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Poland confirms existence of secret CIA prison

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Poland confirms existence of secret CIA prison on their territory.

Polish authorities have confirmed the involvement of the Central Intelligence Agency of America (CIA, for its acronym in English) in the launch of a secret detention center on vacant land in Poland.

For years, both countries have denied the existence of such an interrogation center for terrorist suspects between 2002 and 2003, in this Eastern European country.

After a political debate, the Polish Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, confirmed Thursday that the former head of intelligence of the country, Zbigniew Siemiatkowski, is charged with the role of construction of secret prisons in Poland on their territory.

“Poland has become a political casualty of the leak of information by U.S. officials who brought to light aspects of the program of secret investigations,” said the Polish president, then added that “Poland is a democracy where national and international law must be respected.”

The administration of former President George W. Bush and numerous high-level U.S. officials have confirmed the installation of secret prisons on foreign soil since 2002, in order to carry out interrogations to extract information from the so-called “terrorist suspects.”

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