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Russia Backs UN Internet Takeover

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Russia backed by China and India is pushing through a takeover of the internet by a UN supranational agency to make the web truly universal. The aim of the plan is to standardize the behavior of countries concerning information and cyberspace.

­Leading emerging economies supported by other United Nations members initiated the discussion around handing over internet regulation to a UN agency. At present it is controlled by private shareholders.

BRICS countries China, Brazil, India and Russia share the belief that the Geneva-based UN agency the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) would do a better job if put in charge of international cyber security, data privacy, technical standards and the global web address system.
‘Hands off our web’

­This week the US House of Representatives prepares to vote on the proposal and the expectations are, there will be no great uphill struggle.Washington opposed UN regulation of the internet just weeks after the “international code of conduct for information security” was submitted to the General Assembly

Commander of US Cyber Command Army Gen. Keith Alexander said “I’m not for regulating, per se. I’m concerned about it, and this is a tough question.”

Gen. Alexander stressed that instead of expecting action from the UN, sovereign states should better secure critical infrastructure and government networks without official regulation.

The American side admits that the current multi-stakeholder system gives maneuver space to nonprofit organizations worldwide instead of governments. Nonprofits are the indispensable element of American “soft power” over the world and it is highly doubtful they could be sacrificed that easily.

The head of the US Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration Larry Strickling has been categorical, saying in the regulations supposed by the initiative “it is really the governments that are at the table, but the rest of the stakeholders aren’t.”

On April 19, US Congress adopted Resolution 628 “expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the United States should preserve, enhance, and increase access… to an open, global internet”.

“It is the sense of the House of Representatives that if a resolution calling for endorsement of the proposed international code of conduct for information security or a resolution inconsistent with the principles above comes up for a vote in the United Nations General Assembly or other international organization, the Permanent Representative of the United States to the United Nations or the United States representative to such other international organization should oppose such a resolution,” the bill announces.

But the International Telecommunication Union is far from giving up. The United Nations agency prepares to hold a vast World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12) in December in Dubai where ITU member states will discuss the proposed revisions to the International Telecommunication Regulations (ITR) that might expand the ITU’s mandate to encompass the internet.

The ITR is a legally binding international treaty signed by 178 countries.
UN internet takeover initiated by Putin

­Last June, then-PM Vladimir Putin met ITU Secretary-General Hamadoun I. Touré. The two discussed global access to the benefits of information and communication technologies (ICT). Vladimir Putin announced his support for an internet takeover by the United Nations and backed the International Telecommunication Union.

Recalling that the ITU is one of the oldest international organizations (an extension of the International Telegraph Union established in 1865), Putin said that “Russia was one of its co-founders and intends to be an active member”.

Among many issues on the global agenda that require international cooperation, Putin stressed the importance of the internet in particular.

That was the beginning. Three months later, in September 2011 China, Russia and several other countries submitted to the UN a Document of International Code of Conduct for Information Security.

Drafted as a formal document of the 66th session of the General Assembly, the paper called on UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to distribute the document among all UN member states for further discussions within the framework of the United Nations.

This initiative could guarantee a “multilateral, transparent and democratic international management of the internet”, the paper said.


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2 Responses to " Russia Backs UN Internet Takeover "

  1. Pro Justice says:

    Yahoo and Facebook’s owners have been exchanging hands or selling (dumping) all their shares to the masses. It looks like there will be NO INTERNET real soon. :(

    Déjà vu all over again. This does not eliminate problems, but it escalates them into a bigger problem and puts everything under the control of one hand – ‘the Global Internet’. Controlling the Internet by country-to-country is very hard to do, but now they combine them under one umbrella. It’s the biggest mistake they could ever make. Somehow they have convinced the leaders to go along with this, and by the time they realize the consequences it will be too late and they will be unable to change it back.

    The super-rich have high jacked everything under the sun; just to name a few technology, weapons, your earnings, your daily life, your environment, the air you breathe and even outer space and even the libraries.

    :( And now we agree to let them to solve the problem (which does not exist) and to save us? Save us or save themselves aka the super rich.

    :( Let them control the internet to save us from, I guess from learning, speaking the truth and taking down the real leaders and place their own people in charge of everything?

    For those who think president Putin will stay in his office until whatever or until 2024, think again. Some say he will not survive until the end of his term, let alone until 2024. If prez Putin does, he won’t be re-elected because of the new system change. There won’t be enough votes for him. Although the system makes it a multi-party system (that’s the danger of it ), but it would weaken the power of the other party, as we have seen in the west’s system and in Asia as well.

    The current system is run by Plutocrat’s who have been keeping tabs of history and events that are going on for who knows since how long :?: . Perhaps since mankind has been roaming the earth.

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    • Pro Justice says:

      My correction, what I mean to say is although the system makes it a multi-party system (that’s the danger of it ), but it takes the votes away from the party who wants to do good for its citizens – As we’ve seen how they run the American system.

      :( One party has to compete against the party which comprises of all groups (liberal, socialists, and all of any existent groups)

      The western system is run by Plutocrats who have been keeping tabs on historical events of how and what it took to bring down many empires in the past. So now they know how and what it takes to conquer the world. In some cases you would be surprised, they have their own people who advice and manipulate your kings and your politicians, using scare tactics :-x to create more laws, more bureaucrats, and eventually more and higher taxes to pay for their mess.

      I believe you’ve seen articles that mention, the government can use military rule “ENEMY COMBATANT” to apply on American citizens. I believe so, bc history has shown when the power concentrates in foreigner’s hands which is run by Plutocrats —- Anyone who disagrees or speaks out against plutocrat’s policies could be declared an “ Enemy Combatant” and imprisoned indefinitely. Yes, it happened before in the west (the Soviet Union) and in Asia (Cambodia/Pol Pot), …

      In the meantime, before they shut down the Internet, they use boogeyman (Liberal writers, trolls, or even politicians) to scare the citizens to shut them up. :roll: In the past before the internet was ever invented, many were sent to prison camps and worked to death with poor conditions and lack of food, regardless if they voice their opinions or not. That’s how they stay in power.

      We’ve learned from the real history book, it all started from the French Revolution, and then the Russian Revolution of 1917 that caused the downfall of the Russian Empire.

      The Soviet Union officially the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was a constitutionally socialist state that existed in Eurasia ever since and until 1990.

      The Soviet Union was a single party state ruled by a few, the Communist Party until 1990. Even though the USSR was technically a union of 15 independent Soviet republics, its government and economy was highly centralized.

      :( In the end, everything is in their hands of the Plutocrats, but WE are the ones to blame for all the messes they’ve created for you. Read on …


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