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Tens of thousands hold antiwar protests in Germany

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Tens of thousands of protesters have attended rallies in more than 70 cities across Germany to protest against the US-led war in Afghanistan as well as the proliferation of nuclear arms.

Hundreds of protesters also gathered in front of the US embassy in the capital Berlin on Saturday to voice opposition to US policies in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Chanting slogans in support of the Nobel literature laureate Gunter Grass who criticized Israeli policies in the Middle East in his recent poem, the protesters demanded an end to war and violence.

“We are generally protesting an increase of violence, threats of violence and war. Central, it is the situation in Afghanistan and we demand an immediate withdrawal of all German troops from Afghanistan,” Ekkehard Lentz of Bremen Peace Forum said.

Meanwhile, several demonstrations were also held in front of a number of US military bases across the European country.

Protesters also thronged in front of a German military airbase in southwest Germany, which is home to at least 20 US nuclear warheads.

“More weapons are being produced throughout the world and more weapons are being traded than ever before. This indicates that we are to face much more terrible times,” Peter Sturtynski of Federal Committee for Peace Council said.

The traditional Easter marches continue throughout the weekend. Last year, more than 120,000 people joined the protests on the same occasion.


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6 Responses to " Tens of thousands hold antiwar protests in Germany "

  1. JoeW says:

    These people are basically make up the coalition of the Left, the Muslims (see the guy with the head garb), the gays (see the flag), the unions, the Marxists, the Socialists, the Liberals, the Progressives and more importantly: the useful idiots who do not know what they are doing but they are doing it anyway under the false pretense of equality, helping the poor, helping third world countries like Afghanistan where people still live in stone age tribal existence – they can not be helped. Yes I agree with them on one account: the west should leave these countries alone, they can not be helped, only they can help themselves which they will or can not do because they are under the thumbs of dictators either religious or otherwise. In any case the useful idiots (Vladimir Ilych Lenin’s phrase) help the cause of the Marxist Left. This coalition is big. Most people will notice the drastic change for the worse when they are going to be in the situation where ‘everybody is equal but some are more equal than others’ – a.k.a. socialism leading to communism. Essentially this coalition and the useful idiots are into destroying the currently existing form of states to start socialism on the ruins of the old. Take it from me, they tried this over and over and it failed over and over.I have extensive experience living in a communist country during my childhood and adolescence years. Now I live in a country which has been free but the coalition of the Left is working very hard to make it the same what I fled from a few decades ago.

    In addition: the jackasses can not even spell ‘peace’, they spelled it as ‘pace’ which has completely different meaning. This is how smart they are, but they claim they know everything. LOL

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  2. Rick Alexander says:

    Whilst I don’t support the crowd of people who participate in anti-war protests, I do in principle stand against war. The problem with anti-war protesters is that they target governments and it comes across to most people as a form of anarchy. This is a similar situation with Julian Aussange of Wikileaks – in principle I support what he stands for but not the motive behind what he does which is anarchy – get it? Now,having said that I need to explain why I am against war.

    IF you know your history and the truth behind what drove WW1 and WW2, then you will know that the British and their influence through American bankers, yes bankers (the Rothschilds come to mind along with Warburg, JP Morgan and Peabody)were the ones who encouraged Adolf Hitler to go to war against the Soviet Union. It was only when he realised that he was duped that he knew it was all at an end.

    War is a business, and only bankers profit from war. They control the governments and this is no consipracy if you really know your history – and I don’t mean the re-written history, but the real history. If you anti-war protesters really went and did your research you would approach your protests quite differently. Please read The World Order by Eustice Mullins and then go and fight the real people behind the trauma’s that Europe and the rest of the world is going through at the hands of but a few bankers.

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  3. Jack Longchamp says:

    You two guys above obviously have some brains and I would like to say
    I endorse most of what you say with some corrections to the middle part
    of JoeW´s thoughts – communism, no that is behind us but while
    Americans (America being a continent rather than a nation) see every
    system that tries some more social solidarity with the little guys as
    potentially communist, Europeans basically all live in social democracies

    communism doesn´t allow true elections, socialist democracy does.
    Joe, you are obviously traumatized by your experiences – I have travelled
    communist Europe in my youth and seen the police state at work
    so I really do understand you but nobody in Europe really wants Soviet-
    Style communism – this is completely ridiculous to assume.
    Communism was a 19th century German/Jewish idea, not a bad
    one *at the time* – humanism on the rise etc.

    But the Russians made their experience, went through it full throttle
    and paid the price for everybody to see – then gave it up :
    noe that really was a “grand geste”, my respects.
    Now the crux is to find out what is wrong with social democracy –
    the Brits have it, too – it costs lots of money for social programs that
    help the incompetent and Spain/Portugal who were all these years trying
    to get their social solidarity standards up to German/British/French
    standards and failed are now paying the price.

    It is a philosophical question, sure – all those people over here are
    meanwhile brainwashed into believing that social solidarity is “normal”
    or “natural” – well to a certain degree it is but we do have capitalist
    system everywhere – in Russia, in Europe, in the US and even in China.
    So far so good – but capitalism also fucked up big time lately,
    it is not a perfect system either, Rick at least partially explains why.
    What to do ? Every man for himself ? Not possible I think.

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  4. JoeW says:

    Jack Longchamp,

    I agree with many things you are saying. However, you are kidding yourself thinking that communism is dead. In the US, the CPUSA is well and alive thank you. Van Jones, one time Obama cabinet member, has openly said that he was a communist. I do not believe it will be as it was in the Bolshevik Revolution. Now it is an alliance between number of factions. Communism itself would not survive alone. However, the idea is the same, a utopia which based on the ‘redistribution of the wealth’, a straight quote from Karl Marx’s ‘Das Kapital’. Obama, in 2008, used this as part of his platform. He stated it and since I studied 9 semesters of Marxism-Leninism, Political Economy, Socialist Realism, Marxist Philosophy, Dialectic Materialism, etc. during my university studies in my country which was under communist control, I know a little bit about communism and I can smell it 10 miles against wind. Most Americans, and generally the people in western countries are naive since they never experienced communism, so for them the whole thing is mainly an intellectual exercise. However, a small number of the people are activists and they use these naive people (Lenin called them the ‘useful idiots’) for their purpose, just like the way it happened in the Bolshevik Revolution where originally the Bolsheviks had the minority. In Czechoslovakia and Hungary after WWII the communist were a small minority yet they managed to get into power. How? By voter fraud. And how it could happen? The majority of people were never experienced communism and they did not fight with full force against the communists.

    How openly do they have to act in order to convince you? Redistribution of the wealth is based on the notion to take away wealth from most of the people who worked for it and give it to the ones who have less and never worked for it. And by the way it is progressive: at first they go after the big fish and gradually as time goes by they lower the bar – eventually they eliminated the large class of what they called ‘kulaks’, the small farmers with a few hectares of land and force them into collective farms thereby eliminating the expertise to grow food. What was the result, The great famine in the Ukraine whene 10s of millions starved to death. In Soviet Russia the redistribution of the wealth was done by force, In Hitler’s Germany it was done by force (taking first the wealth of the Jews and later others who opposed the regime). Under Obama it is done by taxation. He is using the system itself to achieve the same result. A rather clever and diabolical way. By the way the same is true for the so European so called social democracies.

    I also do not agree with you that capitalism is ‘fucked up lately’ to use your term. What we have now is not capitalism, it is monopolistic capitalism (if you want to use the term ‘capitalism’, I do not) or cronyism where the the government decides who will win and who will lose. That is NOT capitalism. That is what they had in Soviet Russia as well as in Hitler’s Germany. This is the third version of the same thing: stifling the free enterprise based on fair and honest competition. When Obama gives $500+ million to Solyndra, the solar panel manufacturer, and a few weeks later the company goes belly up (by the way the funds also disappeared)), what do you call it? Capitalism? Not in my book. I call it monopoly by the state – which is like the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were. No two ways about it.

    Thirdly you mentioned the elections. I do not know if you follow what is going on in the US but there are wide occurrence of voter fraud. The Democrats do not want ID to be shown so anybody could vote whether he is a citizen or not. In Soviet Union there was only one party and you either voted for that party or not – if not and they found it out, you were in trouble. I know it. So looking at the bigger picture, it does not matter how the fraud is introduced, the bottom line is that the voting process is compromised. An by the way, I call democracy the ‘dictatorship of majority’. This is why the US is not a democracy, it is a constitutional republic. One interesting thing is in the Senate every state has two senators regardless of how big or small the state is.

    AS Joseph Stalin said: “It is enough for the people to know that there was an election. I am not concerned who voted and how they voted. The most important thing is who counts the votes”.

    An yes, looks like everybody is for himself because the law is breaking down and the government of the US (Obama) is pitting the various demographic groups against each other. Have you heard of the ‘divide and conquer’ doctrine by the Romans? Nothing has changed.

    The current western democracies (you call them social democracies) are nothing but another version of communism even if you do not call it communism. They exhibit similar characteristics to communism as well as to Nazism, which is another version of socialism – it is called National Socialism – and it is just the other side of the same coin. Every doctrine have been using the term ‘socialism’, it sounds good but nothing good comes out of it at the end.

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  5. Rick Alexander says:

    Joe and Jack, thanks for your comments. Principally, you are correct. As I suggested in my earlier note to read Eustice Mullins books – He and his family were harrassed by the FBI for 32 years. Eustice died in Feb 2010 and I thought I would pick up on some of his thoughts. So, I went to the Federal Reserve System site (and named some of the bankers such as Rothschild and Warburg etc) at Wikipeadia and edited some facts. Within 30 minutes – I got a warning from Wikipeadia that I was doing ‘edit war’ and if I did it again I would be barred from accessing the site. I just wonder who was protecting the site – some goon from the Federal Reserve who gets paid $80K per year to protect the lies and to subvert the truth. The truth is that we are heading for war and it is the same bankers driving us to it because there is profit in it for them. I feel sorry for all the people in Europe who have suffered under these evil people. And just for the record – the presidents of Russia, America, and most European countries can only stand by and helplessly watch as the banking hordes drive them to war.

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    • JoeW says:


      Thanks for your comment. I agree with everything you said. I would like to add two things: the politicians, in my opinion, are in cahoots with these large banks and bankers and that is why ordinary people, like you and me, can not do much. We are the ones watching helplessly from the sidelines. However, I do not accept the notion that politicians and the leaders are ‘helplessly watching’ what the bankers are doing. They are integral part of the whole conspiracy. One of the largest Obama contributors was Wall Street in 2008 (such as Goldman Sachs). Same for the Bush/Clinton/Bush years. The bankers could not do this without legislative and government support.

      The second thing is that by ‘bankers’, in this context the large banks and bankers are meant (again this is my opinion) who decide the direction we are going to. The small community banks in the past in the US always served a good purpose and stimulated healthy competition. These small banks were always part of the community and they helped the community. Big banks and the government regulation (which is helping the large banks) kill the small banks to eliminate competition. Dozens and dozens of small banks are going out of business every year and the public does not even hear about it. Again, this supports my point that government cronyism is serving the large banks and the government decides who will win and who will lose.

      And speaking of the media: 90% of the media in the US is now controlled by the Obama administration. Free press does not exist anymore and they carry the water for the Obama administration by either feeding blatant lies but mostly half-truths to the public. What I notice is that half-truth is the most dangerous lie. They twist but mostly omit some facts and it seems that they are complying with their journalistic responsibilities, but in reality they are not. The educational institutions (including the one producing our ‘great’ journalists) from kindergarten to universities are in the grip of leftists, Marxists, Progressives and the list goes on. What can one expect when these people get a job in the various media? They become the mouthpiece of the leftist government the US has in place now. Does this remind you Communism and Nazism?

      In my last comment and in this one I provided 3 or 4 characteristics the current socialist western governments and Communism/Nazism have in common. I think mankind is thriving for an ideal and equal society and the crooks are co-opting this noble alas naive and utopistic desire over and over again.

      As George Orwell stated: “During the time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”.

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