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US Scientists say Earth may be the Only Planet with Life

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The Princeton scientists suggest that it's likely that Earth is a one-off - and that life may not have evolved anywhere else

NASA has said there are ‘billions’ of planets in our own Milky Way galaxy – but a new study suggests that the idea that they are teeming with alien lifeforms may just be wishful thinking.

Two Princeton scientists used what’s known as ‘Bayesian analysis’ – a technque that ‘boils down’ ideas to the actual data, as opposed to scientists’ own ideas about what ‘should’ be true.

They suggest that it’s very possible Earth is a one-off aberration where life took hold unusually fast – and on the average extraterrestrial planet, the chances of life are very low indeed.

‘Fossil evidence suggests that life began very early in Earth’s history and that has led people to determine that life might be quite common in the universe because it happened so quickly here, but the knowledge about life on Earth simply doesn’t reveal much about the actual probability of life on other planets,’ said Princeton astrophysical sciences professor Edwin Turner and David Spiegel, a former Princeton postdoctoral researcher.

‘Information about that probability comes largely from the assumptions scientists have going in, and some of the most optimistic conclusions have been based almost entirely on those assumptions,’ he said.

‘If scientists start out assuming that the chances of life existing on another planet as it does on Earth are large, then their results will be presented in a way that supports that likelihood,’ Turner said.

‘Our work is not a judgment, but an analysis of existing data that suggests the debate about the existence of life on other planets is framed largely by the prior assumptions of the participants.’

Joshua Winn, an associate professor of physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said that Turner and Spiegel cast convincing doubt on the basis for expecting extraterrestrial life.

Winn, who focuses his research on the properties of exoplanets, is familiar with the research but had no role in it.

‘There is a commonly heard argument that life must be common or else it would not have arisen so quickly after the surface of the Earth cooled,’ Winn said.

‘This argument seems persuasive on its face, but Spiegel and Turner have shown it doesn’t stand up to a rigorous statistical examination — with a sample of only one life-bearing planet, one cannot even get a ballpark estimate of the abundance of life in the universe.

rgence of life on Earth gave reasons to be optimistic about the search for life elsewhere,’ Winn said. ‘Now I’m not so sure, though I think scientists should still search for life on other planets to the extent we can.’

Deep-space satellites and telescope projects have recently identified various planets that resemble Earth in their size and composition, and are within their star’s habitable zone, the optimal distance for having liquid water.

Of particular excitement have been the discoveries of NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope, a satellite built to find Earth-like planets around other stars.

While these observations tend to stoke the expectation of finding Earth-like life, they do not actually provide evidence that it does or does not exist, Spiegel explained. Instead, these planets have our knowledge of life on Earth projected onto them, he said.

Yet, when what is known about life on Earth is taken away, there is no accurate sense of how probable abiogenesis is on any given planet, Spiegel said. It was this ‘prior ignorance,’ or lack of expectations, that he and Turner wanted to account for in their analysis, he said.
‘When we use a mathematical prior that truly represents prior ignorance, the data of early life on Earth becomes ambiguous,’ Spiegel said.

Spiegel and Turner also propose that once this planet’s history is considered, the emergence of life on Earth might be so distinct that it is a poor barometer of how it occurred elsewhere, regardless of the likelihood that such life exists.


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7 Responses to " US Scientists say Earth may be the Only Planet with Life "

  1. Walter says:

    I am not sure why this paper is making the rounds now as it was written over a year ago. There are very strong indications that we are not alone in the universe, life is out there and intelligent life. For some credible case history take a look at,

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  2. Shadowhand18 says:

    The U.S government in particular, has had contact from other worldly humans in the past, and know the existence of those that live in a different time configuration than ours. In the SOL system (our solar system) we are the only planet with life that part is true, but once you reach the vast open cosmos that reach far past pluto and even further, their are other worlds with life on them evolving just like us. Our technology does not reach that far yet or that advanced, so many just assume that we are the only intelligent beings in the universe

    Time Configurations, and dimensional layers also come into the conversation when talking about other wordly humans and life throughout the universe. The governments around the world know this, why they continue to pretend that they dont have knowledge in this area is really an insult to your intelligence and also makes them look even more like hypocrites than they already are.

    Between the years of 1946 to 2000, (could even be earlier!) they were contacted by a race who offered to share technology with the people of earth if our governments allowed them to teach the true spiritual teaching (The original teachings of Jmmanuel). The governments disagreed because of their greed for war, violence, technological enslavement and control over the people using cult religions, so the other wordly humans decided to break off this agreement seeing that their technology would only be used for more domination over the populace and causing more issues for this planet.

    Because of their higher spirituality, they could not come close to us without causing harm, just as we can not come close to them, so they decided to have one person represent them. Because the governments at that time only wanted to kill and control (Not to much different from now), they did not like the idea of one man being a mediator, so they took it upon themselves to try and shoot down the space crafts of the other wordly people for their own sadistic gain.

    In the year 1977, another race of other wordly humans, who were working on the same project as the first who made contact with the U.S government at that time, decided to take matters into their own hands to deliver a message that we should strive for peace,love,wisdom, and tell us the truth that we are not alone and that using weapons of mass destructions can destroy our world, and life on those around us in other parts of the universe that they themselves inhabit. This incident happened in England where this race used technology to broadcast their message over earthly radio airwaves using high frequency waves from our dimensional layer, while using an unknown technique used to keep them shifted from their own to send the message.

    The governments at that time, again knew the truth, but as soon as the message was over they decided to label it as a hoax without even the sligthest investigation. Because of the earlier disagreement, and immature attitudes of the wordly governments, many decided to smear the other worldly human’s name by making movies based on alien invasions, and attacks to try and scare the people into more control, and to implant the idea that ALL aliens are evil and only want to enslave mankind, when all of this is a complete and utter lie.

    To take it a step further, the governments also tried to implant the idea of creating space weaponry to keep the other wordly humans from trying to help, but this also was a lie because this weaponry would have been used to create more war, destruction, and enslavement of the people of this planet.

    In closing, we are not the only life in existence, so please do your research and understand that because you cant see it or haven’t discovered it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist :-D

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    • lewis thomason says:

      references please,give documented evidence from original sources,dates that events occurred,physical evidence of events.

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      • Shadowhand18 says:

        Do the research of all the things I have spoken about, and you will find all that you are asking for. :-D

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  3. Christos Salvatore says:

    “the knowledge about life on Earth simply doesn’t reveal much about the actual probability of life on other planets” is all the info that we have
    and it tells us nothing, so what ? Nonsense. Food for preachermen.

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    • Shadowhand18 says:

      Our history tells us all that we need to know, its just that many individuals tend to push them to the side because they do not fit within their belief systems, or self made reality.

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  4. John MacNeil says:

    Only a fool or an apparatchik could look at the abundance of the variety of life on this planet and then think it was a one off in the universe. Clearly, life is everywhere and anyone who thinks not doesn’t have a scientific mind.

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