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Wearable Computers to Replace all Smartphones

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Google unveiled the details of the development of devices in the class of computers that users can wear like glasses. RIA Novosti reported that the information about Project Glass was obtained from Google+ social networks and informal blog Google Operating System.

 Formally, even now many electronic devices can be attributed to the class of wearable computers, but many experts believe that the future belongs to the gadgets that will be connected directly to the human body and have advanced communication capabilities.

For example, Google currently develops its own voice assistant app – Majel – that will be similar to Apple’s Siri. It will talk in a voice of the actress that did a voice over for the artificial intelligence spacecraft in “Star Wars”. 

The concept with the working title Project Glass, according to the idea of ​​the developers from Google X secret laboratory, is a device similar to glasses rim. Project Glass page in Google+ displays a video that tells about the potential features and the design of this gadget that implies the presence of video cameras and a small piece of glass above the right eye.

It is assumed that the device will have all the functionality of a smartphone – that is, it can be used to make conventional and video calls, send messages, leave geo-location check-ins and publications in social networks, take notes, take pictures and videos, use map services, listen to music and so on.

The glasses will be controlled by head movements or voice commands. The device will feature a built-in camera, which is useful in augmented reality systems. The display can show information with reference to the actual location of the user. Such a device will be able to go online on its own, without the use of phones, while data processing is likely to occur in the “cloud.” On the other hand, there is nothing to prevent it from contacting the Android-smartphones and tablets and use their computing power.
 Rumors that Google is developing a wearable computer have been circulating in the market since last year.

Then The New York Times wrote that for the creation of wearable computers the Internet giant was hiring former employees of Nokia and Apple, as well as graduates of specialized universities of technology. However, officially this development has not yet been reported.
 Google is believed to have plans to use the new technology of augmented reality devices that will display the information with reference to the actual location of the user. For example, looking out the window the user can see information about the weather, and approaching a metro station – the data on repairs and possible alternative routes.

Google X lab has been working on Project Glass for nearly two years, but so far the project is far from translating into reality, CNN reported. Google developers wrote that they revealed the plans for the project to get feedback from potential customers. 

In Google X laboratory, whose existence until recently was unknown even to many employees of the corporation, engineers design such funny things like an elevator to deliver cargo into space, a refrigerator running on Android and a soup bowl with Internet access. The main idea of ​​the laboratory is “the Internet of things” that implies a connection to a global network of new types of devices, not just computers. Glasses-displays fit well in this concept.

Although the concept of the device already exists, Google does not specify when it plans to introduce commercial samples or display it on the market. Among other developments of Google X are intelligent systems that allow cars to drive on ordinary roads without a driver. Prototypes of these vehicles are already being tested in normal road traffic.
 According to unofficial information, similar devices that can be controlled with voice commands are being developed by Apple. However, unlike Google, its prototype resembles an iPod with a curved screen that wraps around the wrist.


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