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Russian destroyer heads for Syrian port

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A Russian ship

A Russian navy destroyer has set out on a planned mission to the Syrian port of Tartus, where it will arrive in a few days, reports say.

According to Russian military officials the warship left its Black Sea base of Sevastopol for the Mediterranean during the weekend and will soon arrive at Syria’s second largest port of Tartus.

Navy officials said that the ship would receive fresh supplies of food and water before carrying out planned exercises maneuvers near the Syrian coast.

“This will be a purely technical port call that is conducted by almost all Russian navy ships conducting exercises in the Mediterranean,” Interfax news agency quoted a senior source in the Russian navy as saying.

The team on board the destroyer will not be leaving the ship while it is docked, the source added.

The Port of Tartus that lies on Syria’s western shores is the only base used by Russia in the Mediterranean Sea.


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