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French commandos arrest dozens as crackdown in aftermath of Toulouse

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Heavily armed and dressed in black from head to toe, an elite squad of balaclava-clad police commandos storm the homes of suspected Islamic extremists.

Officers arrested ten terror suspects in a series of dawn raids across France this morning in a nationwide crackdown a month after seven people were killed by an al Qaeda-inspired gunman.

The DCRI domestic intelligence service, supported by police commandos, struck in the southern towns of Marseille, Carpentras, Valence, and Pau, and also Roubaix, close to the Belgian border.

It follows the arrests of 19 people last week in the ongoing nationwide crackdown, ordered by Nicolas Sarkozy, that comes two weeks after police sharpshooters gunned down mass murderer Mohamed Merah.

The illusive terrorist was shot dead as he leapt from his apartment window in a blaze of gunfire after a 24-hour standoff with police after he killed three Jewish school children, a rabbi and three soldiers in a spate of attacks around Toulouse.

‘Those arrested have a similar profile to Mohamed Merah,’ a local police source said. ‘They are isolated individuals, who are self-radicalised.’

He said the suspects were tracked on Islamist forums expressing extreme views and said they were preparing to travel to areas including Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Sahel belt to wage jihad (holy war).

Some of those arrested had already been and returned to France, the source said.

Sarkozy, who is facing an uphill task to be re-elected president in an April-May vote, has vowed to root out any form of militancy following Merah’s killing spree.

Thirteen of the 19 people arrested last Friday are alleged to have links to radical French Islamist group Forsane Alizza. They are being investigated on suspicion of terrorism, the Paris public prosecutor said on Tuesday.

Wednesday’s raids were not linked to either those arrests or the Merah attacks, the source said.

The Toulouse killings have lifted domestic security up the political agenda 2-1/2 weeks before the April 22 first-round vote and may have improved Sarkozy’s chances against Socialist rival Francois Hollande, who he trails in the polls.

Sarkozy, a former interior minister, has been accused by some opponents of capitalising on the Islamist threat for electoral purposes even though only 20 percent of voters consider it their main concern, surveys show.

Speaking on RTL radio, Hollande declined to be drawn on whether he thought the raids were politically driven.

‘If there are suspicions and risks, then they must be acted upon,’ Hollande said. ‘But why do it after a terrorist act? I am not questioning what is being done, but we could have done more before,’ he said.


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  1. frenchy says:

    false flag !!!

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  2. Baron Gifilte says:

    One should never misunderestimate to what extremes the Jews will go to destroy Goyim nations,those nations being a mockery of the chosen ones.

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