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Obama Outlaws All Protests In US Ahead Of Historic Banking Collapse

A chilling Ministry of Finance report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the Obama Regime has begun instituting what can only be described as one of the most brutal assaults of human rights and freedoms after it effectively banned all protests against the US government under penalty of the offender being sentenced to 10 years in the American Gulag.

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation is a federal ministry, responsible for general financial policy and for general management in the field of finance of the Russian Federation, and the American Gulag is the name given to the US prison system that holds an unprecedented 2.3 million human beings of whom “…more than 100,000 work in federal and state prison industry programs. This doesn’t mean the usual cooking, cleaning and peeling potatoes, but work that produces products for sale — about $2.4 billion dollars annually and has its own trade shows. UNICOR, the trade name of the government-owned Federal Prison Industries”, creating what is, in fact, the largest slavery system established in modern times by a Western nation.

The specific law signed by Obama, on 8 March, referred to in this report that has raised serious concern among Russian human rights officials is H.R. 347 that passed both houses of the US Congress (Senate and House of Representatives) and was not reported on by any American mainstream media organ being, instead, first reported on by the Russia Today News Service in their 29 February report titled “Goodbye, First Amendment: ‘Trespass Bill’ will make protest illegal”.

One of the few American writers commenting on this frightening new law, Jeanine Molloff, recently wrote in the Huffington Post, “… this bill, better known to those in the DC beltway as the ‘Trespass Bill’ — potentially makes peaceable protest anywhere in the U.S. a federal felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison.”

Molloff further added in her article: “President Obama has claimed the right to declare anyone a ‘terrorist’ or ‘terrorist sympathizer’ based on nothing more than presidential opinion, and order their assassination. No evidence is required — at least that the public can see. We are told to blissfully ‘trust’ our public officials even when they are unworthy of such trust. Now our right to protest, to be disruptive — has been criminalized as a federal felony.”

Important to note are that Molloff’s fears of the ever growing Obama Regime police state are, if anything, understated, and as we can read, in part, read as reported by the WSW News Service yesterday:

“It is hard to conceive of a more profound constitutional violation than the torture of a US citizen on US soil,” wrote lawyers for Jose Padilla in a petition filed Monday with the US Supreme Court. A lawsuit brought by Padilla, who was illegally “disappeared,” imprisoned and tortured by the US government for four years, was thrown out by lower courts on the grounds that the courts have no authority to subject the wartime actions of the executive branch to “judicial scrutiny.”

Padilla’s treatment constituted a test case for the incommunicado detention and torture of US citizens by the military without any judicial process. The Padilla case, as much as any other to date, illustrates the disintegration of democracy in the US and the erection of the legal scaffolding of a police state.

According to the precedent set by the Padilla case, federal authorities and the military may unilaterally abduct, imprison and torture a US citizen, in clear violation of the Bill of Rights, without anyone ever being held accountable. If this can be done to one individual, there is nothing in principle preventing the government from doing it to hundreds or thousands or millions of individuals.”

To what those Americans daring to violate the new H.R. 347 law signed by Obama will be facing, the WSW News Service further detailed and as we can, again, in part, read:

“Padilla’s torture featured the trademark sensory deprivation, sleep prevention, and sadistic round-the-clock abuse associated with Guantanamo, CIA “black sites,” and other torture camps operated by the US government. For ten months, Padilla’s mother was not even informed whether or not he was alive. Padilla’s Supreme Court petition includes a description of his treatment:

“His only human interaction was with interrogators or with guards delivering food through a slot in the door or standing watch when he was allowed to shower. The windows of Mr. Padilla’s cell were blackened. He was alternately subjected to prolonged periods of constant light and complete darkness. He was unable to fulfill his religious obligation to pray five times a day. Removal from his cell entailed additional sensory deprivation, with blackout goggles and sound blocking earphones. All outside information—papers, radio, television—was prohibited, and his Koran was confiscated.

“Mr. Padilla was denied a mattress, blanket, sheet, and pillow, left with only a steel slab upon which to sleep. His efforts at rest were hindered by deliberate banging, glaring artificial light, noxious odors, and extreme temperature variations. Interrogators injected Mr. Padilla with substances represented to be truth serums, shackled him for hours in excruciating “stress” positions, threatened to transfer him to a foreign country or Guantanamo where, he was told, he would be subjected to far worse treatment, and even threatened to kill him.”

In 2007, an expert clinical forensic psychologist determined that there was a “98 percent chance” that Padilla had suffered brain damage as a result of torture during his confinement, and explained that he now exhibits a “strong indication of cognitive impairment.”

Important to note is that even though the US Supreme Court has been asked to rule on Padilla’s case they have not agreed to hear it, meaning, that if they don’t, the horrific precedents set in this case will, in fact, become the “law of the land” allowing any American citizen to be jailed and tortured at will by their government without either charges being filed or any way to defend themselves in Court.

American attorney Glenn Greenwald, the former Constitutional and civil rights litigator and author of three New York Times best selling books, in his most recent column holds little hope for the US Supreme Court allowing the Padilla case to be heard and notes the complicity of the US legal system in helping both the Bush and Obama regimes to establish a totalitarian police state, and as we can, in part, read:

“One of the most amazing statistics of the last decade: not a single War on Terror victim — not one, whether foreign or American — has been permitted to proceed in an American court in an effort to obtain compensation for illegal treatment by the U.S. Government; instead, American courts have unanimously dismissed those cases at the outset, without reaching their substance.

Even when everyone knows and admits that the U.S. Government abducted a totally innocent person and shipped him off to Syria to be tortured, as is true for Arar, American federal judges shut the courthouse door in his face, accepting the claims of the Bush and Obama DOJs that to allow the victim to obtain justice for what was done to him would be to risk the disclosure of vital “state secrets.” They accepted this Kafkaesque secrecy claim even after the Government of Canada published to the world a comprehensive report detailing what happened to Arar.”

[Note: Greenwald’s reference is to Maher Arar, a Canadian citizen who was abducted and tortured by the US government for no reason whatsoever who has since received an official apology from his nations Prime Minister and was awarded $9 million in compensation by Canada.]

To the reason(s) behind this unprecedented crackdown on the freedoms of the American people, this Finance Ministry report says, lies in the fears of the Obama Regime to coming historic collapse of the entire global banking system and the associated upheavals and chaos it will cause to the elite ruling classes of the Western world.

Not being reported to these Western peoples about this coming banking collapse by their mainstream media organs is its cause lying in over $230 Trillion in what are called derivatives due to be paid out upon the economic collapse of the European Union and/or the United States, which equals, mind you, approximately 3 times the entire world economy, but that no government in world has the money to pay for.

The worst offenders of this historic banking collapse are, by far, the top 25 American banks which according to the 31 December 2011 report for the 4th quarter listed their combined assets at nearly $8.7 Trillion, but their combined derivative exposure at over $230 Trillion.

So dire has the situation regarding the global banking system become, this report concludes, is that in the last 6 months alone, 611 of the top bankers in the West have resigned their offices and went into hiding while at the same time the “insider selling” of American stocks by their elite classes has reached levels not seen in over 10 years.

The famous US civil rights leader Malcolm X [1925-1965] once warned the American people, “If you’re not careful the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” Sadly, his words have not been heeded, and as the United States falls ever deeper into tyranny one, indeed, wonders when, or even if, these once great people will ever awaken before all is lost.


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  • bowla

    H.R. 347: Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011
    112th Congress, 2011–2012
    To correct and simplify the drafting of section 1752 (relating to restricted buildings or grounds) of title 18, United States Code.
    Introduced:Jan 19, 2011Sponsor:Rep. Thomas Rooney [R-FL16]Status: Signed by the President

  • My Plastic Brain

    Sadly, the majority of American and European people will not wake up to their oppression or the rape of their economies until the effects of it actually impact upon them. Unfortunately, by that time it will be too late to do anything about it.

    Need a rationale for why western governments are busy legislating themselves totalitarian powers to control all? THEY know a huge economic crash and subsequent civil unrest is coming, whilst those they are supposed to represent are deliberately held cocooned in an everything-is-fine-and-dandy media illusion.

    Western standards of living have risen dramically since the end of WW2 to the point where the vast majority live in relative safety and comfort, albeit heavily in financial debt to achieve it. That majority will, like water, take the easiest path to retain their self-interested comfortable bubbles and will actively fight against anyone who dares to try to rock the boat with the truth of their situation.

    Look to the protests in Greece and Spain for examples of how people needed the tangible impact of austerity measures upon their daily lives to actually attempt to do anything about it.

    Now it is too late for them.

    Western populations have been successfully conditioned to be timid, self-interested and politically lazy, and only the direct impact of unavoidable impoverishment will motivate them now.

    • Chris

      Well said sir. Well said.

    • Philippino Bob

      @My plastic brain
      Absolutely true!
      It is already too late!

  • Lewis Thomason

    This article is complete BS. The only thing that this bill does is clarify who has jurisdiction over trespassing on government property. Example; someone jumps over the fence at the White House. The secret service now has jurisdiction instead of the DC police force. Any other interpertation is total paranoid conspiracy

    • Fail Lewis

      wrong…it doesn’t have to be gov’t property anymore…as long as there is a secret service agent assigned, it could be anywhere in the united states, not just gov’t property…

  • RenaVA

    @Lewis, obviously you can not read too well. The president and congress all receive Secret Service protection. This law even states that a person can be arrested for even planning to protest or impede official government business.

    1. H.R. 347 Section 1752(a)(4). “…or attempts or conspires to do so shall be punishable as provided in subsection (b). Which happens to be 10 years.

    2. H.R. 347 Section 1752(c)(2) “…protected by the Secret Service…means any person protected by the Secret Service.”

    So why don’t you bother to READ the damn thing before making remarks!

  • Jean-Francois Morf

    “derivative exposure at over $230 Trillion”?
    They have no other choice then to manipulate the stock market (50 trillion) and the bond market (50 trillion) in order to not loose 230 trillion!
    Their tens of thousands bank payed analysts write, only for the bank CEO, millions of pages of “chances and forces” and millions of pages of “risk and weaknesses”.
    Medias have not the billions for engaging thousands financial analysts, so they take what the banks CEO give to them!
    By publishing only the first or only the second, the bank CEO can fully manipulate the medias!

  • King Artur

    ‘Tis the time for action… jest not or tally

  • http://westernfrontamerica.com Thor H. Asgardson


    Welcome to the Jewish police state; welcome to 1984.

  • Big Don

    What are they complaining about? They should have all been shot as traitors or invading enemies……!!

  • Kevin

    Ok, well there’s just one little problem. It’s called the Constitution of the United States. The supreme law of the land. Any legislation passed which is in violation of the Constitution IS null and void. Only by accepting the legislation as law does it become law. IF the population were to stand up and show the scum that they DO NOT rule us and they are merely SERVANTS, that we refuse to accept any unconstitutional laws, THEN we take power away from them.

    Accepting it only gives them permission to keep doing this crap.

  • larry

    Unfortunatly the american people have become so complacent they will do nothing about it except whine when its too late.

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