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Russia, US start first joint anti-terror war games on American soil

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Russia and the US are holding their first ever joint anti-terror military exercises on American territory. A group of Russian paratroopers has taken off to Fort Carson military base, located in the US state of Colorado.

­A special unit of American land forces and a reconnaissance unit of Russian special forces will be taking part in the exercises.
Russian paratroopers will first familiarize themselves with American small arms, military equipage, munitions, communication and reconnaissance equipment, parachute systems and types of landing operations.

In addition, Russian and American servicemen will have joint gun practice, mountain training and will take a course in demolition techniques. They will also have parachute training using American military equipment.

At the end of May the exercises will enter the “active” stage with combat training, in the course of which participants are supposed to find, seize and destroy a large base of international “terrorists”.


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Russia, US start first joint anti-terror war games on American soil, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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    keep the damn military russian and american out of civilian population if they are looking for terroist look at cia

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    • Pro Justice

      Really, so who controls and runs America? :roll: You know when it comes to being informed of the truth and what is actually happening in the world …. people are misinformed and inundated with endless lies and propaganda.

      http://www.eutimes.net/2007/02 globalization-knocking-at-your-door/

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      • Pro Justice

        Why military exercises, and should we believe the media? Hmmm, it doesn’t sound like Anti-Terror exercises, but more like a take over countries’s military forces – ONE WOLRD ORDER? It looks like alot of important facts are missing fom this article.

        :( Someone’s plan is to destabilize military force, the U.S. and possible Russia as well.

        :( They’ve recently shifted or fired military leaders (army, navy, air force chiefs) in recent weeks.

        :( They’ve changed the “Rules of engagement”
        and told American people, the Aliens disabled them (carriers, missiles, submarines).

        :( Your military leaders who remain loyal to your country will no longer have the power to make or use their skills to make a difference.


        The dismiss of Russian Navy Commander, Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky, whose nearly five(5)-year stint as navy commander included a fire aboard an atomic-powered submarine in December, and a deadly accident on another submarine in 2008.

        “”After something like that, the head of the navy in any functioning state would have been sacked,” said Ruslan Pukhov, director of Moscow-based defence think tank CAST. He said the decision was probably made by Putin,”” :-D :-D

        “Authorities initially said all nuclear arms aboard the Yekaterinburg had been unloaded long before a fire broke out aboard the docked vessel on Dec. 29, but a senior official later suggested it may still have been carrying the weapons. The official spoke after the respected magazine Vlast quoted Russian navy sources as saying the submarine was carrying 16 intercontinental ballistic missiles, each armed with four nuclear warheads, during the fire set off by welding sparks.”-trust.org.

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  • Michael William Biber

    What the fuck is the Goddam red commie army doing on in Colorado..wargames my ass!…this is a way to let the red army on U.S soil without resistance…Wake up America the U.S.government has been infilterated by the Godless Zionist

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    • Jones

      Well if they start anything some people will send them back to Russia in body bags

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    • Darin Briscoe American

      The peoples level of blindness is insane.

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  • Agent__001

    some scarry info that may interest you and give some clews on what’s going on here :


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  • Vitorino Batalim

    Attention my fellow americans. This russian soldiers are coming to America told to carry Anti-Terrorist training together with american soldiers. That is a lye. They are coming not for that purpose
    but to stay there for years. Later when Zionist government of USA will send army against civilians to arrest and kill it will send russians who have no any affinity with american people. They will kill you with joy. Soon you will hear that american soldiers are going to Russia for equivalente training but again it’s a lye. They are going to stay to be used against russian people. American soldiers will do in Russia what Russian soldiers are to do in USA. Believe me. This is all manipulated by Zionist-Nazi-fascist State of ISRAHELL helped by Zionists who say to be nationals of Russia and USA.

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  • Pro Justice

    Americans hope nothing will happen during this month of May. The Illuminati wants everyone to celebrate May 1st as a “National Truth Day, the Day full of Truth” and they brag about it, “May Day, how far we (the Illuminati) have come?”

    :( May 1st = May-Day, May-Day, May-Day…= Represents a disaster/emergency call. The term is often used by rescue officials and those in need of rescue. May first (1st) has quite a long history of disasters, that’s why they call it “May Day.”

    :( May 1st is also a day of the death of Al-Qaeda leader (Osama Bin Laden) as announced by Democrats Obama, Hillary and the media. As a result of Osama’s death, America lost 36 Navy seals, the best of the best.

    :( May Day also a very sad day for those who lost their loved ones during the past vicious wars, and now those young men are gone forever; they are no longer here to fight for our freedom and can’t stop the foreign invasion. Sad, but they are GONE for real, folks.

    :( Yet, Illuminati wants you to celebrate their success on May 1st; the month of May seems like a month for celebration of their causes. While the rest of us are being ripped off, poor and unemployed.

    The Illuminati asks us “So May Day how far we have come?
    Hmmm, to One World Order for a prison planet/a gulag?
    Illuminati tell us it’s A truth day. But a day WITHOUT the TRUTHS, because HISTORY has been ALTERED and BURIED.

    I can’t imagine how anyone can celebrate being a victim and endure the suffering all these years. The illuminati has misguided the masses, and they treat us like Useful Idiots, but some of us are smarter than them and know what they’re doing. DO YOU?



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    • Pro Justice

      One very important piece of information I forgot to mention, and that is MAY 1st is the BIRTH DAY :roll: of the Illuminati.



      It should be noticed, this article (Barack Obama: America’s First Jewish President) is also posted on the liberal (Democrat) website.

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  • asdfggfda

    Actually thats pretty cool really.

    There is something going on in the Antarctic you guys, and no we are not killing each other over there. Most of the Worlds armies are all neighboring over there.

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