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Obama Orders Press Blackout After US Credit Rating Cut

A shattering report from RIA Novosti’s Washington D.C. bureau appears to prove that the mainstream press in America has become nothing more than a propaganda arm of the Obama regime when during a White House news briefing this past week they were effectively ordered not to report on this past weeks credit rating cut of US government debt.

The Russian International News Agency (RIA Novosti) is a Russian state-owned news agency based in the capital Moscow whose clients include the presidential administration, Russian government, Federation Council, State Duma, leading ministries and government departments, administrations of Russian regions, representatives of Russian and foreign business communities, diplomatic missions, and public organizations.

The White House news briefing referred to in this report occurred this past Thursday (5 April) when Obama regime officials were queried about the latest shock downgrade of the United States credit rating stating that to the American people this critical event should be kept in the category of a “non-story” so as not to confuse and/or shock them.

Most surprisingly, this report continues, the mainstream US news media, including their most important television networks and major newspapers, dutifully followed the directives of the Obama regime and failed to uniformly inform the American people of this momentous event.

Credit rating agency Egan Jones (EJR) downgraded the United States Thursday on concern over the sustainability of public debt. Egan Jones is one of the most important ratings firms in the world; they lowered the US credit level from AA+ to AA. The firm reduced the US from AAA to AA+ in July 2011, just before Standard & Poor’s did the same.

Egan Jones further warned: “Without some structural changes soon, restoring credit quality will become increasingly difficult… without some structural changes soon, restoring credit quality will become increasingly difficult.” They added that there was a 1.2% probability of US default in the next 12 months. The company cited the fact that the US’s total debt, which now equals its total GDP, is rising and soon will eclipse the national GDP; the company sees the debt rising to 112% of the GDP by 2014.

So dire have economic conditions become in the United States that American freelance alternative press online columnist Allen Roland stated to Press TV this past week that the United States is experiencing a deep depression and cited the following facts:

“Reality is finally coming to the surface. The stock market is not the American economy. Eighty percent of the stock market is basically high frequency trading of the big boys playing games with their money.

And 61 percent of the American debt is being bought by, guess who? The Fed (US Federal Reserve Bank) – So we’re printing money. So let me give you the raw economic numbers, which basically what this is telling us – raw economic numbers about the American economy:

38 percent of all Americans are either considered to be low income or living in poverty; 57 percent of all children in the US are living in homes that are either considered to be low income or impoverished; the average amount of time a worker stays employed in the US is now over 40 weeks and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 16.6 million Americans were self-employed in 2006; today that number is 14.5 million.”

Most astounding to note in these horrible statistics about the US economy are that they are apparently welcomed by Obama who yesterday stated about the weekly jobs report: “We welcome today’s news that our businesses created another 121,000 jobs last month, and the unemployment rate ticked down…”

Failing to be mentioned by Obama, or his propaganda mainstream press corps lap-dogs, was that the only reason the US unemployment rate was able to be tagged lower was due to the record number of 88 million Americans dropping out of the work force because there are no jobs for them.

To how the Obama regime is really dealing with the catastrophic rate of unemployment, aside from keeping the American media from telling the truth, appears to be through mass arrests of those who dare to protest, and as of 29 March showed nearly 7,000 US citizens jailed for protesting in at least 113 separate cities.

Even worse, new reports from the United States are further warning that a new wave of home foreclosures is underway that will rival the upheaval seen by those who lived through the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

To how the Obama regime will deal with future instability caused by unprecedented economic dislocation and chaos Americans are being warned that their police forces have now adopted Israeli techniques which, in essence, labels all protesters as terrorists while at the same time the US Department of Homeland Security is still refusing to say why they ordered 450 million rounds of ammunition.

One of the rare exceptions to those American media organizations doing lap-dog service for the Obama regime is the highly respected lawyer and New York Times best selling author Glenn Greenwald who in his latest article in Salon Magazine writes: “The uncritical relationship and overlapping functions of government officials and establishment media organs are more severe than ever.”

Most sadly in all of these events, the once great United States, whose press freedoms were once legendary, has been placed at No. 47 on the world’s press freedom index by the internationally respected Reporters Without Borders (RSF) organization in a stunning move reflecting how deprived of real truth the American people truly are.

The great American Founding Father Thomas Jefferson once warned his fellow citizens, “Our liberty cannot be guarded but by the freedom of the press, nor that be limited without danger of losing it.”

With that warning going unheeded, however, the quote of the great American author Mark Twain seems to be the more appropriate one to use for this American generation, “There are laws to protect the freedom of the press’s speech, but none that are worth anything to protect the people from the press.”


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  • ashley

    OBAMA is a dumb ass black man that dont know is ass from his head and this retard is running our country and for all u voting for him yall all can just go to hell with the rest of us cause that is where OBAMA is leading us THIS COUNTRY IS SCREWED !!!!!

    • Cornelius

      Who’s dumb…Obama or the voters who put him in the White House?

      • Pro Justice

        Voters did not and can not control the Electronic voting machines. No U.S. Presidents has controlled the massive media/press.

        Who’s dumb? or CUI BONO? :roll: Should we ask the electronic machines or maybe you should ask the controlling mass media and billionaire backers (George Soros, Google, Hollywood….) who financed obama’s campaign.

        Since 2008 election, the entire voting system was converted to electronic voting. :(

        Cui Bono? In politics there is a golden rule for understanding what may be the driving force behind unexpected mysterious events. This rule is known as ‘Cui Bono’, which is Latin for: ‘who benefits?’

        Cui Bono definition:

      • ashley

        who’s dumb? if your asking me both Obama and the voters who voted for… him

    • Nexus789

      It does not matter who you vote for in the US. They are all front men for the shadowy unelected figures that really pull the strings. Obama is merely another front man.

    • Lowell

      Obama being a black man has absolutely nothing to do with this issue. To put your comment in such an ignorant tone makes the rest of us look like imbeciles. Please keep your comments informed and intelligible if you really want to incite others to get involved and push for real change and real liberty. I appreciate your emotion in regard to this and it makes me angry as well. Next time please set aside your feelings and comment with a thoroughly mindful response.

  • Shadowhand18

    This country is screwed because of Like minded people such as yourself who cannot move past racial hate, and lack of knowledge. Never in the history of the United states has a President been so disrespected as President Obama. Where were you when the Bush administration lead us down the path of debt we are in now? Where were you when the Reagan administration were the catalyst for the wars set in motion today based on his wicked Idea that american needed to become the best in the world based on military power instead of peace and respect for other countries?

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but learn to show respect, learn to lose whatever racial hate propaganda you are experiencing in your life for our President. Goodluck to you in the future. Oh and by the way hell does not exist, that is merely a statement of mind that mankind has allowed to form itself into many occults called religion.

    • Jack Longchamp

      And it was the religious Bush admin that laid the groundwork
      for press (self-) censorship under the ruse of “patriotism”.
      It was a step back into the past before the nation calles
      the US was founded… Ben Franklin & Co would have vomited
      all over the place had they seen what happened after 9/11.

      They however would at least feel nausea if they looked at
      what is happening today.
      Criticising Obama should not be taboo but it shouldn´t be
      primitive either. I do agree with the sentence
      “This country is screwed” – the EU is screwed as well,
      and what about the rest ?

    • ashley

      ok so do you think obama cares about you or any other american well what about the obama adm. debating on our own military taking over our country and putting martial law in place its coming rather you belive it or not obama is a muslim for long it will be forced upon us all and by the way im not racist i have kenfolk that is mix 😀

      • Nexus789

        The many laws and presidential orders that form the foundation for suppressing individual rights and freedoms were put in place a long time before Obama was elected.

        As I wrote in the other comment it matters not one jot who you elect. Democracy has been totally subverted in the US. The electoral process is a charade, an illusion, etc, and there is no ‘will of the people’.

        • ashley

          i agree whatever is gonna happen is all up to the governments and the (futher muckers) 😀 are all evil

    • J.R.

      Obummer did this to himself he has lied to the american people he himself is an Illegal has hidden his records foney Brith cert hell no I dont respect him or what he stand for he is a commie period

  • Jean-Francois Morf

    The FED can anytime buy every debts of whole USA: substituting bond papers, that cost interest rate to governments, by USD notes, that are also a debt recognition, but does not cost any interest rate to the government!
    But USD notes are not simply a debt recognition, waiting to be exchanged against goods: USD notes are simultaneously a bearer share on USA incorporation, that reacts very slowly to massive capital increase!
    2008-2012: FED tripled monetary base, but USA prices did not triple!
    Total England debt is 9 GDP, pass it on!

  • Richard DiIoia

    I will check Fox News, as they are the best media source that we have. Surely, they commented upon this – unless Obama excluded them from briefings.

    It’s time we wake up here in the US and realize that our “great, wonderful” president has sold us out to Socialism. In short, Slavery.

    Keep watching Europe. You can see where this is going. That is, if Obama doesn’t censor those stories as well.

    • Nexus789

      Fox News is really a propaganda channel spewing out a series of idiot and meaningless infomercials as a form of subliminal brainwashing.

      American’s generally have no idea what ‘socialism’ means. No idea whatsoever. The US has become a ‘Corporatocracy’ which means the is an unhealthy coming together of business and the body politic and the State’s resources are hijacked by a narrow elite in terms of low taxes for the rich, repeal of worker rights, destruction of health and welfare, elimination of pollution controls, etc. It is most certainly the deliberate destruction and impoverishment of the US (specifically the Middle and Working class) but it is most definitely NOT socialism.

      Maybe if the US had embraced socialism you would have a better outcome historically. Socialism has a number of definitions but what it boils down to is having the State and it institutions operate to benefit ALL groups in society. Hardly slavery and in fact highly enlightened.

  • Choo Hader

    Anyone heard of Operation Mockingbird?

    Anyone know all the Nazi propagandists and were brought to USSA after WWII and used in MK Ultra?

    Anyone notice how cleverly the media uses these techniques to make people buy into the Statists’ agenda?

    “We will destroy the Proletariat with taxation and inflation” – Lenin

  • shadowhand18

    In your previous post “Ashley” You wrote
    -“Obama is a dumb ass black man” Why couldn’t he have just been a dumb ass man in your opinion? This is what I mean by racial hate, and racial hate propaganda and the US mainstream media is full of it, (Especially Fox News!)
    I do not wish to argue because it is irrelevant, but understand that President Obama is currently the best choice we have at the moment at putting the mess left behind by the Bush administration in order.

    “Richard” you wrote
    -“It’s time we wake up here in the US and realize that our “great, wonderful” president has sold us out to Socialism. In short, Slavery.”

    Do you even know what Socialism means? Many people such as yourself here in the U.S constantly yell that Socialism is evil, and that it will destroy America. Here is the definition to Socialism:

    Socialism – a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.

    if implemented here, this would mean the control of production (Goods, electronics, food, etc..) in the community as a whole would be THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES (people like me and you). If socialism was implemented in the U.S, we would not have to heavily depend on the corrupt government officials to take more of our money, or lie to its people. Europe as well as other places is a socialist country, and yet they have FREE healthcare, Planned parenthood, and other programs that is helpful to its citizens FREE of charge and would be beneficial if implemented here in the U.S.

    Communism hasn’t been working for us at all. The ignorance of our elected officals export all the jobs over seas, and has not left any here for its people to make a living. You speak of slavery, but yet the U.S has other places like China for example making I-phones/I-pads where the workers get paid slave labor, so we can then take those products and sell them for hundreds and then take credit for those products like America produced them and made them all by ourselves……don’t you think thats slavery to other countries?

    While I understand the intent in your words, just understand that Socialism is not evil by any means, and if you think fox news is the best news coverage we have, then you are sadly mistaken my friend. If you want to find better news coverage, you’re better off finding that on your own.

    Both the democratic party and republican party are one in the same, being that both sides have individuals in power that lack knowledge, but wouldn’t you keep someone in the white house who is helping recover from an 8 year mess left behind by someone who severly lacked knowledge in running the country? Many of you complain about Obama like nothing is changing. I ask you, who would you put in the office to better run this country?

    Rick Santorum – A man who wants to put the country back to slave times where women only sat bare foot and pregnant in the kitchen, and get manipulated into servitude based on cultists religions, while forcing your 10-17yr old daughters to keep a rapists baby if she gets forcibly raped without your knowledge?

    Newt Gingrich – A man who constantly yells at others for commiting adultery, while committing it himself proving that he is a hypocrite and can’t be trusted, and has no real agenda in making the country better?

    Mitt Romney – A man who cannot make up his mind on what view he has, a man who believes in certain views but change them when others disagree or ask how he plans to obtain his goals, but will say anything just to get votes bringing more confusion to the country?

    Ron Paul – A man who says everything we are saying to better this country, but repeating it to us as if we did not say them first, only to prove that he can get into office based on the manipulation of the american citizen’s concerns and worries?

    If you want to put any of these individuals in office, then you are wishing for this country to get worst and not better. Oh and one more little thing:

    1. If you take Food Stamps or any other government assistance such as medicare or SOCIAL security YOU SUPPORT SOCIALISM

    2. If you want FREE healthcare, or planned parenthood where you plan for your child to grow up healthy and strong and learn to be a better parent, and to seek knowledge about the safety of sexual intercourse YOU SUPPORT SOCIALISM

    3. If you want marijuana to be legalized for everyone where you can sit and share stories with your friends and loved ones YOU SUPPORT SOCIALISM

    4. If you believe that the government should stay out of your life,should not have decision making power in your personal choices and that everyone should be treated equally no matter of race or gender YOU SUPPORT SOCIALISM

    5. If you wish for the Internet to stay free, were you can talk to friends, download anything you like and share files to anyone you know and love YOU SUPPORT SOCIALISM

    Please understand that it is not a bad term, it just simply means the power is within us to choose what is best for ourselves, and our country on a system where sharing is the core component in sharing knowledge, love, wealth, and wisdom amonst everyone without war and violence. Good luck guys and remember that we are all in this together, so do your research and don’t let hate filled Propaganda T.V decide your fate for you.

    • Ashley

      first of all you dont know me enough to say that im full of racial hate OK i am happily married to a black man with two children by him and second of all Obama IS a DUMB ASS BLACK man in my opinion he makes god look shitty and he is a muslim he did admit it he is shutting our freedom down rather we be black.white.red or brown he keeps saying that he can help our economy but do you see it getting any better i mean come on now 4-5 dollars per gallon of gass so in my mind this country is screwed and everyone in it is too and that includes you to honey so be prepared cause Obama ain’t helping us at all infact he is trying to fuck us up as much as possible because he is racist in a religious way so have a nice day 😀 😀

      • Shadowhand18

        Let me help you comprehend what I am trying to say to you. Anytime you criticize anyone based on race or you point out a flaw based on just racial profiling it is a form of racial hate, racial propaganda, racial stereotype, or racial prejudice. I did not say you are full of hate, I just said that you are experiencing a form of racial hate propaganda and that mentality needs to change.

        You cannot say for example “Obama is a stupid ass black man” or “Black people only eat Chicken and Waffles” and expect it not to point towards racists propaganda, or a form of racism and this is vice versa for the caucasian race, native american race, or any other.

        You have the freedom to say whatever you wish, but just show respect towards YOUR president, and your fellow being of mankind that’s all I was saying. Even though I did not agree with our previous presidents, you must always show respect.

        Second, Why is everyone blaming everything on Obama?! Did he start the wars in Afghanistan? Did he put the country in tremendous debt 8 years ago? In truth many presidents has and have their flaws, but IT IS THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES that need to change their mentality if they wish this country to be better!

        Many are still divided over race, many lack knowledge they need to help them make sure they keep war mongers out of office to take away their freedoms, and many are still divided over cultists religions when they fail to realize they ARE ALL false in their teachings.

        I can understand and see Ashley that you are a nice person, and that you care about the well being of this country, but you just lack knowledge in certain areas, and that you are not as informed on things like many others here in America. Things will get better and things will change in our future, but first like the rest here in America, learn to see behind the wall and not the never ending lies scribbled on it.

  • Allieratt

    I find it interesting that the ones here posting the most hateful and angry comments display very poor grammer and literary skills…

    • ashley

      And why does it matter? It’s not like we are writting a book :roll:

  • Kel

    Lets all speak about the article, and keep it on that issue… Where is all this leading for the US anyway. I wonder…. What is going on with our government and when is it time to do something about it?

  • ashley

    this is my last comment and all i want to say is to the people out ther that has lost a loved one due to fighting for this country i deeply am sorry for the pain and suffering yall have to go through and if it were one of my loved ones i would be one mad m-efer this country is worthless and damn sure ait worth a life thanks to all and GOD BLESS AMERICA AND HAVE MERCY ON HER TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • whozit

      ashley says:
      11/04/2012 at 6:38 am
      this is my last comment


  • Shadowhand18

    America is not a bad place, its just that its ruled by uneducated, greed filled, corrupt power hungry religious warmongers, while the people lack the knowledge to identify who is trying to keep them in freedom choosing slavery, and who is actually trying to help them get out of it. Throw in the fact the mainstream media is controlled by greedy power hungry corporations who distort the truth, and people who get manipulated based on their religious beliefs, then you have a country, and a world filled with issues that seem like there is no end.

    Our world can change, and it will change, but I say this to everyone no matter of race, gender, beliefs, age level, or intellect:

    Learn to love one another regardless of your different beliefs,financial status, or racial backgrounds.

    Learn to Identify truth from untruths, hate from criticism, and war from peace.

    Learn to educate yourself in only the truth, and learn to disregard all who wishes to spread hate in your life instead of love, peace, and wisdom. I am not trying to sound like a prophet or anything, but by us all learning this, we can start the process of this world turning into the loving planet we all wish for it to be. Many of us have loved ones that have past, and loved ones who are still with us, but we must teach them the right way to better this world, so that our future generations can continue the knowledge of peace and wisdom (Our Children).

    Please understand that we are all one in the same, we are all connected, so when one of us is affected, we are all affected. Many comment on forums around the world with hate filled comments, please understand that if you want things to change, speak about positive things, and educated ideas to further help instead of destroy.

    We all learn by making mistakes (I myself have made plenty) thats how we become stronger, but continuing the hate of primative times has to come to an end, and now is the time to begin.
    Good luck guys, and see ya around! 😀

  • Rick Alexander

    Shadowhand18, What you are saying is correct, and I just want to add; The President is a puppet (though he can resist he knows it is politically savvy to agree with) at the hands of the puppetmasters. Who are these guys? Well let me give you a challenge to disclose the hand of those behind the scenes masters. Have you ever tried to ‘publish’ the truth only to find that there is real censorship already in place? Please type in “Federal Reserve System Wikipaedia” into your search engine. Go into the Federal Reserve System wiki site to the front page
    and select ‘edit’ to the first paragraph. Then when they talk about how the Fed was set up in 1913 – add the following text “Accompanying Senator Aldrich to Jekyll Island where the Federal Reserve Act was drafted were his private secretary, Shelton; A. Piatt Andrew, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, and Special Assistant of the National Monetary Commission; Frank Vanderlip, president of the National City Bank of New York, Henry P. Davison, senior partner of J.P. Morgan Company, and generally regarded as Morgan’s personal emissary; and Charles D. Norton, president of the Morgan-dominated First National Bank of New York. Joining the group just before the train left the station were Benjamin Strong, also known as a lieutenant of J.P. Morgan; and Paul Warburg, a recent immigrant from Germany who had joined the banking house of Kuhn, Loeb” After you make the change save the changes to your computer (print the wiki page) and I guarantee you that within about an hour you go back in and you will find that your edit was deleted and reverted back to the original text. Guess who is monitoring Wicki site regarding the Fedeal Reserve? None other than the some goon working for the bankers at the Fed. If you want to make it even more inflamatory – add the following “The real mastermind behind the establishment of the Federal Reserve System Act was none other than ‘Lord’ Baron Alfred Rothschild of London”. If you have any difficulty believing me then answer this question – Who controls the price of Gold each day and publishes the price per ounce? None other than the bankers from the House of Rothschild in London. Check it out and that is the truth. I am really thankful that I can actually publish this stuff in the EU Times as there is no censorship, but how long will this freedom last? I hope it never gets taken away. I could not do this in Australia and I know that no citizen of America could publish this stuff that I have just written.

  • RES

    America is 15 trillion in debt and counting. Egan Jones is correct. Yet Obama and all the politicians seem to ignore that this is America’s number one problem. We are spending billions on a war this is useless and makes no logical sense. Welfare, unemployment, social security and health care costs will take us down. YET, Obama will sadly be reelected because most American’s are now on the take feeling the need to do nothing waiting for their government handout. We are truely witnessing the downfall of the USA.

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