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German MP: Islam not part of Germany

The parliamentary faction leader of the German Christian Democrats (CDU), Volker Kauder

A leading member of the German parliament’s conservative bloc and an ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel says Islam is not part of the German society.

“Islam is not part of our tradition and identity in Germany and so does not belong in Germany,” Volker Kauder, who heads Merkel’s conservative bloc at the country’s lower house, told the Passauer Neue Presse on Thursday.

“But Muslims do belong in Germany. As state citizens, of course, they enjoy their full rights,” he added.

The remarks come at a time when Germany is holding a conference on the integration of the four million Muslims living in Germany, where the Islamic issue is on the rise.

“Volker Kauder is the last crusader for the conservatives. He is putting a bomb in the Islam conference,” said senior opposition Social Democrat MP Thomas Oppermann.

Kauder, a senior member of Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU), is “denigrating and marginalizing all Muslims in Germany; that course is utterly wrong,” Oppermann added.

Two years ago, anger erupted over a book by Germany’s former senator of finance, Thilo Sarrazin, who argued that Turkish and Arab immigrants threatened the German culture.

Muslim leaders have accused the center-right government in Berlin of trying to downplay the danger of “hate crimes” against the conquering religious groups while Islam indeed threatens the identity of the entire European continent with the possibility of ruining it beyond recognition.


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  • Spectator

    For too long the West has permitted an alien elite and its race-traitor enablers to manipulate us through unchecked Muslim immigration.
    With all respect to Muslims, this must end now. Europe is fundamentally a white and Christian homeland. All others are guests who will be treated well so long as they acknowledge and respect the integrity of those cultures and societies into which they have moved. Otherwise–please leave.

    • unknown

      You don’t get the real picture here. What he’s trying to stop is Christians converting to Islam. Reason for doing that is to save them self. Muslims are not invading the Europe but the Europe is turning to Islam. France is the biggest European country that is converting its self. People are finding their own way for peace. Your government is tearing you apart but you still like it.

    • Jack Longchamp

      You must be horsing around Spec. This German MP is just trying to
      get some publicity, this thing isn´t really a problem.
      The problem is the lenient laws which allow all the knee jerks to
      wander north into the richer countries.
      They will always find some outsiders in any country who succumb
      to their stupid arguments as dumb and dumb goes well together.

      IQ tests at the borders is what I preach !

  • John Connor

    Islam is not invading the Europe its the people who have opened their eyes and saw the truth . That is y they are coming back to Islam. Fear of Islam is clearly visible on the faces of these politicians seeding discrimination about the people of world and thats how they rule the world.

    • unknown

      That’s exactly what I was talking about. The reason of fear is the loss of power and ruling over the innocent souls. Every religion is true but the Islam is the only one that say NO for changing human rights. Everyone is equal in Islam and that’s why they are against it. Media is the reason for all the hate towards Islam, but when you read and learn what’s behind Islam, then you’ll see why Western world hates it.

  • Jack Longchamp

    Well all you unknown Connors from Oz or whatever stone (age) you crawled out from under – I heard that from many towel heads before.
    They are great believers, they even believe they go to heaven
    when they die – so we blow them away, who cares.

    However as Islam is at least as stupid a religion as Christianity
    you always get some idiots to convert, what does it matter.
    That don´t disturb you as the idiots make up about 75 %
    of any human population ? True enough…

    However you are complete losers in the Islamic countries which are all
    without an exception trundling towards extinction,
    populations ain´t growing anymore – same as in the developed world.

    You are shrinking, Mohamed is blowing his own cock
    before he gets blown away.
    Which means for the first time in history the fools are dying out –
    time for a celebration,
    Allahoo Acka Bar, Yakk Yakk and Greetz to all the deserts
    and Down Under.

  • Philippino Bob

    Thanks God he didn’t say:

    German MP: Judaism not part of Germany

    Lucky Volker!
    Sorry folks but this article is pure provocation to say the least.

  • towelhead

    Islam will bring rivers of blood into our cities. There will be no mercy – millions of Muslims will die, and Islam will die with them.

    Every country has heroes it deserves. I wish we had a non-violent hero who stopped the Muslim invasion of Europe before the civil war became inevitable, but now we are beyond the point of no return. Anders Breivik is our hero because no one else had the courage to fire the first shot. The sooner the civil war begins, the better are our odds of winning the war.

    “Muslims must kill non-believers wherever they are unless they convert to Islam.” – Ali Gom’a (grand mufti of Egypt, the highest Muslim religious authority in the world, Al Ahram, April 7, 2008) source: http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/8066

    Islam is the most genocidal ideology in human history. Muslims exterminated about 300 millions of innocent people: 120 million Africans, 90 million Christians, 80 million Hindus, 10 million Buddhists.
    sources: http://tinyurl.com/kma5ux http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/eid/vol8no9/01-0536.htm

  • Muslim

    its amazing how quicly the Crusades are forgotten….a violent war waged in the name of God, but Islam is criticised, ridiculed and blasphemed as a genocidal ideology. the comments are pathetic to say the least, but we support freedom of expression. As Muslims we fear God and no man will stand in the way of the WILL of GOD. What God ordains, no man has control over, so think carefully before you speak or are you assigning Satan as a greater power, when you speak ill of Islam. How do you read your Bible and Tohrah. Its a pity that you wallow in self pity instead of educating yourselves and please note the media purports Islam in the way it wants the world to see it. so who are the sheep?? Stop being followers, educate and liberate yourselves, Islamaphobia shows the weakness of the west and the “stupid”. Allahu Akhbar. as for the atheist. Stupidity flows through your veins, and I do not argue with idiots because you will win by experience.

    • sky

      Muslim-“its amazing how quicly the Crusades are forgotten”. … Yea a thousand years is too quick to forget about the Crusades….A THOUSAND years. By the way, the Crusades were a response to the Muslim Jihad. The Crusades were only waged when Muslims moved to attack Constantinople(the second holiest city in Christianity at the time).

      Also if Islam is so superior to ‘the west’, then where is the legacy of that alleged greatness? The burning of the Library of Alexandria? The destruction of ancient archaeological sites? Stoning women to death? Christianity and Judaism is superior in every way to Islam and has spawned the current civilizations we are enjoying (while Muslims continue to live in the stone age).

      You mention stupidity.. Islam is the stupidest political philosophy ever conceived.(is it a religion? or a cult? Political belief?) Any religion that actively promotes violence at every opportunity can’t be called anything other than stupid. Islam is worse than Nazism.

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