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Iranian researcher produces smart Anti-Cancer Medicine

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Dr. Omid Farrokhzad

Iranian researcher Dr. Omid Farrokhzad of Harvard Medical School has produced a smart cancer drug that is capable of targeting cancer cells in animals.

Farrokhzad and his colleagues made the drug in nano scale which enables it to distinguish and target cancer cells without causing common side effects of chemotherapy.

In popular cancer treatment with chemotherapy, both cancer cells and healthy ones are damaged.

“The method does not include chemotherapy side effects and the animal tests show that it can reach cancer cells 500-1000 percent more than chemotherapy,” Farrokhzad explained.

He also noted that the medicine will be ready to be used after the clinical studies are finished within the next five years.

Harvard has called the drug a ‘paradigm shift’ in cancer treatment.


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5 Responses to " Iranian researcher produces smart Anti-Cancer Medicine "

  1. DJClarke says:

    Wonder if we’ll ever see this after Iran gets flattened!

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    • Jack Longchamp says:

      Who carez about cancer, this is Freedom Fries politics !
      Much more important…
      anyway I wonder if the guy is now situated in Boston or Tehran ?
      Harvard Medical School, anybody ?
      Does that make him Iranian or rather American ?
      One never knows…

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  2. Gertrude Braden says:

    If this discovery pans out and works on humans, and if it is available to those who need it, it’s a tremendous discovery!

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  3. MS Fotomat says:

    The humanity will benefit from his discovery.
    He is another Iranian-American that has been recognized for his inteligence and hard work.

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  4. Eagle Patriot says:

    This is as far as his magic medicine will go. Its rights will be bought by one of the major pill companies and he will be paid off to stay quiet. Way too much money in R&D to be made for a cure to come out. Last thing cured was polio and nothing since. Too much money was lost by the big companies. Do you actually believe that we are capable of sending probes to Mars and make super computers and still not have a cure? Look up Graviola Root and the corporate story behing it for cancer cures and how it was swept under the rug when big companies could not replicate it in a drug form.

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