

      If anything is about to happen, it’s usually a man-made event.

      :( Some FALSE reports said America will be divided in 6 segments, and will be done by a second Civil War or a Revolution. This is bullshit and is intended to mislead the world. This is a “Coup d’etat”, the U.S. will be segmented and controlled by at least six tribes.

      :( Our soldiers are overseas, and leaving the country without adequate military protection.

      • WTF

        Where is the Proof of what was said in the meeting? Where is this supposed “Report”?

        • USMC

          Even if we weren’t overseas, it wouldn’t matter. The American military cannot legally be deployed on American soil. That is what the national guard is for.

      • PH

        First is a great prophet Nostradamus and his predictions are not for asustay much less if not to notice because you fear that things happen, and I believe that human beings hold what you throw a lie because we are the unique that instead of adapting to the environment adapt to us contruyendo non-stop and I think at the end of the human race and I want to become extinct or because many people do not mereze live, and if the world ends for some earthquake or asteroid will end up destroying ourselves because wE ARE LOADING tHE PLANET, our home less insulting so great we wanted to warn people and we do not fucking case.
        And the U.S. will be ending the planet with such an air of superiority that have ended up starting the war and over preoucupan pretoleo to fight for its people ….

        • JackieBoy

          PH, I read and re-read your comment and seriously, Ace, I don’t have any idea of what you said or what you’re trying to say. Me thinkie you needie help with this…

          • REMAINFREE

            :lol: What the…..?

      • hannatennochichi

        :( Agreed…now if you had listened to a little Japanese nun thirty years ago, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Message of Akita said fire would fall from the sky if we didn’t mend our ways.

    • fuck you

      It’s called Freedom of speech you cunt.

      • jacque

        You are reading a spiritual website, the devil is spiritual, you with your fowl remarks are speaking for the dark side, wake up, the sky just may fall on you!!

  • Ray

    I am sure the ones who have already commented are hard core Progressive Liberals, and think Barak H. Muhammad is the tooth fairy!! And the World is just going along fine….

    • Disavowed 1

      Lolzz. Just fine.. all as planned.

  • Thi

    I agree there are many things without proof said in the text, but this paragraph is frighteningly real:

    ‘In responding to Donilon, this report continues, Putin stated that it didn’t matter to Russia who the US president was as the record clearly shows that Obama has done nothing since being in office other than continue Bush’s agenda of strict totalitarian domestic rule meant to aid America’s global hegemony. Putin further added Russia’s “extreme displeasure” that Obama has continued to protect the Wall Street “gangsters” who collapsed the global economy in 2008.’

    Putin said the truth the world knows: liberty, democracy and terrorism are just excuses of US to make war and steal resources from another countries.

  • sumrivs

    @Ray, I agree, denial is the best defence some feel.
    whats that again? normalcy bias.
    truth is too bad to accept.

  • fugitive

    World is surely going to end but not as per the the prediction of bloody masonic atheist Nostradamus, but as per the predictions of the Prophets of One and Only One GOD. The GOD of Moses, God of David, God of Jesus and finally the God of Muhammad.

    • Andhaira

      Exactly, wise friend.

      Seriously, have any of Nostradamus’s preditions EVER come true?

      However, there may still be a (small) possibility the Obama aide actually did say what the article claims he said.

  • Philippino Bob

    Fear mongering??? Hummm!
    Try to imagine this:
    The national debt bubble explodes and the FED is abolished.
    Worst than atomic explosion above Wall Street.
    Civil war erupts within days afterwards.

  • Anonymous

    I am not surprised. BO doesn’t give a darn about anyone but himself. The elites got a bunker to run and hide in while everyone else gets nuked. You should see what is happening in the big cities. People are unemployed, cracking up and going on murderous crime sprees.

    • jacque

      the elites cant hide from God, nor is the bunker safe from the earthquake that is immenent

  • mamamia

    i wanted to trust this website from a previous sort about FBI manhunt after their agent Ivens, but now reading this crap…NO.
    WHO is behind this fear mongering really ????
    I guess every f… story in this “news”paper” is a lie, fairy tale crap.
    It’s even worse than printed “news” papers, which I stopped reading and looking some 15 years ago.
    I’m not touching this place anymore.

  • Hiram Vonbleuvens Mrs.

    Thank you for your timely messages and postings. I read them as often as I can. Keep up the good work.

    • Carbonscam

      Hows Ron Paul Goin-Heard he has huge number of Delegates-& Reuters MSM-Cnn-Fox, Ignore him!
      Heard he,s winning :-D

      • Ron Paul 2012

        He’s doing well! I hear there’s enough interest to start a third party campaign. Maybe if we don’t get dragged into war for Israel, this country might still have a shot. If not, its martial law for all of us!!!

  • Emmanuel Chnomso

    As for me really don’t give a damn of any misguided predictions by any rascal about the world coming to an end; though I’m not disputing the claim that the world would end , it will for sure but not in accordance to the prediction of man but rather in accordance to the prediction of our Lord and savior Jesus. So friends we of what we hear and say and be ready for the second coming of Christ

  • The time period of peace has not occurred as many suggested would happen first. so, was the peace treaty signed 3 and 1/2 years ago and was it between USA and RUSSIA?
    Let’s get on with this New World Order thing and the singular government and economy worldwide so all the bad people and haters can be eliminated. We just want a peaceful planet without wars and bullies. Can we all just get along while our planet is addicted to oil and drugs?? The F.E.M.A. camps and deep under-ground bases are fully stocked and ready to take the survivors just in case, and the C.D.C. has stockpiles of millions of plastic coffins for the bodies just in case.

  • Brian Gregory

    Who cares what Nostradamus said? Jesus is God the Word incarnate (St. Jn:1.1,14). No-one, no man, no angel, not even JESUS, Who, is God the Word incarnate knows the day and hour the world will end – only God the Father knows the day and hour the world will end (St. Mtt:24.36,42-43). Anyone else who claims to know the day and hour the world will end is condemned by Our divine Saviour as a false prophet and an antiChrist (St. Mtt:24).

  • Maybe,maybe not

    If the world is going to end, or if the world as we know it is going to end… We deserve it. The majority of people in my county do not care about love of God nor love of neighbor. All we care about is ourselves and love of money. I say whatever is coming… and I don’t think we as a people can proceed much longer without an intervention, let it come.

  • Clint

    Judging by the way people feel on on this site I think we all lose

  • wow, after reading these comments it amazes me how many of you are completely ignorant. go ask a dinosaur if big things ever happen. how about a caveman? a mayan? an egyptian? yeah im sure everything is always going to be perfectly fine. you couldn’t be more delusional

    • Logic

      Dinosaurs can’t talk… but maybe you’re right on that one. They mayans, however? No. Haven’t you learned by now that the Mayan calendar has been misinterpreted? Even the people studying the damn thing have said so. The end of the long count calendar simply restarts at the beginning of the next Baktun, much like our calendar restarts in January at the end of December. It’s a time they would have celebrated, not waited for the end of the world. So yeah.

  • JackieBoy

    The title of the article actually states the real problem: Top Obama Aide Warns….End of the World is Near…. I wonder if Obama told him what, and what not, to say? I suspect it’s an attempt to serve up a hearty plate of Fear and Loathing from the Obama camp to the Russians.

    Putin, if you’re listening, let’s keep all of this as civil as possible. Our nations have been at ease for a long time and we surely don’t need to be shooting at each other over a bunch of muslim thugs.

    • jivko mateev


  • John Francis

    8-O Maybe someone should rather look to Fatima and read the full message.
    Man is given so many chances to mend his/her ways.
    Now they confiscate dried ground up aborted fetus matter coming out of China. The family is perverted;child porn is permitted,people are cold to one another,etc. The Lord must be very sad.
    He must,in justice, chastise us.For our own good.He loves us too much not to.

  • James

    I guess the point of the matter is that if they believe it will happen they may bring on “something else” to signal disaster if it is in their plans to do so and use this prophecy as an excuse or an opportunity. We’re not in Kansas anymore. The NWO is in charge now. Be prepared and don’t be naive.

  • Lourdes

    Look around; Jesus said we should be able to see the signs…the weather, our children addicted to drugs, carrying guns to school, our president attending a gathering of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered to receive money for his campaign and just before he attends, he says he is for gay marriage. Christianity ridiculed by the press and TV…look around.

  • Stephen Newdell

    Free: End of The Age, Musings of a Modern Mystic Scientific Proof God Is Real! http://www.ultimate-romance2020.com/end_of_ping2ad.htm

    Petrus Romanus — Your Time Just Ran Out!

  • Jon

    This time fiction beats the crap out of reality. :roll:

  • St Mike

    Another wholly concocted bogus “news” article by the EU Times, like your article in 2009 claiming that Obama had recalled all US troops from abroad to Washington, DC, in preparation for martial law. That article, too, like this one, claims its source as “secret Kremlin sources.”

    EU Times is worse than supermarket tabloid.

  • X67 is easily investigated. Simple answer: the planets are not in the areas described by Nostradamus. The second one is much harder to pin down. In May the sun always passes thru Taurus. IF the May predicted is this year, my guess would be between the 21st and 24th of the month. That is when the sun is in 20 degrees of Taurus. The great theater? My guess would be LA or California… BTW, I believe this has nothing to do with astrology (satans cheap imitation of a larger truth). I think Nostradamus is just pointing out the ‘signs in the sky’ that will be present during certain events. Signs and seasons…

  • Perspective

    The devil is in the details…

  • Obsydian

    For those who may be interested, goto:


    God bless.

  • Russki


    Spetznaz Russian soldiers at Fort Carson, Colorado help to shepherd an invasion of the U.S. with Obomba’s help. USA is graveyard for Russia.

  • Eric

    Junk journalism.

    Sources, or it didn’t happen.

  • a e

    They’re not actually referring to ‘Nostradamus’. That’s all the help I can give you. Jesus Christ is Lord. God is Love. Amen.

  • Fear God and Keep His Commands

    A War WILL originate in the Tigris-Euphraties River Basin and WILL KILL 1/3 of us. AND God will NOT apologize to Wicked Folks of Sodom or Gomorrah or USA.

  • Edgar Caycee ties right into David Wilkerson’s about New York
    Land disturbances along the East Coast will cause the disappearance of part of New York State and New York City. Part of the Carolinas and Georgia will also be lost

    Cayce predicted that the safest lands will include Virginia Beach, part of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. A significant part of the south and east parts of Canada will also survive.
    Also David Wilkerson stated New York would have 1000 fires too many after the next tower goes up(Freedom Tower) See also The 9 Harbingers on YOU Tube Sid Roth and you are sure to get chills ….example George Washington at America’s first capitol NEW YORK CITY prayed in St.Paul’s chapel that if America ever turned away from God that He would be merciful….Well the Both Mercy judgement Sycamore tree was hit with a metal rod from the 2nd twin tower as it came down killing the tree but sparring the little church as the church was the ONLY building left standing at ground zero. Pat Boone and many others have read the NEW YORK best seller and are astonished at how many things are right on cue in the book.
    Look at the tree with the rod of judgement in it yourself on your internet search .

  • D

    To think the world will end is wrong. It will still spin regardless. Althou evidence shows that the Earth has changed before. Poles have shifted, and caused global change. From a Mammoth in Siberia with vegetation frozen in the mouth or the Fact Antarctic has been frozen over vegetation and fresh water lakes! The Proof is there. Interpreting it as the end of the world is wrong. Prehaps global change is better way of putting it. Nostradamus made it sound like End of the World. But personally it seems more of a warning of what happen in the past and a warning to prepare for the future.

  • D

    To think the world will end is wrong. It will still spin regardless. Althou evidence shows that the Earth has changed before. Poles have shifted, and caused global change. From a Mammoth in Siberia with vegetation frozen in the mouth or the Fact Antarctic has been frozen over vegetation and fresh water lakes! The Proof is there. Interpreting it as the end of the world is wrong. Prehaps global change is better way of putting it. Nostradamus made it sound like End of the World. But personally it seems more of a warning of what happen in the past and a warning to prepare for the future.


    The Republicans are behind much of these actions. The Bible is not thw word of god. It is a miss-mash of stories told by early Republicans. Some of you writing on this blog are morons. Others are totally uneducated and simple-minded. Stop writing because you are showing your idiocy. Nostradamus was a crack-head. The evidence is clear. He was also a Mormon which is a cult. Let’s ban together and create a New World Order.

  • Ross

    To many things are connecting dealing with this subject of some major country being attacked. I wish I could say i don’t believe but i don’t want to be naive. This has been coming for the U.S for a while though i mean, come on.

  • James

    Nostradamus was a crack-head. The evidence is clear. He was also a Mormon which is a cult. Let’s ban together and create a New World Order.

    Hey there Porkey…

    Nostradamus was a jew. He was not a Mormon as Mormonism is rather “johnny come lately” type cult and not THE CULT of all cults; judaism, which is Communism, which is Talmudism, which is satanism.

    Before you call others ignorant, perhaps you should get your facts straight.

  • James

    What is this? Has the EU Times become a dumping ground for Sorcha Faal?

    All right.

    If any of you want to do a little research on that site, simply try to find collaborating evidence.

    Click on the links. Test it out. If the links are good, look at the site to which it is linked. Is it credible? Can it be trusted? Are the same phrases and symbologies used in each site, like they are well rehearsed?

    Disinformation sites often join league, or are but one site in a web of sites; funded by a central moving force. You must be careful.

    I am only telling you this in order to warn you about “whatdoesitmean”. It is a disinformation site. It fails the test of further scrutiny.

    But don’t take my word for it. Test it out yourself.

  • Skreamer

    If they can get enough people to believe it……..then it well happen…….thats the way its always been!
    So its best to not believe any of their crap and pay it no attention!
    Nostradamus was an illuminati member…so that means he is full of shit and trying to set people up for a depopulation plan they have had in mind for thousands of years!
    The thing with humans is, if enough people believe something it well manifest! Humans have great power! They dont want you to know this! Thats why they are making so many “End times movies”.
    Its all about the subliminal programing given to people in every way. These same fuckers wrote the bible or Bi-Bull. Another doom and gloom end of times story made to make you think something big is going to happen soon!
    Its all bullshit….ALL OF IT!
    Almost everyone has this….”something is going to happen soon feeling”…but its just the subliminal programs are working on you! Media/Bible/Chemtrails ……..Chemtrails are another “end of times subliminal” Once you understand this……they are fucked!
    Your trapped in a hologram, trapped by your own mind!

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