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US gives 115 Billion Dollars Aid to Israel

US President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

New data shows Washington has given more than 115 billion dollars in financial aid to Israel over the years, indicating Tel Aviv’s great dependence on the US.

According to the report published by the Congressional Research Service Israel has received more assistance from the US than 15 European countries did to recover from the devastation caused during World War II.

More than 67 billion dollars of the Washington’s aid to Israel has been in military, the report said.

The astonishing report adds that the US has allocated 3.1 billion dollars, around one-fifth of its defense budget, to Israel this year alone.

Americans also allow the Israeli army to use their emergency reserve ammunition stored in Israel. The value of the weapons held in the US emergency supplies is 1.2 billion dollars.

The US gives billions of dollars in American taxpayers’ money to the Tel Aviv regime each year in the form of military and economic aid, legally justified as part of US government’s foreign aid package.

Washington has never downsized its annual 3 billion dollars grant to the Israeli regime despite going through its worst recession in decades which has prompted the government to impose major cuts on most public service programs for citizens.


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  • Nexus789

    America is Israels bitch.

    • Wendy J Cook

      Israel is america;s bitch you moron!
      we pay you to be our poppet!
      you do what we tell you to do.
      besides no one likes subhumans like yourself.

  • TaN00Ki

    They have forced both WW, and are about to create WW3, and now we give them all that taxpayer’s money, that’s sickening.

    Cheating murderous bastards will rot in hell.

    • Jack Longchamp

      C´mon man, that is not a fact – let´s stay realistic and polish
      up the image of this publication that allows us free speech !
      No good if outsiders think “just racists and uneducated people”.
      No good at all.

      WW1 was started by the Austrians who had long wanted to deal the Serbs a blow, and all the other idiot countries who joined in
      just never expected such a massacre…

      WW2 was *really* started by Hitler who simply wanted to get back
      the territories Germany had lost in WW1 (which is understandable)
      but when successful just couldn´t stop and finally made the mistake
      of invading Russia. Even Henry Kissinger said that Hitler actually
      just did “power politics”. Btw the Iron Cross 1st class that Hitler won
      in WW1 was bestowed on him by a Jewish officer.

      Am I wrong ? Now with WW3 I do not know…
      The only earnest warmongers lately have been the US
      (not talking terrorist groups here), nobody else
      wants a big war – well the Brits didn´t want WW2,
      that´s for sure and neither did the French nor the US.

      That closes the circle and leads us, one more time,
      to the question :
      Who is really in charge of the US of A ?

  • Jean-Francois Morf
    • Jack Longchamp

      One is never rich enough as long as one is only greedy enough ;)

  • My Plastic Brain

    America must buy its allies now. It has no genuine friends left, only fickle self-interested hangers-on hoping for a bloody morsel from America’s military grinder.

    The rising star of BRICs is gaining in momentum and economic power as the US’ star rapidly fades. Countries are abandoning the dollar as the reserve currency and setting up alternative financial systems to replace the US’ global financial fraud.

    Israel is almost universally despised and without America would be very much left to fend for itself.

    It’s a partnership of desparate convenience…

    • Dan

      Adolfo Hitler would be proud of your statement.

    • Jack Longchamp

      Well yes – but the BRICS by now also show signs of weakness.
      And there is this Goldman guy who calls himself “Spengler”
      (German word for plumber, not quite the correct translation –
      rather a guy who bends stuff in the right direction, that sort
      of plumber) and he is writing, among others,
      in the Asia Times (atimes.com) – now he says that the Israelis
      are the only guys apart from black Africans who´s birthrate
      is rising, all Arab nation´s birthrates being on the decline –
      so he hopes that Israel will be the biggest military power
      in the Middle East by the 2030s anyway…
      this is the way the Israel Lobby in the US is calculating.
      Not interesting ?

  • Philippino Bob

    Their Zionist plan is to attract hatred so they could fulfill their religious prophecy… The battle of Armageddon. It is only a name of a valley in Israel.
    So far they are incredibly successful!
    Their self-created hatred grew exponentially since 1947!
    The battle of Armageddon, will and must happen.

  • Jack Longchamp

    No idea if that is true, the Jews are realists and in their majority
    not fanatics – but if it IS true then the battle can only be won by the Jews
    as long as the US is behind them.
    So what is wrong with the US ?

    I always thought it was the Land of the Homes, Free of the Brave –
    but still traditionally a democracy.
    Now in a democracy (they say) the majority rulez
    (I know this is bullshit, but still…).

    So ARE the Jews the majority in your country,
    all you Yanks here ? Or do you no longer have democracy ?
    Free will and all that ? L.O.S.T. ?

    Tell me please, I would really like to know ;)

  • http://www.hotmail.com anwar

    After years of hostility it is apparent that mutual co-existence is the only solution to Israel-vs-Arabs survival. No other solution of pushing either side into the arabian seas will resolve the conflict. It is better to accept and live for the good of future generations.

  • Philippino Bob

    Jack Longchamps
    When the Japanese will start moving to their new homeland China and the Jews start moving to their new homeland USA, that is when a few people will connect the dots, but before that happens there will be plenty of rhetoric to create total confusion.
    Here is my blog page where I explain what is going on.
    EXclusively and only for the OPEN MINDED!

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