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Italian researcher disovers "great city" on Mars

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The Italian researcher Matteo Ianneo who discovered some five interesting structures which look like human faces on Mars, last year, has discovered something stunning again. This time, the man claims to have found geometric structures on Mars which altogether look like a city. The newly discovered “city” comes an year after his first discovery in April 2011 in which he discovered a crystal-clear human “face” (statue) which looks a lot better than the famous Cydonia Martian face.

The new findings definitely look like some sort of structures, but there is however a great chance that they would be only a satellite image combination/hybridization error.

Mr. Matteo uses Google Earth software to research the planet Mars which has been mapped with images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS 3D globe by professional satellites launched by NASA in collaboration with Google. The high resolution images allow users to zoom in to altitudes to as close as 150 meters without loosing much of the image quality.

The “great city” found on Mars by Matteo Ianneo can be found and researched by anyone using the following coordinates in Google Earth/Mars: 1°52’27.22″N 81°11’54.95″W

If anyone owning a sophisticated telescope can research and confirm this discovery, please leave your opinion in our comments section to either prove or disprove it.

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  • Claudia Cortizo

    Unfortunately no, he did not discover these structures on Mars. What he is showing is a layer of patterned pixilation which NASA deliberately superimposes over the image. The pixilation comes in the form of blocks of various patterns and are placed over 100% of the image and taken down to their lowest visibility. These patterns serve to distort detail and camp play tricks with the eyes. I have discovered the layer while downloading an image of Mars and accidentally caught the layer when the download failed and the pixilation came through the image. There is however an extraordinary amount of proof of life on Mars and I have discovered many anomalies on the planet.

    • DAVID

      Can you direct me to more definitive proof of martian life/civilization, I am familiar with the work and research of Tom Van Flander etc.

      • Claudia Cortizo

        David, there are two paths to take. One is the site which explores the work of Andrew D. Basiago who was a cronanout in the Mars teleportation program. The other is the Mars anomaly research group on fb. I have some fascinating finds of my own and prove without a doubt there is/was life on Mars.

    • Gabe

      This is shown to be the case in that a large stripe in compassing the entire area mentioned contains the same or similar patterning. It can be seen heavily on the slopes of the hills in this area, nor does the patterning have any remote logical sense to it and overlaps far too often in places it shouldn’t to be any sort of construction.

      Try again. Also if there is such proof why not provide the lat and long so that we can all look at the proof to confirm or deny it.

  • giorgia97

    IANNEO great talented as he did?


    Nonostante si scredita questo argomento, come illusione ottica io credo che questa persona merita veramente. Nessuno può affermare , bisogna andare sul posto per verificare, per il momento teniamoci questo. Complimenti sign.IANNEO (non si faccia prendere da giudizi negativi, quelli ci sono sempre stati , anche perché lei ha notato quello che altri non hanno visto.

  • franco

    Strabiliante ma quale Photoshop ma cosa dice?
    si riguardi prima di lasciare queste disinformazioni ma lei gli occhi ce l’ha??
    queste sono vere strutture geometriche secondo me, reali e non effetti vari.. possibile che appena una persona fa una cosa, escono subito gli esperti, intanto questa cosa è li e poi, a voi esperti cosa fate non fate altro che criticare e non trovate nulla? qui ce gente cole p….e sotto che sa fare bene il proprio lavoro, e poi… non è facile trovare questo io nonostante avessi le coordinate è stato difficile trovare, poi ci sono arrivato, ma si stia zitta, il suo photoshop se lo tenga lei per favore. Lasci fare il lavoro agli addetti.

  • luciano

    Grande! ma quale effetto ottico ma gli occhi ce l’avete, anzi dove sono i vostri occhi?

  • marco

    Grande talento chissa quanta invidia.

  • There is much more going on in the universe than most people know about or even care about, we should all take an interest as the universe is our destiny

  • luciano


  • luciano

    Eccellente!!! bella scoperta

  • Greg

    I am a microelectronics engineer for 30 years and the last picture is a picture of the top layer or surface of an integrated circuit. The other pictures are overlays of the Martian surface over the picture of the surface of the integrated circuit.

    • Pro Justice

      Thanks Greg. Excellent analysis, that’s exactly what it is.

      Using the picture of a circuit board with another overlaid transparency.

      There’s alot of this type of activity going on to sell their agenda or to alter history :-x for whatever they need it.

      Look just like the motherboard from my old computer, OMG! :-D

  • craz4elvis

    I copied/pasted the coordinates in the article into the search box of Google Earth/Mars and received, “not found.” Has anyone else been able to copy/paste it in and be directed to this location?

  • Super Mario Brothers

    on Mars :-D

  • Jean-Francois Morf

    If you want to see millions of other photoshop hoax, please google: giant skeleton.
    It’s the christian fundamentalist creationist that want to “prove” us that the giants of the Bible have really existed! Unfortunately, no one “giant skeleton” is to see in any real museum… =))

  • The human race should collectively invest in more technology to reach the stars…we would find out more about us, our history, and our future. Instead of wasting money on war, we should pursue something that will ensure the survival of our race – i.e. creating bases on Mars, the Moon, and look beyond our planet and inter-racial/religious bickering. What we find could unite us as a global society…

  • Antonio Morais

    e tai http:// :) /wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gifgostei vou estudar a fundo sobre isto me convenceu

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