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Riot police clash with tuition protesters in Montreal making 300 arrests

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Montreal police arresting a protester opposing Quebec student tuition fee hikes, May 20. 2012

Riot police have once again clashed with protesters in Montreal and arrested some 300 people protesting at the new legislation aimed at ending the three months of anti-tuition hikes protests.

About 5,000 people took to the streets in the heart of the French speaking Latin Quarter neighborhoods on Sunday in a bid to voice their opposition to the controversial law.

Quebec’s provincial government passed an emergency legislation on Friday, outlining strict regulations for demonstrations and conditions of heavy fines for students and their federations. Under the province’s new law for any demonstration of 50 or more people, police should be informed eight hours in advance and told of the route of the demonstration.

At least ten people were injured, including four officers, as riot police clashed with the protesters. A person was also hospitalized with “non-life-threatening injuries,” emergency services said.

Police described the demonstration as illegal under the new law, and arrested at least 300 protesters for defying the legislation, however releasing many of them later. Police also said that some people threw objects at officers on bicycles, and several others wore face masks, breaching a recent bylaw that bars them during demonstrations.

A major protest is arranged Tuesday to mark the 100th day of student demonstration.

Students in Canada’s eastern province of Quebec have been holding almost daily protests over the past weeks in an attempt to add up pressure on the government to drop the plan to increase the tuition fee.

Police said that over 200 demonstrations have been held in the province since the movement began in February and that over 300 people have been arrested in the past week.


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One Response to " Riot police clash with tuition protesters in Montreal making 300 arrests "

  1. realist says:

    5000 seems a little low..
    There are being held protests daily there with tens of thousands of people… Daily.. some even went to 300k+,
    with only 1 news-station properly covering it who even got attacked by the police, yes police is using extreme violence.. videos enough of this..
    i ask u plz, to proper cover this protest..

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