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Obama Regime Suicides Top Diplomat To Cover Up French Massacre

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A shocking Federal Security Services (FSB) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that top French diplomat Richard Descoings was “suicided” by American intelligence agents shortly after he arrived in New York and was due to report to the United Nations that France’s Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence (DCRI) and the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) were “directly responsible” for the massacres in France being blamed on Mohamed Merah.

Richard Descoings [photo 2nd right with Sarkozy] was a senior member of the Conseil d’État which is the body of the French national government that provides the executive branch with legal advice and acts as the administrative court of last resort and was a personal friend of President Nicolas Sarkozy who was found dead, naked, next to a bottle of whisky, antidepressant drugs, and a few condoms, in a Manhattan luxury hotel room on 3 April. Subsequent reports state that blood was coming out of his mouth, and his cell phone was discovered on a lower-floor landing.

Shortly after the Descoings’s body was found on the bed in room 723 at the Michelangelo Hotel, New York Police said that there was no evidence of foul play, despite initial reports suggesting otherwise. “The hotel had checked earlier in the morning at nine, and he was asleep, at one he was found dead,” said deputy New York police commissioner Paul Browne.

Mohamed Merah [photo inset 3rd right] has been blamed by the French government as being the mastermind behind what are called the 2012 Midi-Pyrénées Shootings (also called the Toulouse shootings) that targeted French soldiers and Jewish civilians (including 3 children) [photo bottom], in the cities of Montauban and Toulouse in the Midi-Pyrénées region of France. In total, seven people were murdered, and five others were injured, four seriously. After a 30-hour siege, on 22 March 2012, Merah was shot and killed in a gunfight with the special operations tactical unit of the French National Police, otherwise known as RAID.

This FSB report, however, states that Merah was a “known operative” of the DCRI, a fact known to Descoings who became “highly agitated” upon learning the truth of this “false flag massacre,” and fearing his own complicity in this crime against humanity, made the fateful decision to leave France with the information needed to implicate the top levels of both the French and American governments as being behind these attacks.

Confirming these FSB assertions is the WSWS News Service that reports that the head of the DCRI, Bernard Squarcini, “was obliged to deny persistent reports in the French and Italian press that Merah was an informer for one of his own agents in Toulouse, and that this was why he could avoid detection and arrest until shortly before police killed him on 22 March.”

Squarcini’s denial, the WSWS News Service further reports, is “undermined by the fact that the day after Merah was shot, the police chief told Le Monde that the alleged killer had asked, during the siege, to speak to a Toulouse-based officer in his agency. This agent, understood to be a young woman of North African origin, had debriefed Merah on his return from a two-month visit to Pakistan in November 2011.”

Former French security chief Yves Bonnet told the Toulouse paper La Dépêche du Midi that it was “striking” that Merah seemed to have a DCRI handler: “Having a handler—that is not an innocent thing.

Merah’s half-brother, Rachid Merah, who lives in Algeria, also, told FranceInfo television: “I have no idea of what the media and the politicians are talking about. They say that Mohammed has been in Afghanistan and Pakistan and that he was in contact with Al Qaeda. But I categorically deny it. And I doubt whether he has had any links with Al Qaeda or the Taliban or any terrorist organization in the world. And proof of that is that France killed him before he could speak in court, when they could have caught him alive.”

Rachid Merah’s comments came after similar questions were raised by police experts, such as Claude Prouteau of the Intervention Group of the National Gendarmerie (GIGN), who noted that the special police unit that killed Merah could easily have captured him alive. Instead, the police stormed Merah’s flat and killed him in a hail of nearly 300 bullets. During the siege, Interior Minister Claude Guéant nonetheless asserted that everything would be done to capture Merah alive, so he could stand trial.

To the reason behind the Midi-Pyrénées Shootings, this FSB report asserts, is the upcoming French presidential election, which prior to these massacres Sarkozy was set to lose to his socialist rival François Hollande, but which afterwards vaulted Sarkozy to a near-lead based on his new “law and order” platform and attacks against Muslim immigrants.

The FSB notes in their report that a Hollande presidency is most feared by both the European Union and United States due to his many vows to attack the very foundation of Western capitalism in order to bring it under the control of the people, and where the biggest losers would be the banks who have preyed on the masses of these peoples for decades.

As many nations, and individuals, have learned all too often, the surest way in today’s world to earn a death sentence is to attack the Western banks and those politically elite oligarchs that protect their interests at all costs, most especially the Americans and the French who regard their class status as sacrosanct.

Sadly, Richard Descoings forgot this truth and, like so many other before him, has now paid for it with his life.


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