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Israeli foreign minister unbearable: Austrian defense minister

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Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman

Austrian Defense Minister Norbert Darabos says the presence of Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman in the Israeli cabinet is “unbearable.”

In an interview with the Austrian daily Die Presse, Darabos severely criticized Israel’s policies, with a special emphasis on the continued settlement activities and the nuclear allegations against Iran.

An attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities would spark an uncontrollable fire in the region and will create solidarity and empathy for Iran in the Arab world members who are normally among Iran critics and the world at large, Darabos said.

The Austrian minister criticized Israel for “pointing a finger at its foreign enemies like Iran and the Palestinians in order to avoid dealing with internal social issues.”

The United States, Israel and some of their allies have repeatedly accused Iran of pursuing military objectives in its nuclear energy program. Washington and Tel Aviv have time and again threatened Tehran with the “option” of a military strike against its civilian nuclear facilities.

Iran argues that as a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), it has the right to develop and acquire nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

“Honestly, the fact that minister Lieberman is a member of the Israeli government is unbearable,” Darabos said in an unprecedented criticism of an Israeli foreign minister by a European official, particularly a defense minister.

Despite his senior position in the cabinet, Lieberman is consciously left out of the talks involving Tel Aviv by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and is rarely dispatched for negotiations with Arab leaders.

US President Barack Obama has also refused to meet Lieberman in the past three years.

The Soviet-born Israeli politician, who speaks with a strong Russian accent, plays an important role in bids to expand Tel Aviv’s relations with Russia and other republics of the former Soviet Union.

Lieberman lives in the Israeli settlement of Nokdim, located in the Judean Desert of the West Bank where he has resided since 1988. The Israeli settlements have incurred the rage of Palestinians and the international community.

Since 13years ago, the Israeli police have filed a number of lawsuits against Lieberman, who has also been at loggerheads with the current and previous heads of the Tel Aviv intelligence agency, Mossad.

Martin Peretz, editor-in-chief of The New Republic, a prominent pro-Israeli publication, has described Lieberman as “neo-fascist … a certified gangster … the Israeli equivalent of Jorg Haider.”

During the 2009 campaign, Meretz, the left wing Zionist party in Israel, released an internal memo comparing Lieberman to “Jean-Marie Le Pen in France, Haider in Austria, and Zhirinovsky in Russia”


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7 Responses to " Israeli foreign minister unbearable: Austrian defense minister "

  1. Jerry says:

    You FAKE jews – here the truth about you –
    Zionism: False Messiah
    By Lance Selfa

    FIFTY YEARS ago in May, Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, proclaimed the founding of the State of Israel. Immediately, Jewish commandos in Palestine launched what Israel called its “War of Independence.” When Israel concluded an armistice with the armies of Egypt, Transjordan and Syria in 1949, more than 750,000 Palestinians had been forced to flee from their homes. They became refugees from their own country, which the Jewish Zionist armies now controlled. The founding of Israel marked the culmination of a 50-year-long campaign, waged by political Zionists, to establish a Jewish state.
    The Zionists claimed that they expressed world Jewry’s yearning for “national liberation.” Yet, if Zionism was a movement for national liberation, it was like no other. Rather than seeking to break free from imperialism, it actively courted patronage from imperialist powers. Rather than promising self-determination to the people of Palestine–the vast majority of whom were Arab–it expelled them. And rather than representing a widely popular expression of the fight against national oppression, Zionism counted as little more than a sect for most of its existence prior to the Second World War.
    No doubt all sorts of distorted history and ideological claptrap will accompany the media’s “celebration” of Israel’s 50th anniversary. This is understandable, if only because the real history of Zionism and Israel is so sordid.

    Continue reading here: http://www.isreview.org/issues/04/zionism_false_messiah.shtml

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  2. zeezee says:

    Liberman is A TRUE ZIONIST.
    what does it mean?
    it means that Avigdor as a True Jew lives in his TRUE Homeland, A ZION.
    Yes, this is how Israel used to be called in biblical times, in the times of Moses, Abraham…
    ZION = Palestine = ISRAEL.
    All three words are interconnected.
    Palestine is a REGION, which used to include ALL 12 tribes of Jewish People.
    To call Liberman a “neo-fascist” by editor of “new republic”…?!! hahahaaaa
    Liberman is A ZIONIST.
    And yes, in order to protect our Jewish Land, we JEWS should fight like gangsters, to eliminate all those who hate us and the land of ZION.
    Martin Peretz is a typical jewish useful idiot. There are plenty of this garbage in US.
    This type of jews like to be LIKED by non-jews.
    Yes, Liberman speaks with a strong beautiful RUSSIAN accent.
    ALL founders and early settlers of Palestine were from Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Poland.
    ALL spoke with a strong Russian accent.
    Just like Henry Kissinger spoke with a strong german accent.

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    • WeisseTodt says:

      zeezee, there is no israel, God thru you out into the wilderness and that is where you and the rest of the animals belong. for killing His only Son you were sentenced to no country of your own or land, unfortunately the zionist lobby in amerika helped and continues to help you, spitting in the face of God.

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    • veritas6464 says:

      Bullshit, you dopey hasbaratchik; zion was a village on the banks of the Tigris in Babylon (Iraq), also there was NEVER any region called Judea, there was only Judah and your tribe of psychotic mendicants have never had any history of ownership in that region, you are homeless Turkic-mongols from Khazaria!

      Free Palestine!

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      • veritas6464 says:

        My comment was a reply to zeezee.

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  3. JoeW says:

    Anytime there is disagreement with the Left, the left calls it fascist, right wing nut, Zionist, etc. Le Pen of France is hardly a right wing nut. She simply wants to take back what rightfully belongs to the citizens of France, such as their country. France is being taken over by zealots, radicals, anarchists, Marxists, Muslims, socialists and the alliance of all working to destroy the French Republic from within. The article above invented a new term: “Meretz, the left wing Zionist party”. Up until now I only heard of right wing Zionists. This is the same thing the Left in the US now invented the term “White-Hispanic” relating to George Zimmerman. So if a Hispanic kills a Black in self defense it must be ‘White”. Zimmerman has Hispanic and Black family background.

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  4. Goonhilly says:

    Squatters have a harder time elsewhere.

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