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Somali pirates highjack Greek tanker in Arabian sea

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The Greek-owned oil tanker MT SMYRNI was seized on May 10, 2012, in the Arabian Sea while carrying 135,000 metric tons of crude.

Somali pirates have hijacked a Greek-owned oil tanker with 17 crew members onboard off the coast of Oman in the Arabian Sea, Press TV reports.

MT SMYRNI, carrying a cargo of 135,000 metric tons of crude oil, was en route Turkey on Thursday when pirate gangs stormed the vessel, according to a statement released by the ship’s operator company.

“At approximately 1115 UTC (1150 GMT) on 10 May, 2012, an oil tanker managed by Dynacom Tankers Management Ltd. was reported hijacked while it was transiting the Arabian Sea,” said the statement.

No communications have been received from the Liberian-flagged Suezmax-class tanker since the vessel was stormed by the pirates, the statement added.

Dynacom says its top priorities are the safe return of the ship and crew, nine Indians and eight Filipinos, and the integrity of the cargo.

The piracy-infested waters are one of the world’s busiest shipping routes where more than 20,000 ships transit the waters annually.

Attacks by heavily armed Somali pirates sailing on speedboats have prompted some of the world’s largest shipping firms to switch routes from the Suez Canal and reroute cargo vessels around Southern Africa, which leads to more shipping costs.


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  • Cheryl Dee

    To Whom It May Concern

    Your message thing in the Contact area said my message wasn’t delivered or something, so I’m sending this as a “Comment” in trying to get through to you!

    I write from Australia. I’ve been in Africa before and greatly wish to be in an African country and be involved in the work of the gospel and the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Can you help with the following requests?

    1) Do you know of persons in Africa who aren’t involved in the United Nations and who aren’t government employees? Apart from the horrible UN, there’s the concern with corruption in Africa.

    I’m trying to make contact with persons in Africa to put an idea for a work (a mission station including farming and education) in Africa to them.

    2) In trying to make contact with persons in Africa, do you have ideas for who to write to? Not churches (tragically, much uselessness in this area!), not government departments and agents, not medical practitioners, not teachers, not the Red Cross and “AID” agencies.

    I’ve thought of Postmasters and Fire Chiefs. Do you have other ideas?

    Can this please be forwarded to other people to ask them as well?

    Thank you

    Cheryl Dee

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  • sky

    Why would Greece need a tanker? I didn’t know they made anything.

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