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Massive Radioactive Wave from Japan Approacing US West Coast

Over the last year the threat of radiation hitting the United States from the Fukushima nuclear disaster has gone from a conspiracy theory, to a possibility, to a flat out fact.

Now, scientists with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute have confirmed that a wave of highly radioactive waste is headed directly for the US west coast.

In a segment on the Big Picture with Thom Hartmann, Kevin Kamps, of the group Beyond Nuclear, joined the show to discuss the dangers of radiation in Japan, the United States, and the world.

Last year, at the behest of the United States, TEPCO intentionally released 3 million gallons of radioactive waste into the Pacific ocean and now the world is set to experience the consequences of this disastrous decision.

Here in the United States, the EPA and other corrupt federal agencies, are literally ignoring the danger posed by the radioactive waste.

In fact, during the first few months of the multiple Fukushima meltdowns, the NRC intentionally mislead the public by covering up the dangers posed by radiation released from Japan.

Sadly, corporate interests and nuclear apologists in Japan and the United States continue to push for more nuclear power plants while ignoring the dangers to the entire world.

In Florida, Progress Energy is pushing forward with a plan to build two new nuclear power plants at a time when the public is largely against this dangerous, possible civilization ending technology.

“Progress Energy, like a giant stone juggernaut, is trying to steamroll over Florida residents by building two new nuclear power plants in Levy County despite the recent Fukushima disaster, warnings from environmentalists that the strain on the aquifer and the environment will be too great, and local residents who are ‘ just saying no’, wrote Tony Muga.

What leaves many Floridians scratching their heads is the fact that after the Three Mile Island meltdown, the Simi Valley meltdown, the Chernobyl meltdown, the ongoing Fukushima meltdown, the ‘effluents’ (radioactive discharge) that ALL plants are allowed, the countless tritium leaks at plants across the nation, anyone would even consider building another nuclear plant ever again.”

The people of the world must stand up in mass and DEMAND the immediate suspension of any new nuclear power plants as well as full scale independent tests of all operational nuclear plants worldwide.


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  • Pro-Justice

    Rejecting nuclear energy is nothing more than pure propaganda. It sounds like a typical SCARE TACTIC to convince people (mainly the British and the U.S.) to avoiding nuclear energy sources because of radiation. :roll: So oil fields are the only answer.

    And the middle east is the obvious place to get oil. Because oil is the engine that keeps the economy running.

    The media’s objectives are: :roll:

    1. Democrat Obama to win again since he can not run for a 3rd term, so anything goes. War will be on the horizon.

    2. Democrat Hillary Clinton will be his next vice president (not Joe Biden/the current VP, I believe he knows his place.)

    3. Sarkozy (France) will win another term. The elite considers him to be a highly valuable player at this time. And after WWIII, Nicolas Sarkozy may become the last world ruler.

    The U.S has many nuclear power plants for many years, and everything has been under control. So why is it that all of a sudden they are unable to control them? :(

    Nuclear facilities can be built to survive anything, including a 10.0 earthquake. They can be shut down and contained using fail-safe devices, and must be built by trustworthy specialists. 😀

    The British refuses to learn from history, the British. :(

    And the U.S has enough oil to last the next 200 years as the experts have said, so we don’t need to go to war. 😀

    • Gene

      Whistling past the graveyard, homie.
      And you should buy a Geiger counter to check that theory of yours before you bet your ass on it.

    • impartation1


      do yourself a favor and get in touch with REALITY.You float on WISHFUL THINKING.Get into a physics course (not “PHYSICAL COURSE”) and LEARN the FACTS about NUCLEAR ENERGY and nuclear plants.

    • Pro-Justice

      “The Big Picture” with liberal Thom Hartmann and the comment of the internet trolls (Warmongers) are nothing more than “The Big Picture of Small Minded People for … “Big Hidden Agenda and Big Profit”, period. :roll:

      So what do they think WW3 is about? Well, these idiots are afraid to tell you the truth. IT IS ABOUT NUCLEAR THERMAL WAR, but it’s only 1000 times worse than just radiation. Perhaps, they are the ones who should take some science classes or at least be truthful to the readers.

      WW1, WW2, cold war and everything in between have taken so many lives, especially the YOUNG MEN. If you don’t believe me ask the Yankees, the British and the (native) French. :( (France is now filled with immigrants from the Eastern countries since the 14th century.)

      Thom Hartmann has lectured the world that American people do not need or deserve their Second Amendment Right. As you heard the American people believe it’s their Constitutional Rights and to PREVENT tyranny or genocide which happened in many other countries…. even before and well after Christ.

      It seems like Thom Hartmann’s arguments are always biased and shallow, perhaps due to his minimal understanding of the subjects.

  • Ruth

    The concentration of truly deadly materials is much higher in Fukushima fallout than it was at Chernobyl.

    What happens when a plant releases 400 to 700 pounds of plutonium and 20-100 TONS of uranium dust into a high altitude plume?

    What happens when globally, as billions breathe in ‘hot’ particles on a daily basis, for years or generations, just from this plant?

    Watch for lots and lots of unexplained health issues, (all kinds of cancers, all organs, glands and systems) in humans and all animals, rapidly increasing in number and frequency, over the next few years.

    Studies showing the effects of low dose radiation.

    National Academy of Sciences Low-Dose Radiation Report
    Data tables used, 12D-1 and 12D-2:
    How to scale that data to unique exposure scenarios, Annex 12D, Example 1:
    15-country study of nuclear-worker cancer risk
    Table 5 shown is from Part II of the study
    Jacob et al. (2009) meta-analysis of nuclear-worker studies
    Editorial on Jacob et al. quoted

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/STOPnukesNOW ChasAha


    ACCEPTING nuclear energy is nothing more than pure propaganda. Usually, it sounds like a typical NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT TACTIC to convince people (mainly the British and the U.S. + Japan) to accept nuclear energy sources because radiation ‘most likely’ won’t destroy our planet. :roll: Oil fields are NOT the ONLY answer. Never has been.

    The U.S has many nuclear power plants for many years, and everything has NOT been under control. So why is it that all of a sudden they are able to assure us all is safe? Especially if one considers the lies and cover ups that have continued for over 50 years. Example: Simi Valley Nuclear Accident. (google it) 😳

    Nuclear facilities CANNOT be built to survive anything, ESPECIALLY a 10.0 earthquake. They CANNOT ALWAYS be shut down and contained using fail-safe devices, and must be built by trustworthy specialists. …or built by the lowest bidder whose ‘trustworthy’ expert specialists ALL have a conflict of interest. Good luck on that trustworthy thing.

    It’s NOT worth the risk, it never has been. 😡

  • Ripples

    Maybe this is the elite’s plan to depopulation the earth by 90%. Sit back and do nothing. 😯

  • nagoyablue

    Fuckwits, all of you.

  • Linda MC

    😡 I’ve heard about this big mess on the way to the US. If the volcano blows over there, it will be a hazzard to the whole world. But there is help and it will be taken care of. :)

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