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One quarter of the Japanese population has suicidal thoughts

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A government survey says the Japanese youth are the most likely to think about killing themselves while one quarter of the whole population have considered suicide.

According to the report released by the Cabinet Office on May 2, 2012, a large number of the people of Japan, which is one of the most developed countries in the world, have suicidal thoughts, Press TV reports.

Recession has influenced the lives of younger people in Japan who cannot find a job after finishing college or university, said Kaoru Saito of Japan’s Suicide Prevention Planning Office.

Families of these people are also unable to provide them with financial support, he added.

A Buddhist nun who offers consultation to more than 140 suicidal people each month believes that this trend is not simply the result of the economic situation of the country.

Loneliness causes depression in many of these people who then lose their purpose in life, she told Press TV.

The Japanese government is now working with a number of groups to reevaluate its tactics regarding suicide prevention in the Asian country.


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