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Israeli lawmakers to dissolve Knesset

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Israel’s Knesset

Israeli lawmakers are scheduled to dissolve the Knesset amid divisions among different political parties in the Tel Aviv regime.

Israel’s Likud Party, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, recently called for the dissolution of Knesset and an early general election to be held on September 4.

Likud chairman Zeev Elkin said on May 2 that September 4 is the agreed date for the election and a final decision on the date will be made on Sunday.

Elkin also stated that the draft legislation for the dissolution of Knesset is to be passed “within a day or two, at the beginning of next week — Monday, Tuesday.”

The Israeli parties of Likud, Labor and Shas have supported the September 4 date, but the left-wing Kadima Party and the United Torah Judaism have expressed discontent with the election as recent opinion polls showed Kadima, which currently has 28 members at Knesset, will drop from the largest to fifth-largest Israeli party with a speculated number of about 10 seats in the next Knesset.

Official Israeli figures also show Likud is expected to have 31 seats in the next Knesset.

Only six percent of Israelis will vote in favor of Shaul Mofaz, chairman of Kadima, as new prime minister, recent opinion polls indicate. About 48 percent of voters currently support Netanyahu as the premier.

In addition, Israeli Minister for Military Affairs Ehud Barak said on May 2 his Atzmaut Party would run in the future general election as an independent party.

However, according to a recent report by Ha’aretz, opinion polls show that Atzmaut will not earn enough votes to win seats in the next Knesset.


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