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Romney Operatives Caught Handing Out Fake Ballots In Nevada and Maine

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Attempts to divide and disrupt official Ron Paul delegate slates; Romney sends in lawyer that stole election for Bush in 2000.

Two separate incidents captured on video this weekend reveal desperate attempts by Mitt Romney operatives to divide and disrupt official Ron Paul endorsed delegate slates by handing out fake ballots to attendees at the state conventions in Nevada and Maine.

The video below captured by Ron Paul supporters in Nevada on Saturday exposes a provocateur wearing a Ron Paul T-shirt being caught handing out a fake delegate ballot in an attempt to dilute Ron Paul supporters’ votes.

The ballot that the man was handing out looked very similar to the official Ron Paul endorsed slate, and was even printed on the same lime green colour paper. However, the names on the ballot were different.

It is not clear whether the man was officially affiliated with Romney, however, it is clear that he had a fake ID and was passing out fraudulent documents designed specifically to look like the official Ron Paul delegate slate for Nevada.

Watch the video:

Remarkably, this was not an isolated incident. The very same thing happened in Maine, indicating that there has been a coordinated effort by Romney operatives to trick Ron Paul supporters into diluting their votes.

As Paul campaign volunteer Ginger Taylor explains in the following video, Romney supporters circulated not one but two different slates, to make Paul voters think there had been a change in the official list of delegate nominees that were being endorsed by the Paul campaign.

Paul supporters, including Taylor herself, were forced to officially announce a withdrawal of their “nomination” to the national convention as delegates, even though they had never agreed to stand in that capacity.

The attempts to dilute the vote and swing more delegates Romney’s way ultimately failed miserably thanks to the quick thinking and alertness of Paul supporters.

Paul won a huge majority with 22 of the 25 Nevada delegates up for grabs, leaving Romney with only 3. In Maine, Paul supporters were elected to 21 of the 24 delegate spots.

The under the radar strategy to win delegates by Paul Ron Paul supporters is starting to pay off. In addition to Nevada and Maine, the Congressman has now won a majority of delegates from Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, and Minnesota with many other caucus states expected to follow.

In some states, including Nevada, party rules adopted last fall, dictate that since Romney won the caucuses he will get a set number of delegates who are bound to vote for him.

Paul supporters say delegates will abide by those rules in the first round of balloting at the national convention in Tampa, but that all bets are off if there is more than one round of balloting.

As we reported last week, the Republican National Committee has threatened to refuse to allow the entire delegation for Nevada to be seated at the national convention, because Paul supporters have secured a majority of delegate slots.

Now, with Paul’s victory in Maine, the Romney campaign has dispatched top lawyer Benjamin Ginsberg to challenge the results. Ginsberg was George W. Bush’s lawyer 2000 and helped secure the now infamous Florida recount, which ultimately secured Bush the presidency.

Charles Cragin, a Romney supporter who lost Saturday’s bid to chair the convention, called the turn of events in Maine “bizarre.” Cragin threatened that the Paul-led delegation may not be recognized at the national convention because of “violations of rules of procedure” this weekend in Augusta.

“They have so phenomenally screwed this up that they will go to Tampa and not be seated,” Cragin said.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Romney campaign and GOP officials are fretting over the resurgence of Ron Paul’s campaign and fear that Paul supporters could still have a huge impact on the outcome of the nomination process.

Romney supporters and potential operatives have now been caught red-handed engaging in dirty tricks in an attempt to derail Paul’s surge.


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7 Responses to " Romney Operatives Caught Handing Out Fake Ballots In Nevada and Maine "

  1. Discover says:

    Ha, ha, an Alex Jones propaganda machine said the informant was a Mitt Romney’s supporter. The only thing is, the informant was wearing a Ron Paul campaign T-shirt. Now who do you think he really works for, idiot!!! Duh. This video does not prove a damn thing, a prepresentative is the one who is actually doing the voting, not the informant.

    What has Paul done for this country besides shooting his mouth off? You will not see an article showing the real Paul in any American mainstream media. http://www.islamtimes.org/vdcjoxe8.uqemoz29fu.html

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    Rating: -2 (from 6 votes)
    • Sodapop says:

      Gee, yeah, I’ve NEVER heard of the other team doing anything like dressing to deceive! A Romney supporter COULDN’T be wearing a Ron Paul shirt could he? What excellent proof! Pitiful Romney supporters, they have been trying to shove this guy down the public’s throat from the start and now, with the only decent man opposing him, I guess he is getting even more desperate because the media can only twist and fool so many minds (although they have done a pretty good job so far). They are all so afraid of Paul and his upsetting their corrupt little apple cart they are starting to do just about anything. Just look at Romney’s record and you won’t need them to tell you a thing.

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      Rating: -3 (from 7 votes)
  2. Pro Justice says:

    It’s so obvious, these are Paul supporters aka “USEFUL IDIOTS” :evil:. Most of Paul supporters are very young. The young man looked stupid and got caught red-handed.

    They (Useful Idiots) play this game, so they can yell and scream during the Republican Convention.

    :( Paul’s Useful Idiots did the same thing during the last election. People complained about their violent behavior even then.

    :evil: JUST ANOTHER DIRTY CAMPAIGN TACTICS. Look like someone’s is trying to steal Romney’s nomination. Romney has winning state after state.

    Paul’s wife is very ill, and he’s super-old for the job, 80-year-old (almost).

    The video speaks for itself, Paul supporters and potential operatives have now been caught red-handed engaging in dirty tricks in an attempt to stop Romney’s nomination.

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    Rating: 0 (from 4 votes)
  3. Pro Justice says:

    Yahoo title : “It’s Mitt: GOP Race Finally Over”

    :-D Governor Mitt Romney is the Republican nomination for president as of Tuesday – May 29, 2012, accumulating more than enough delegate votes (1,144 is needed to secure the nomination at his party’s convention in August.)

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  4. Pro Justice says:

    Here is the Yahoo website for the GOP election map:


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  5. sdl says:

    :-x If you people had any clue what our gov is doing? O is offically a dictator in waiting. He’s passed laws giving him complete control over everything,we are under martial law.Russia has the brains now, not us. They are trying to prevent WWIII while O is egging it on. He wants unrest to stop the elections. You tube look up “jesse ventura fema camps” you’ll see our concentration camps redied & how they spy on us. Red & blue list of people to p/up first. O has signed over our soverity to the UN.UN has trained military “ours to” & special police forces that will take over & answer to the UN. Alex jones tells of each law & what it means. Yeah, he gets loud but thats cause he’s ticked & has every right to be. If you want any chance of keeping your’re freedom, you’d better vote Paul. But I fear they’ll kill him like JFK cause he said he’d never lean left. 9/11 was a set up for war. Marines won’t take any more orders from O unless they are legal. O ordered tons & tons of ammo. You can tell when O or Mitt are lying, their mouths are moving. I am shocked at all I’ve learned. Watch & learn on you tube while you can, it will be taken down soon. Never would I have imagined I’d say Paul is our savior. But he is. He’s right about war, we have no business telling other countries how to operate. Thats why they hate us so. The book of Revelation in the Bible refers to the US as the “evil one”. I’m telling you, the end times pre-told in the Bible is happening before our very eyes today. don’t know how many years it’ll take but Isreal is to attack Iran any day now. Things look normal in most places, give it till the day after the elections. Mitt wrote the 1st socilist health care plan, it says we must be “mark of the beast” marked by 3/23/13. Mitt & O are one in the same. I’m sick of his innocent fake smile, he’s practiced it enough. Everytime you see him he has that little boy look. He’s a lier. I did my homework in 08, knew we were in for hell, maybe the anti-christ. I hate I was right. People that vote have responibility to do homework & get their vote right so we can remain free, as long as God allows until the end. Gods in control, the end is written, doesn’t mean to go down w/out a huge fight. For those that were confused over this info, it was Mitt’s people wearing Pauls shirts trying to sway people Mitts direction. Shocked I read such a dumb statement. When in doubt, don’t type. Or read it till you get it.

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  6. Damien says:

    “God allows until the end. Gods in control, the end is written”

    What are you complaining about if your god is in control and the end is written. You’re on the path that your god has chosen for you. If you want to complain, complain to your god by prayer and stop spamming the net.

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