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Homeless Americans on the Rise

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Millions of Americans may lose homes for debt.

Millions of Americans are at risk of losing their homes due to mortgage debt. The finding is by a group of experts from the International Monetary Fund, haning prepared an analytical report on the prospects of the global economy.

“About 2.5 million owners of apartments and homes in the U.S. have lost their homes. Other 1,500,000 have systematically gotten behind on payments . So they, too, are in danger of their losing homes,” the report says.

This originated with the 2008 financial crisis, affecting one of the biggest financial bubbles created by capitalism in the country in recent years. The Homeless have become a constant presence in the United States.

Thousands of them, four years after the start of the financial meltdown, still live in cars along roads and in parking lots, or even on the streets. According to the Census Bureau, more than 50 million Americans live in absolute poverty, a number that has not ceased to increase.


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  • Bonsai Guy

    Joblessness created by the capture of the US government by Jewish Loan sharks first via the federal reserve subversion in 1913 and then by the Jewish lightning in 2001.

  • rthsdfgd

    CONGRATULATIONS! Come to AMERICA TODAY! LIVE YOUR DREAM! in a box…. unless you sell yourself for sex or something stupid.

  • ashley

    yup its sad but true america is becomming a rather poor country and OBAMA aint gonna do a damn thing about it he is a dumb ass

  • Jack Longchamp

    Everybody knows… and who needs “Experts” ? No, Obama is not able,
    he is a good talker though – “yes he can”.
    We certainly live in strange times in the US/EU,
    I fear for my children.

  • Dan

    With Obama’s war on business there are less jobs. Millions will starve because of Obama’s policies. He will be the American Mao. Chairman Maobama.

  • Jean-Francois Morf

    Alan Greenspan (jew?) five folded financial costs from 2004 to 2007, for enriching all rich creditors. But, for enriching just one trillionaire (Rothschild, that controls the banks that control the FED), millions new poor must be created, from former middle class! Because trillions never fall from the sky!

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