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Russia's anti-gay drive takes global turn

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Russia has disassociated itself from the language used in a statement on fundamental human rights and freedoms by the G8 Foreign Ministers Meeting Chair, as the document listed both gays and bisexuals as separate groups.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Sergey Ryabkov told reporters that Russia considers inadmissible any aggressive propaganda and imposing of ways of life and values that could insult the feelings of a significant part of society, under the excuse of protecting the rights of so-called sexual minorities.

The statement of the G8 Foreign Ministers Meeting Chair reads that “the ministers reaffirmed that human rights and fundamental freedoms are the birthright of all individuals, male and female, including lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender individuals”. A remark is included in the document that the Russian Federation disassociates itself from this language, given the absence of any explicit definition or provision relating to such a group or such persons as separate rights holders under international human rights law.

Ryabkov explained that Moscow cannot support attempts to artificially distinguish this category of persons as a separate group which allegedly requires special protection of its rights within the international observation of human rights. He stressed that international law does not have separate norms detailing the protection of people in accordance with their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Russia has started an active campaign against gay propaganda this year – a special law was approved and signed into force in St. Petersburg, prompting a group of parliamentarians to suggest approving a similar law on a nationwide scale. Two people have already been brought to justice in St. Petersburg for displaying a poster reading “being gay is normal” in the street near a kindergarten.

Russian and foreign gay rights communities have subjected the St. Petersburg law to severe criticism, with one activist suing the St. Petersburg MP who defended the bill over damages to his honor and dignity.


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7 Responses to " Russia's anti-gay drive takes global turn "

  1. Rick Alexander says:

    I applaud the people taking their stand against immoral filth. I have nothing against individuals who have a compulsion for taking part in a lifestyle choice of homosexuality but I am really tired at the intolerance that the same minority group shows towards people who simply do not want this sort of societal ‘norm’ to be foisted upon normal heterosexual individuals and families.

    This is the first time I have seen something of decency come out of any movement in Russia.

    All I can say is – keep up the good work for what you believe in but I caution you also – Please understand that homosexuality is something that requires sensitivity and understanding – and that these people simply need love to help them through a difficult period in their lives. I pray thaat Gods grace be with them too and I know that they can find the light if they just turn to Jesus Christ.

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  2. Jack Longchamp says:

    True enough – let them do what they like but not propagate it
    as if homosexuality was the prime form of living (sexually),
    to the point that you have to make excuses for being instinctively
    repulsed by that “gayness” – also they have occupied a good
    old English word that used to be on par with merriness.

    I can understand it but it should by now stop changing human culture
    into something… well I have no idea really what.
    Some say homosexuality can save us from overpopulation,
    many priests are obviously “gay” – it can be confusing.

    The Old Greeks already had that problem and other primates do –
    look at the Bonobo chimps (though with them, it is usually
    just the females being at it ;) –
    but we claim to be intelligent and in some cases, even disciplined.
    We claim to be better, so LET`s !

    On the other hand it isn´t really important for the survival of mankind.
    Why are the Russkies (whom I actually like) making so much out of it ?
    They sure have other things to be frustrated about.

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  3. shadowhand18 says:

    “Rick” You write – “I applaud the people taking their stand against immoral filth”

    Homosexuality is not Immoral, nor is it considered filth. It is only that way to people who lack the knowledge to understand or to see that we are all human no matter what our choices are in life. I have many friends that are homosexual, and in truth they are no more diffrent then a heterosexual individual such as myself, or to those that pass passive aggressive statements about them. The mentality about homosexuals are changing, because many people are opening up and starting to realize that they are just simply human just like the rest of us, and should not be put into a seperate category as if they are foreign in human origin, or categorized as a diffrent specie entirely. (Thats what the protests are about!)

    Many homosexuals rally and protest alot because they just simply wish to have equal rights and just want to be looked at as a simple human being just like everyone else without the judgements, and hate propaganda imposed on them by religious cults, and uneducated individuals who cannot understand. I agree that it takes understanding and sensitivity to understand the homosexual community, but do not ruin that truth by calling them filth or by saying they need help with their difficult life. The reason I say this, is that many homosexual individuals are very happy, and have a great idea at where they want their life to turn, some even more than a heterosexual.

    Religion is one of the biggest problems next to overpopulation we have on this planet. Because of the lack of true spritual teachings, many uneducated people get manipulated into giving up freedoms, starting unprovoked wars on each other because of diffrences, and lack true understanding about homosexuality. Jmmanuel was not divine, nor was his name jesus christ. This was falsely given to him by uneducated individuals who thought that he physically ressurected, turned this into a divine cult, and called him the christ. Many people will come to this fact in the near future, but for now in our present time, this will simply go unnoticed and many will still fight and start wars over the false teachings of religions, and primative illiterate forefathers.

    Love is the key to solving all our problems. Instead of passing judgements, passive aggressive statements, or religious punishment statements, try to understand that the love between any human being, or any other being of creation is the most important lesson for all of us to learn and accept to create a better future for our world and those on worlds we have not discovered…yet! :-D . Goodluck guys!

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    • shadowhand18 says:


      Please disregard all “Typos”

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  4. James Hill says:

    I am loving that someone has the dignity to stand up and protest. So Russia doesn’t like people promoting sucking dicks in their country? I knew there was something I liked about Russia.

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  5. Joh says:

    homosexuals are the leading vector of all communicable diseases. Homosexuality leads to disease and early death – that is a fact, not an opinion or a feeling. Those who promote homosexuality to children are as bad, if not worse, than someone who promotes tobacco use of drug use to children. We need to bring back and enforce the sodomy laws, and make sure that homosexuals are not allowed to publicly act on their suicidal urges, and ESPECIALLY not to promote that suicidal tendency to others.

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  6. Joh says:

    Lack of religion is the leading cause of death in the past 100 years (or more). In the past 100 years, Godless atheists have murdered more than 100 million innocent people are part of “communism”. Anyone that advocates for homosexuality needs to be jailed. They are worse than people who promote drugs or other deadly activities.

    “shadowhand” you are a sick person that belongs in a mental institution, if you don’t die of aids or syphilis first. You should ask God to forgive you for the damage you have caused to other people in your life, and to forgive you for the hatred you feel against the homosexual that raped you and made you into a homosexual. You can get free of the demons that possess you.

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