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Russia, Iran set to counter US-Israeli strike against Iran

Taking part in "Noble Dina" US-Israel-Greek drill

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov issued a strong warning against a military attack on Iran Monday, April 2, saying that a pre-emptive strike would violate international law. His comments, made during a visit to Armenia, stopped short of threatening (the US and/or Israel) of consequences. But they backed up and were in tune with the explicit threat from Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei last Thursday of strong Iranian resistance to foreign intervention in Syria and vow to defend Damascus as the “center of resistance against Israel.”

Western military observers link the two statements as representing an evolving Russian-Iranian front. After their shared success in delivering Bashar Assad from the revolt against his regime, the two partners are preparing to fend off a potential strike against Tehran’s nuclear program as well as shore up Iran’s regional interests from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean. They are getting set to counter two US-led steps, disclosed here by debkafile:

1. Although the US-backed Friends of Syria 2, which took place Sunday, April 1, in Istanbul, offered the Syrian Free Army no direct assistance or support, Saudi Arabia and Qatar established an international fund to pay rebel fighters a regular wage. They hope to lure more officers and men into defecting from the army units loyal to Assad.
Moscow and Tehran view this step as Arab intervention in the Syrian conflict.

2. The US, Israel and Greece launched a shadowy air-naval exercise in the Mediterranean Thursday, March 29. Codenamed “Noble Dina,” it appears to range across a broad sweep of sea up to Crete and including the waters off Turkey, Cyprus, and Israel Navy bases in Haifa and Ashdod ports.
None of the participants have admitted the maneuver is taking place, nor given out details. Some sources say it will end April 5, although this is not confirmed.
Russia and Iran appear to be treating the two events as interconnected.
Our military sources infer from the unusually broad area covered by the tripartite air and navy exercise – almost the entire eastern Mediterranean – that it is designed to simulate action in the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Aden.
Western naval sources in Naples disclose that the American, Israeli and Greek fleets are supported by a British Royal Navy flotilla cruising around the Straits of Gibraltar. They also report that the exercise is led by the USS Enterprise Strike Force. As soon as it is over, this aircraft carrier and strike group will head through the Suez Canal to the Red Sea and Persian Gulf, raising the number of US aircraft carriers facing Iran to three.
Those sources also disclose that Israel contributed missile ships, submarines, fighter jets and assault helicopters to the drill.


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  • My Plastic Brain

    The USraelis are much too frightened of China and Russia to dare attack Syria or Iran.

    The USraelis like their victims to be weak and without international support. Like typical bullies they are full of hot air and bluster from a safe distance when challenged by peers.

    The USraelis don’t really know what to do now. They are looking really weak and ineffectual to the world.

  • Jack Longchamp

    Yeah, one never knows – I read in the Asia Times (www.atimes.com)
    that it may just be a hoax, that Israel and Iran after all profit from
    bullying each other, that Bibi Netanyahu is the Israeli Berlusconi
    (who wasn´t really such a Mass Murderer after all) and just wants
    to coax the US-EU into boycotting Iran to a standstill (if that is possible)
    at their own cost.

    Me, I am a fan of nukes – so I say that nukes never hurt anyone except
    the “subhuman” Japanese when the US wanted to test them in a nice
    realistic scenario… so maybe it is just a war of words like the one
    currently running between North K. and Nippon.

    However there are some guys who are really interested in getting
    rid of the entire Iran/Syria chain : that is Saudi Arabia, and the
    Emirates who consider themselves half-Yank anyway.

    Whoever understand the Arabs ? Mind you, the Iranis are no Arabs at all.
    Now the Jews are easy to understand, their philosophy is profit.
    While the Emirates are Washington´s lap-dogs and the Saudis play
    a sinister game, the Iranis and Israelis might threaten each other
    into a healthy fix, a balance of power.

    Washington on the other hand only knows one thing :
    that is doesn´t know how to do anything right, anyway.

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