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US Government Approves $770 million Aid to fix Mosques

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At a time when America has a $1.5 TRILLION deficit, America should be cutting everything possible in sight, right? So why does America have a $770 million program to fix up mosques overseas? Let’s break this down a bit. Why do we have a $770 million program to fix up mosques? Can you imagine a $770 million program to fix up Christian churches (or even a $7.70 program)? Why are we spending $770 million in money we don’t have to fix up mosques in other countries around the world?

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  • Lewis Thomason

    Well its only half misleading and thats pretty good for you guys. This program was started by Clinton and the first funds were given under Bush. It’s untrue that 770 million has been given to repair Mosque. This program goes to repair historic Churches,Temples and yes Mosque all over the world. So far only about 80 million has been spent world wide and has been almost equally distributed. Next time either tell the whole story or admit that you are only trying to stir up discontent.

    • John

      Well if it started by Clinton, at that time the economy was better that now, and just like there is cutting in more important programs (for the old), it should be a cut (a stop) for this money wasting. Our old and/or poor need this money NOW!

  • ashley

    well all i have to say to the true americans out there we need to take our country back over the only way is a civil war

  • Jean-Francois Morf

    Read the Coran and the Torah: you understand why they kill since thousands years?
    Only the new Testament is preaching peace!
    Now apply the precautionary principle, and fire all muslims and jews out of USA!

  • Stacey

    :( I literally just started crying when I read this. It has been a horrible long day dealing with the foster care system as foster parents (that is broken), the school (which is getting worse from cuts) and a dying mother (who is racking up unthinkable medical bills because she doesn’t qualify for medicaid). Then, I read this and it all broke loose. Mr. Obama, we can’t take much more. Go away!

  • James Hill

    They don’t deserve $770 million worth of high quality towels for their heads in their mosques. Why not just send them a few million used Kotexes? They are already paid for. All it would cost is postage. I’ll be happy to buy a stamp. I think they would look pretty with used Kotexes on their heads. Then, we can send 770 million Pit Bulls to eat their heads off. See how easy? Problem solved.

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