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US Calls For Russian Airborne Troops To Take And Hold Denver Airport

A bizarre report prepared by the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation that is circulating in the Kremlin today on the joint US-Russia military drills taking place next month in the State of Colorado says that the plans received from the Americans call for Russian Airborne Troops (VDV) during this strange exercise to “take and hold” the Central Intelligence Agencies (CIA) main facility, the National Security Agencies (NSA) main facility and the Denver International Airport (DIA).

The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation is a federal body of executive authority responsible for monitoring and supervising the Russian Federation’s international military-technical cooperation.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Alexander Kucherenko publically announced this 24-21 May “anti-terror drill” this Friday past noting that this will be the first time Russian airborne forces have held exercises with the US airborne forces on US territory. Colonel Kucherenko stated, “According to the exercise scenario, soldiers of the two countries will hold a tactical airborne operation, including the reconnaissance of imaginary terrorists’ camp and a raid. After the operation, a helicopter will evacuate the soldiers.” He further added that Russian airborne troops would be training with US special service weapons in these drills in Fort Carson, Colorado.

Puzzling to Russian military analysts about this exercise, this report says, are that according to the American plans, Russian airborne troops (using US weapons that they had previously trained with at Fort Carson) will fly to and than parachute from their planes having the objectives of seizing the CIA’s main computer facility in Denver, the NSA’s main computer facility in Bluffdale, Utah, and taking control of main runways and terminals of the Denver International Airport.

The purpose of seizing the Denver International Airport, this report continues, is for the evacuation of the key personal and equipment previously “freed” from the CIA’s Denver base, and the NSA’s base in Utah, who were, supposedly, under “imminent threat” from an unspecified enemy, according, that is, to the American scenario for this war game.

Not known to many Americans is that over the past decade both the CIA and NSA have transferred their main bases of operations to the Western US. The CIA announced their transfer to Denver in 2005 with many speculating their main base of operations has been placed beneath the Denver International Airport. The NSA, likewise, has transferred their main base of operation to Utah and created what is now called the United States biggest spy center in Bluffdale.

The Denver International Airport [photo 2nd right], aside from being the biggest airport in the United States, and having that countries longest runway, deserves special mention since it has been embroiled in controversy since it opened in 1994, and as we can, in part, read:

“On the surface, Denver International Airport seems like any other modern airport. It’s new, it’s clean, it’s big, and it’s modern. But some investigators have found more to it than meets the eye. Much more. Claims abound that Denver International was designed and built by the Illuminati as the headquarters for the global genocide that will trigger the New World Order.

An Internet search for “Denver airport conspiracy” reveals that there is a lot of talk about this, and that the specific claims and observations are numerous. Here’s an overview of the basics. According to the conspiracy theorists, Denver already had a fine airport, Stapleton International. But despite widespread protests, Denver International was built and opened in 1995, with fewer runways, thus reducing Denver’s capacity.

Its construction began with five mysterious buildings that were completed and then buried intact, with the cover story that they were “built wrong”. Up to 8 levels of underground facilities are said to exist, and workers who go there refuse to answer questions about what they do. The entire airport is surrounded by a barbed wire guard fence, with the barbed wire angled inward, to keep people in, like a giant prison, not out like at other airports. And if viewed from the air, the runways are revealed to be laid out in the shape of a Nazi swastika. Questions about what the government might be doing in this underground base may have been answered in 2007, when fourteen commercial aircraft reported spontaneously shattered windshields as the presumed result of electromagnetic pulses.

Indoors, the airport gets even stranger. The Illuminati appear to have detailed their plans for global genocide and a New World Order in two large murals. The first depicts a huge Nazi soldier with dead women and children scattered around him [photo bottom left], and the second shows Third World populations dying, a few elite species protected from the apocalypse in sealed containers, and the Mayan symbol for 2012 presiding over all.

In the floor near the murals is written “Au Ag”, the abbreviation for the deadly toxin Australia Antigen, evidently the Illuminati’s weapon of choice to accomplish the genocide. On other places, strange words in an unknown (possibly alien) language are written on the floors (“DZIT DIT GAII” and others). Most telling of all is the granite monument that the airport claims is a time capsule. It’s emblazoned with the symbol of the Freemasons, well known among conspiracy theorists to be a major arm of the Illuminati, and engraved with the words “New World Airport Commission”.

And finally, the Queen of England, another alleged Illuminatus, has been secretly and anonymously buying up the property surrounding the airport.”

Also interesting to note, this report says, is that this entire exercise will be overseen by the “drone army” owned and operated by the University of Colorado who have over the past few years has applied for and obtained over 100 Certificate of Authorization’s (COA) from the US government to fly their pilotless surveillance aircraft for reasons still as yet unknown.

To the most puzzling question in the minds of Russian military analysts, this report concludes, is why the Americans are using Russian airborne troops to be the “protectors” of these vital US intelligence resources instead of the “aggressors” as has always been the case historically. One speculation in this report, however, does note that the scenario to be played out in late May, in Colorado, as planned by the Americans, does, indeed, mirror similar plans of the Russian General Staff of actions to be taken in the case of sudden civil war where “outside forces” would be called upon to protect the government from overthrow by internal forces or armed rebellion by the military.


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  • david

    Why Denver airport? After all the speculation about the muruals, the underground bases etc, and now this? Why would the US govt want to focus on this airport above others? Raises suspicions, this is turning out to be an interesting year….

    • Steve Wands

      Why Denver airport? Cause there is no flooding when you are a mile high dude.

      • Pro-Justice

        Why Denver airport? Sorcha Faal’s outlet has said the same thing as Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura who have talked about the Denver Airport for years now; they have said it’s a giant place for the Illite and where their bunkers are at. And you know the Illite’s enemies will be lured there to their DEATHS!!! :roll:

        Do you really believe Alex Jones or the Illite’s news outlets would tell you the truth about where they’re at? In actually, this is a trap to eliminate those who they hate or feel threatened by. This’s called War Strategy and a Genocide War, and it’s a legitimate way to get rid off their enemies. 😡 So why in late May? I guess after the French election.

        People say it’s a COUP D’ETATE.

        • Spell Check

          I think you’re trying to spell “elite”. Illite is a clay mineral containing potassium and aluminum.

          • John

            Spell Check,

            It’s not Saul Alinsky’s playbook we have to follow. I’ve seen “Illite” spelled this way many times. It’s just that you don’t understand the meaning of this word when it’s spelled that way, the meaning does change. Hey moron, you can call your master anything you want, and they can say anything they want.

          • kenny


        • Pro-Justice

          @ Spell Check:

          I suggest that YOU NEED A BRAIN CHECK rather than a spell check.

          I am talking about people and their ill behavior, and you talk about rocks. :roll: Your definition is nothing more than bullshit.

          Anyone who goes on the internet trying to correct people’s typos or people’s writing style is brain dead. Trying to discredit their rivals is even worse, and we all know that’s a Zionist tactic. :(

          People as well as myself sometimes make typo errors, and readers still know what they mean. There is no need to correct it, so we just let it go and go on.

          The definition of Elite: The best or superior members of a society or group. This word is used by the media outlets, and crooks are less superior than anyone else.

          Spell Check, so how many times have you played this game trying to discredit your rivals (posters)?

        • Pro-Justice

          @ Spell Check:

          I suggest that YOU NEED A BRAIN CHECK rather than a spell check.

          I am talking about people and their “Ill Behavior”, and you talk about rocks. :roll: Your definition is nothing more than bullshit.

          Anyone who goes on the internet trying to correct people’s typos or people’s writing style is brain dead. Trying to discredit their rivals is even worse, and we all know that’s a Zionist tactic. :(

          People as well as myself sometimes make typo errors, and readers still know what they mean. There is no need to correct it, so we just let it go and go on.

          The definition of Elite: The best or superior members of a society or group. This word is used by the media outlets, and crooks are less superior than anyone else.

          Spell Check, so how many times have you played this game trying to discredit your rivals (posters)?

        • Michael

          The Coup D’ETATE took place in November 2008

        • Timothy Lemoine Price

          :( Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s entire family applied for and most of them actually became official citizens of Switzerland effective March 19, 2012. DANGER PEOPLE! There is a REASON WHY! WE HAVE BEEN BETRAYED! They piss off everyone in America with divisive rhetoric and the rest of the world with their CIA / C.F.R. false flag operation green lights for wars then abandon the American citizens to receive the repercussions!

    • Raven.

      Have an open mind when I say this!

      Large U.S internal military movement of armoured tanks and vehicles over the last few months, and exercises within the U.S states of combat troops storming tower blocks. We know all this activity is for urban warfare due to the camouflage colours of the vehicles. Russia has been making an alarming amount of nukes that can go into space along with 5000 underground bunkers for the country’s population. We know with all the information on the internet and exercises that have taken place that the earth is due a change just like it has for many times over the last million years. Therefore the signs are in place for a pole shift! But now I want you to have an open mind when I say what if the world governments are preparing for an invasion of another kind: Don’t laugh, just look for the signs and activity of governments around the world joining forces as a united planetary force working together to protect mankind from an external force. However we view the situation, it’s clear earth is gearing up for an extension level event within months if not weeks.

      • dave richter

        you may be right. the event may be a solar event,the earth’s magnetosphere is crumbling and the ionosphere is damaged as well (haarp,weather manipulation). don’t laugh,but all the pyramids on earth may actually be a defense mechanism for this.there is some info on it,seek and you shall find.

        • Jaden Morgan


          I am sick of shills/morons like you trying to lead people off on a wild goose chase.

  • King Kool

    Boy do I smell a rat. Giving foreign troops US weapons and having them parachute into Federal Buildings and an international airport. If Russia isn’t being set-up I don’t know who is. Is this the excuse to declare martial law??? You know it.

    • http://www.prisonplanet.com AlEinstein

      There is already 300-400 thousand foreign troops in the USA under the UN control. They will be used to take gun and murder Americans who are aware of the Rothschild Mafia’s plan to destroy our manufacturing and food production capabilities. Just as the same zionist scum created the Soviet Union and murdered over 60 million people, they plan to do the same here. Problem is that we are armed, that is why foreign troops are here to resolve that problem. They also plan biological attacks to murder at least half of the population.

      The zionist media does not report what is happening and most Americans are too ignorant to see it. The good news is that it will only take 5% of us to defeat the zionist criminal banksters. The internet censorship bill in congress now is meant to destroy our ability to communicate and organize, also to keep the truth from reaching the brain-dead masses.

      • Peter Orphanides

        What kind of bio-weapons do they plan to employ against us?

        You Wrote: They also plan biological attacks to murder at least half of the population.

  • Defiant

    all I can say is: WTF???

  • lewis Thomason

    They can’t do this because Elvis and JFK are living there. They were moved from the third floor of the White House in 1985 because of security concerns. This story is a red herring designed to cover up the discovery of a super race of bat people living in the Kremlin.

    • david

      hawhahw haw…you a funny man…..

  • Carlos Garcia

    Too bad all of us “tin foil hat” wearers will soon be proven right. Look for Russia/UN/NATO troops (well over half a million already in the U.S.) to come arrest the American people, taking us to FEMA camps, and if we refuse to go, they will shoot us. Meanwhile, the Illuminati/NWO elite (and the criminals in our government) will be safely hiding (like the cowards they are) in that huge underground city under Denver Airport. Yes folkd, 2012 will be a VERY interesting year…for anyone fortunate enough to have survived it to share with any family they may still have left!

  • Roy

    “fourteen commercial aircraft reported spontaneously shattered windshields as the presumed result of electromagnetic pulses.” Ridiculous. Electromagnetic pulses don’t shatter windshields, they burn out circuitry.

    • THaven

      Roy! Finally an intelligent person.

      • My Plastic Brain

        Have a look at


        Aircraft windshields have anti-ice electronic heating elements in them. Also they are largely made from acrylic perspex which, as a type of plastic, could easily melt and weaken when heated, such as when their heating element circuitries burn out from electromagnetic pulses.

        Electromangetic bursts shattering aircraft windscreens is plausible.

        • burned

          Sorry, an EMP doesn’t have that kind of power effect on thin wires in the window or any other old electronic stuff such as old radio tubes as the Russians used in their old Mig planes, relays, transformers etc, it can only destroy electronics such is integrated circuits, micro controllers etc because their traces are nano meters thin.

          • My Plastic Brain

            Lol I only said it was plausible.
            Perhaps EMP can affect the micro-circuitry that controls the amount of power sent to the heating elements in the windows causing massive oversupply and in doing so cause window failure indirectly?
            Just a thought

          • us burn in hell

            sorry Plastic Brain, the length and width of the wires in a heated window is of such resistance you can connect it directly to the voltage available, if 12 V system, the wires are adapted for it, it means you need only a simple stupid relay to connect the power to it.

  • Icon


    III% Organize, Supply up and Train!!! It’s coming. Set up Ham radio and CB comms networks. Set up mapping systems. Set up intel networks.

  • Joe

    Helllll nooooo!!!!!!!!! WE THE PEOPLE MUST CALL OUR REPS AND TELL THEM THAT WE WILL treat this as an INVASION!!!!

  • Jeanette Chennells

    Does this mean I get to screw Russian soldiers? The other white meat? Every hole, boys!

    • shocked

      😐 what kind of comment is that? why would someone think like that about this?>

      • dale

        because she is a whore

  • Scared In America

    I wonder what will happen when “Real Americans” take this a a real invasion and shoot/kill one of these Russian Soldiers.

    • Tom

      What do you bet that these Russian soldiers will have on American uniforms and you’ll never know which ones they are.

  • Allen

    Really? C’mon folks. Has anybody actually checked out this story to make sure that it is true before you go half cocked and freak out? I spoke to a few friends of mine that are in the Army Rangers. Only one of them knows about the article but neither of them has received orders for this so-called drill. They are usually the first ones to know, receive orders and go. Before we all get goofy, check out the story first.

    • BFoot

      What you fail to understand is our special elite forces are not told about missions till hours before they leave. Then they don’t know where they are going till they get airborne or on the ground to where they are going.

    • Mike Mark

      I will tell you this as a fact. I have been speaking to various state representatives about some major contradictions in the laws. they seem to have no idea what laws are being passed or enforced, within their own state. I have stated that these are issues that violate our rights, and have been told “there are mre important things to deal with” Now last time I checked, It was the job of the “representatives” to help protect our
      rights, Not tell me there are more important things.

  • Thankyousoldiers

    Im calling my dad right now.. He is a US Army Soldier & a Mason, this is freaking me out!! Why in the hell is that picture in the airport? And why is the freemason plaque in the airport? Base underneath? WTH!?!?!?!

    • patmac573

      Are you kidding?? It is people just like you that are the problem(Why in the hell is that picture in the airport? And why is the freemason plaque in the airport? Base underneath? WTH!?!?!?!) IF THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THAT YOU ARE HEARING OF THIS =YOU ARE WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY = WAKE UP& GET INFORMED OR DIE !!!

    • wkistler…

      😛 I’m haqppy to hear that someone else knows about the gory picture in the airport. Didn’t any of you see the multi-week documentary on TV that was hosted by the former Governor of Minnesota? It’s nor only the Denver airport but Fort Carson also. Educate yourself people before you throw stones.

  • Nick

    Allen, you are such a fucktard. Of course soldiers in the military don’t know about this. They are soldiers for a corporation, they aren’t meant to know anything or have a mind of their own. Anyone who doesn’t do their research is un-patriotic, you my friend, are among the first to parish along with the rest of the sheeple who call “conspirators” crazy.

  • Anonymous

    So we are using the Russians to test out the defense capabilities of these facilities, so when the population revolts they will know where the weak points are. If you don’t think “the powers that be” are not trying to kill us off, wake up!

  • http://www.eatshitthatisusa,com Styer

    Russans and us troops will help the good guys NOT the illuminati ones.

  • Michael

    :) Call on the Name of Yahushua, Jesus the Christ! Satan is at large and the antichrist will soon be revealed. Keep watch on the Middle East, Damascus, Syria prophecy will soon be fulfilled along with Iran. Israel is the barometer for all who have faith in Jesus to know the times we are in. Watch for the forming of the Palestinian State for this could be the covenant in Daniel! Yahushua, Jesus the Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

    Joh_14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    Rom 8:35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?
    Rom 8:36 As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.
    Rom 8:37 Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.
    Rom 8:38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,
    Rom 8:39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus, Yahushua our Lord.

    May God bless you all!


      😀 AMEN BROTHER!!!!

    • Nebraska ranch hand

      I would normally just by bass this post. But is Obama going to put a blue turbin on his head? That might sound like I am being sarcastic, But I told people that “If Obama gets elected we will see the end of the Dem. party.” I still think that is how it is going to be. and if Obama shows his true colors, I bet that you will not be able to find many people that will admit that they voted for him.

  • charles

    1. Arts department at DIA has confirmed that Native American phrases were incorporated into terazzo floor, and that “dzit dit gaii” is probably a Navajo phrase;

    2. A graduate student in Native American studies at UCLA has confirmed that the phrase means: “dzit” (the mountain) “dit” (that is) “gaii” (white) — the White Mountain, except that the “t’s” in “dzit” and “dit” are actually Navajo consonants formed like an “l” with a diagonal slash through them from top right to lower left.

  • agent jack

    fucking tards. I could post anything and you fucks would accept it as fact.

    • deacon jim

      This whole article needs vetting. If all true, head for the hills. I’ve got a feeling it’s not.

      • Cyan

        I have a feeling the airport closest to the hills will be occupied. 😯

  • bear

    just like the polish troops where not training here the other day

  • Btruth

    So everything is true. They are about to false flag, the civil war will be full of EX military. So they are preparing to combat EVERYONE. Bring in foreign troops just like in the fall of Rome! Gosh damn it this F’N’ sucks beyond all recognition!

    • Nebraska ranch hand

      Anyone remember what one of the last things that “Slick Willy” did before he left office was? He set money back like $170,000,000 or $170,000,000,000 to pay for other countries to come and help stop civil unrest in the Americas.

  • https://sites.google.com/site/ozoneprotocol/ Geronimo551

    Red Dawn ? This has to be bullshit. Airmobile Ops on US fed & civilian targets by Russians ?

    See what happened because the US sold Russia Studebaker ! Good thing they didn’t get Ford and Chrysler as T80 would have a decent turbine motor. Where do they find enough midgets to crew those tanks, anyway ?

    I’d prefer to see the Russians attack London, Paris, or Berlin. Oh, yeah…they already stomped the hell our of Berlin in ’45. Germans will do anything Russia says.

  • ronda brown

    The most troubling is, 911 was originally referred to as practice drill. This is bizarre to say the least. If you’ve ever been to the Denver Airport, there’s no doubt it is creepy, graphic and down right scary with it’s beyond bizarre paintings, etc. The fact that the Illuminati built this, and have depictions of their population reduction plan is very telling. As Lindsay Wms has always said, they believe they must always inform us of their plans. That airport definitely tells their story. One note, The Bilderbergs have announced their mtg this year in Chantilly, Va. one of their favorite spots, May 31-June 3. That leads me to believe this “war game” will not be a false flag, at least
    not just yet!

  • cliff

    There is a secret government that has been in operation within the US. Outside troops are being used because some of our own military and politicians are part of the NWO conspiracy. Secret bases have been building UFO technologies, experimenting with DNA, Hybrids, Super Soldiers etc.. The US never won WWII, a deal was made by the Rothschilds, Queen and Elite families. Even the Fed was set up to rob Americans by keeping them in debt to the Crown. Dont let Patriotism speeches by their cronies fool you, watch Kymatica and Thrive.

  • Joe

    Wolverines!!! Sorry,couldn’t help myself. Denver Airport is creepy but I’ve gotta call BS on this story. If Denver Airport was such a “secret” location for their evil plans why would the gov’t draw so much attention to it by trying something crazy like this? Doesn’t add up.

  • Tony
    • Harold

      Tony, are you like mentally ill or something? Rationalwiki is a worthless piece of crap which makes fun of EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING! Take a look at other pages there, its something similar to Uncyclopedia and Encyclopedia Dramatica wikies. Their language and writing style alone says a lot about them.
      You give that shit as a trustworthy wiki???

    • Chapped

      Sorry dude, this is a true story. Just use a web browser of your choice. The Russians are indeed coming. Unknown if they are going to attack DIA. AND the wierdness of DIA is so unbelievably true. I have stood before that mural, going WTF. Creepy, creepy airport. The design, the letters, the odd little key pad, creepy murals, the red eyed horse statue out front. Fact. Purpose, who knows? Consipiracy soup.

      • Barry Soetoro

        “IF” the Russians are coming, it won’t be before they first annihilate Israel.
        Before the end, ALL NATIONS WILL TURN ON ISRAEL, and they will come from north of her?
        Secondly, “IF” the Ruski’s do come, it will be at our communist aligning government’s blessing, someone such as Obama is right up the alley of putting it all together. Which is why we need to stop talking about revolting and start planning it. There are huge numbers of present and former military awaiting the call.
        Irregardless, it should be, all eyes on Israel and that will be the cue.

  • Monipie

    Well I live about 5 miles from Buckley Air Force Base and about 25 miles from Denver Int’l Airport. I can tell you that last weekend the jets were flying all over the place all day long. Typically you hear them in the morning or once in the late afternoon. I’ve never heard them as active as I did last weekend. And yes that creepy mural is smack dab in the middle of the airport concourse. Creeps me out every time I walk by it. About as much as the blue bronco rearing up with red eyes that you pass as you enter the airport….

    • Chris

      Let’s climb up there with a spike and turn it into a unicorn!!! 😀

  • My Plastic Brain

    Maybe the US has successfully bought Russian politicians and Russia is no longer considered a threat?

    Perhaps this drill, if it’s actually real and not just a hoax, is a joint statement towards a scarily emergent China?

    That’s the trouble with this media driven western culture we live in… How is it possible to tell fact from fiction? We only hear what we want to hear and we wouldn’t recognise the ‘truth’ if it bit us on the ar$e.


    Au Ag – Think about it. You are in Colorado… what goes on in Colorado a lot… MINING. Mining for what? Gold, and Silver! – Read a periodic chart

  • Major Hunt

    there is a defense complex their you ppl have no clue what is taking place in the US if this story is correct we in the Militia will know it

  • B

    You are all idiots. Get a job and read a book.

    • My Plastic Brain

      So dass wir wie Sie sein können?
      Vielleicht sollen Sie Ihre Lohn-Sklave-Fesseln abwerfen und Ihre Unterdrücker auch verspotten…

  • MolotovMickey

    💡 Let’s revolt.

  • julie jones

    This is all about the coming of the anti-christ, WW3, and the rapture folks. read your Bible.

    • Robbie

      You mention 3 things coming:

      1. The anti-christ – yes, this will eventually happen – no doubt.

      2. WW3 – don’t agree. I don’t think there will be a WW3. Question is who are going to fight against who while all major forces in the world are controlled by the same force. There would not be a WW3 for the purpose of world-depopulation. Other methods are in place for world-depopulation.

      3. Rapture. This is an invention of the secret government which used the world council of churches (under illuminati control) to help spread this lie. It also sneaked into the charismatic churches and is a popular thing amongst them. IMPORTANT: why would they want Christians to believe they will be raptured and thereby escape the coming tribulation as outlined in the Bible ? ANSWER: people who believe this will not make any form of provision and preparation to start “unplug” out of the system in order to be less exposed and vulnerable. They will go on as normal and live with the apticipation and hope to be “raptured”. HERE IS THE CATCH: being totally unprepared they will let themselves be microchipped out of desperacy ! And there go millions of “pre-tribulation rapturist believers” willingly for microchip implants. Whoever believe in the rapture, please wake up !

      • Barry Soetoro

        How funny?
        Number one, charismatics are the number one group here in the United States, who are more prepared for tending to their needs in a world crisis than ANY OTHER people group? And prepared, includes, stockpiling of weapons (sometimes equal to that of the government communists.) Secondly, the rapture wasn’t “Created” by any non-existent lizard people, it’s a name given to an event clearly described in scripture by Christ, Paul, and others.
        You claim Jesus’ return is real, yet, you clearly don’t know the bible. And I can assure you of one thing, those charismatics you speak of, will be the LAST people on earth letting some commi-pinko put a chip in them.
        Obviously, you DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! But good luck anyway! See ya’ on the other side!

  • John Slane

    I’m pretty sure that you have thought every major world event in the last 30 years was the coming of the rapture…and yet here we still are.

  • p. draper

    Is this not a treasonous act, letting the enemy know our “secret” sites in the first place!

  • bobby

    I live about 45 mins from denver. i sent this to an army officer i know to verify. if this is bullisht… there will be action.

  • John Cook

    A Global General Strike on May 1st might tell the powers that be to be afraid of us, at least for the moment, if enough people did it in solidarity. The majority of the military would not go against the people so outside forces will of course have to be used. They will try to instill fear into us anyway, we’ve had proof of that since Sept 11th 2001, hell they even shortened it to 9-11.

    • My Plastic Brain

      If everyone refused to pay their rents, mortgages, loans, credit and store cards and utility bills for a month or two the entire economic system would collapse…

  • spinner

    As for those broken windshields, it really did happen. It took the newspapers a little while to get the cause from the National Transportation Safety Board, and that period of uncertainty is when the rumors about electromagnetic weapons germinated. The NTSB confirmed what the mechanics who replaced the windshields were able to tell at a glance: The breaks were caused by flying debris during high winds.


  • Nwadder

    What is eminently more certain is that Hollywood is releasing a remake of Red Dawn this year.

  • AK 907

    Can you say “wolverines” 😡

    • Nebraska ranch hand

      No!!! the Wolverines lost. Did you even watch the movie? They just never left, and that is what will happen. Obama will give everything west of Denver to Russia.

  • http://korz53.wordpress.com/2010/10/15/you-are-what-you-eat-2/ Ser Korz

    ..between May 24 and May 31. (temporary deployed) not stationed. but it is strange do to the US AMD (anti missiles missiles ,[ missiles defense ]) stationing in Europe that Russia is revolting over and still cooperating with US on certain matters. Distrust but cooperation, a veriant to trust and verify ; which the Russians are quoting Reagan also on the U.S. AMDs in Europe’s east that are beeing deployed with no real assurances given to Russia that Russia understands or accepts. Odd; very odd. (but still cooperating with the US) [very interesting}.
    i have read about this Russian training in the US with US military, odd then odd now still.


    “Despite the fact that these claims come from a source who is notorious for making a living out of fooling people into believing bogus stories, Glenn Beck’s The Blaze website carried them without retraction.
    This in turn poisoned the well and led some to believe that the drills themselves, which are completely confirmed and admitted, were a hoax.
    The Department of Defense’s acknowledgment that the exercises as described in the initial media reports are indeed taking place will hopefully put an end to this confusion and allow focus to return to the question of why Russian troops are training to kill “terrorists” on U.S. soil.

  • BS Detector

    So who here is willing to bet everything they own with me that this event will not happen?

  • Hola

    So they are planning on our military to rebel. And then a foreign military would be used to fight our military and disarm the American people? The more I think about that, it seems VERY LIKELY!

  • joe american

    Actually it is training for the coming Zombie Mime Apocalypse. The zombie mimes pretend to eat your brains, and to kill them you just point your finger (as a gun) and say “bang” and they die.

  • WeisseTodt


  • juackhammer

    I have been reading about this Russian Forces coming to the US for yrs,they have probably been here for yrs anyway , A squad of foreign troops is even illegal under the Constitution, AND , it is coming ! , The only place left for real news is right here on the internet and that also may be gone soon,The News Media is already under control by the Socialist Regime , If someone , particularly our US Military Leaders or the whole damn Military doesn’t make a move soon there may be no USA , or your families or children. This is true things about to happen people , you all better get off your asses and quit watching American Idol , because there will be no Idol soon , there is a NWO coming and those in charge, The World Elitists, and if you don’t know who they are by now then it is already too late for you, They do plan to rid a large portion of the US and the world to scale down the population, Those who keep calling us Conspiracy Nuts may soon have their wake up call soon , but it may be too late for them too. You CANNOT have a foreign Military in the US, IT states in the Constitution that this act is tyranny and we must arm ourselves immediately and prepare for war,against the dictatorship whoever it be in office, These elitist have enough cash flow to change the mind of the holiest man on earth , matter of fact they run the world , not these puppets over the last 20 yrs we call presidents. WAKE UP PEOPLE, This isn’t some freakin spy novel,Clinton, 9/11, then Obama, HELLO !!! What is it you don’t want to believe?, You probably still think the Bush Regime was for real too….. They are the ones really who got the ball rolling, they would cut off the heads of your family and not blink , matter of fact they did , what the hell you think 9/11 was ,really ? a bunch of Muslims with box cutters who fooled the greatest military defensed nation in the world?, and two supposed passenger jet crashes and it all caught fire and evaporated , nothing was found looking like any part of a jet at the Pentagon or Pa. WAKE UP !!!

  • Jack Spratt

    The whole idea behind the original story is a load of horse shiite.
    What a bunch of chowder heads.
    Why don’t you nice folks rent “War Of The Worlds”, it’s another way you can scare yourselves.

  • Maki

    AuAg is NOT Autralia Antigen. HBsAg is Australia Antigen that is a marker on the Hepitis B virus. Au is the symbol for gold and Au is silver.

  • Andrew

    The fourteen aricraft windows that shattered were the result of a large hail storm that also delayed many flights in/out of Denver. The “Conspiracy truth-seekers” relly do need to get a life before they go bananas.

  • toyvo

    I have not laughed so long, guys. From Russia with love. =)))))))))

  • Mark

    I live in Denver and several ex-workers that helped build the airport told me of several very very large rooms below the airport with nothing in them and having an entrance of shoulder width but no door. They also said that when they asked what the rooms were for..they were told that they had been built by mistake? WTF? I have flown in and out of DIA around 30 times and something fishy has been going on there for a long long time. Yes the runway story is true about the design. I have seen Haliburton trucks in different areas surrounding the airport..yes the airport has a chain linked fence facing inward and there are several small buildings approximately 5 miles away from DIA with what looks like air ducts coming out of the ground?..surrounded by chain linked barb-wire fences. The murals are totally disgusting and they have painted over some parts of the murals because people were complaining about how grotesque they were and also they were scaring people. One of the murals used to show a city burning in the background but that has been painted over? I remember seeing it the first time and thinking WTF…is this doing in an airport? The NWO stuff in DIA is true..it’s seriously an f’d up airport… you know like when your gut tells you somethings wrong..well lot’s of people that don’t have a clue about DIA have told me they don’t like DIA for some reason but can’t figure it out? Anyway…i’m planning on going to watch the b.s. take place in the area of the airport next week and around the city and giving the military planes flying over the big fat bird…most people in the Denver metro have no f’ing clue about it either…way too odd.

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