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Hyundai Sonata suddenly accelerates against driver's will to 80 mph

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The police of South Korea investigate the reasons of a bizarre car accident, which occurred to the latest model of Hyundai Sonata. The car began accelerating against the driver’s will and crashed into another car at the speed of 129 km/h.

Spokespeople for Hyundai have not released any official comments yet. They only said that the car had been delivered to the specialists of the investigative committee of South Korea. According to preliminary information, the gas pedal of the 2009 vehicle got stuck, Autonews.ru reports.

The accident took place in the city of Daegu. The vehicle was driven by 65-year-old man. His 63-year-old wife was sitting on the front passenger seat. Both of them suffered serious injuries in the accident. Doctors said that the lives of the elderly people were out danger, but it would take them a lot of time to recover.

The couple’s son, named only as Kwon, published the video on the Internet. According to Kwon, his father told him that the Sonata started making strange noise and then accelerated all of a sudden. The video filmed by the dashboard camera shows that the driver managed to avoid a number of collisions with other cars. “What’s wrong with my car? What is wrong?” the man keeps on saying in the Korean. His wife is heard screaming: “Oh my God, what’s going on?” It became very hard to control the car, and the Sonata eventually crashed into a stopped car at 129 km/h (80 mph).

As a result, the Sonata caused a chain of other car accidents, in which the total of 17 people were injured. The driver himself suffered fractures of his fingers and ribs. His wife suffered internal bleeding.

The Asian version of the US-based Wall Street Journal said that the Korean authorities were investigating four other incidents connected with the sudden acceleration of the cars of the Korean brand.

It is worthy of note that the reputation of another well-known auto maker, Toyota, suffered considerable damage in 2009. The company recalled millions of cars in connection with incidents of sudden acceleration.


Hyundai Sonata

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  1. What is a Break?? says:

    Remember dear friends…

    If you drive manual geared car, just step on the clutch and brake safely, when the car stopped safely turn off the engine.

    If you drive automatic geared car, switch the gear stick to N Neutral and brake, when the car stopped safely turn off the engine.

    Even if above wouldn’t “work” for some reason, a cars braking system is tremendously over-dimensioned to be able to brake a car even when the engine is at full throttle, just step on the brake and slow down the car as fast as possible, and don’t be afraid something can get broken by braking hard, a car is designed to handle these kind of forces, it is that simple!

    Remember, don’t prolong the braking for several minutes as the brake disks will get overheated and braking capability will reduce.

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