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Facebook is Deception

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Three years of research involving over one million users and ten thousand interviews has resulted in a book, and has resulted in some startling conclusions about the most widely used social network, Facebook. The book, “Facebook is deception”, reveals tales of bullying, fraud and scams and reveals their identities.

“Facebook is deception” is the title of the new book written by Chamakhe Maurieni available online*.

Pravda.Ru journalist Timofei Belov interviewed the author.

Pravda.Ru: Your book is a study of Facebook, its users’ behaviour and its misuse, correct?

Chamakhe Maurieni (CM): Yes but not only. The research was about mainly activities on the Facebook network both on the part of Facebook users and on the part of the Facebook authorities. We watched closely the rules supposedly guiding all activities on Facebook which are divided in two platforms and known as the Facebook privacy policy and the Facebook terms of service; otherwise known as the Facebook statement of rights and responsibilities.

Pravda.Ru: How thorough was your research?

CM: The book “Facebook is deception” is a book based on 3 years of research by a team of college students on the Facebook network. The research took place between December 2008-December 2011. During this period, our research team which numbered well over 50 created 10 Facebook accounts each and with a minimum of 3,000 friends on each profile (account), and we were able to reach over a million Facebook users in 3 years.

In the course of our research, we also interviewed lots of Facebook users totalling over 10,000.

Pravda.Ru: What were you looking for?

CM: We examined the behavioural conduct of the average Facebook user and how much privacy they kept when on Facebook. We further examined some important features of the Facebook network such as applications, adverts, pages etc.. Each member of our research team spent a minimum of 4 hours every day for three years on Facebook.

Pravda.Ru: And what did you find?

CM: In my book, I talked about bullying and sighted a recent Facebook death threat/bullying case in America involving two people, who I name. We watched closely the activities of fraudsters on Facebook and at the end of our research, we came to the conclusion that Nigerians are responsible for 98% of scams which take place on this network.

We successfully discovered and uncovered approximately 950 profiles on Facebook, used for scams and run by fraudsters and I disclosed a couple of such identities in my book. We examined punishments meted out by the authorities on Facebook and discovered serious cases of biased decisions when dealing with violators of Facebook rules.

We conducted a short but aggressive research on the alarming increase of pornographic activities across the Facebook network and discovered it was on the rise due to faults on the part of the Facebook authorities. I pinpointed serious biased attitudes on the part of the Facebook authorities in tackling pornographic activities on Facebook, a major example being the unchecked activities of the American magazine ‘Playboy’.
Playboy has over 5 million likes on its Facebook fanpage and yet the fanpage is yet to be shut down or sanctioned.

We further researched on the role of youngsters on Facebook and discovered extreme negative features on Faceboook which were a threat to the sanity of the everyday Facebook youngster. Making use of series of articles and online blog references,I explained these threats.

Pravda.Ru: And what about Facebook and political movements? Did you investigate this?

CM: Facebook was used as an illusion for the Arab spring and it showed clear political interference on the activities and judgement of the very administrators on Facebook. The various so-called revolutionary Facebook pages set up by deceitful groups called revolutionaries like The Febuary 17 movements etc was a violation of clearly stated Facebook rules, which prohibits Facebook users from using the Facebook platform as a means to insinuate unrest, uprisings and volence.

The fact that these groups specialized in sharing violent videos on the Facebook platform was another reason why they should had been shut-down.

It was also very disappointing to discover the activities of top mainstream media houses on Facebook. A major example of such is the activity of France24 management on Facebook.
France24 successfully for years continues to stalk visitors to their France24 website using the Facebook platform and this clearly is a violation of the privacy rights of every Facebook user, and to discover this act is being orchestrated by a newsmedia outlet is more or less a shame.

Pravda.Ru: And what conclusions have you drawn?
CM: Our team concluded that while Facebook started as a great innovation, it has over the last 3 years lost credibility, dependability and most importantly lost sincerity on the part of the Facebook authorities.In my book, I noted a series of reasons responsible for this loss of sincerity and divided them into two. I pinpointed and explained how political interference and the race for increased income on the part of the Facebook authorities has allowed for nominal mediocre entities to invest in the one-time innovation, which I now term a deception.

Online copy: Volumes 1 and 2



Chamakhe Maurieni is a Moroccan born Freelance writer, author, student and graduate of psychology. This dual nationality, half-blooded Moroccan national has dedicated his young life to researches and investigations of all scales and sizes. Some of his current investigations include match-fixing in football, and he has just began a research into the Miss World beauty pageant which he has always termed a glorified illusion sponsored by drug cartels and barons.

As a freelance writer, he has since the age of sixteen written articles on varying platforms across Sub-Saharan African and Asia under different names. He is a top contributor to various Independent news agencies such as the Mathaba news network.
He speaks fluent English, French, Arabic and a little Japanese. Nominee for Bridport poetry prize.

The just released ebook -Facebook is deception(volumes 1 and 2),are an extract from the upcoming hardcopy of this same book, with the same title.

The hardcopy is a 990 paged book expose showing our complete research result and discussing all pressing issues in regards to the Facebook network.
While we did our best to ensure the ebooks are detailed, some topics were exempted from the ebooks to meet up with the maximum size mandated for ebooks, while some analysis were summarised.


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2 Responses to " Facebook is Deception "

  1. Jack Longchamp says:

    Facebook is not a deception, it is the bullshit our youth craves –
    “innovated” by a guy called Zuckerberg (Sugar Mountain in German),
    who wouldn´t have gotten his feet off the ground if he hadn´t
    been of the same tribe as the two homos who “invented” Google :

    When Google started, there were several quite good search engines
    around, no prob to find stuff there… now the instant success of
    Google has the same base as that of Facebook.

    You gotta know people to make this stuff work,
    people with money, a certain kind of people.
    And for that, it just takes one to know one…

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  2. James Hill says:

    Facebook is Big Brother to the max. Facebook is integrated into EVERYTHING on the internet. Facebook is the biggest spy organization on Earth, along with AOL, Google, Microsoft, and other internet providers and social networking sites. Facebook is full of tracking cookies and tracks you even when you are not signed on to it. I don’t even click on Facebook. Another reader commented that Facebook was started by two homosexuals. I wasn’t aware of that, but it plays right into the bigger picture. AOL has the most massive gay agenda on the planet. All of its member-created rooms are gay. United States senators and congressmen are coming under career-ending scrutiny for having heterosexual affairs. United States Secret Service employees are having their names and careers ruined for consorting with some prostitutes. So the fuck what? They got laid? Good for them. Maybe they will be less frustrated and do a better job protecting us if they get laid on occasion? Again, heterosexuality is under attack. What about these homosexual perverts who are so maladjusted sexually and socially that they have to desperately pursue a life of chance encounters, spreading deadly diseases, trying to recruit the whole world, including our children, marching in the streets and rewriting all our laws? What about the ones who manipulate and take advantage of insecure young people and convert them? What if one of those young people can’t live with the guilt of what they participated in and commits suicide? Why is THAT never prosecuted?
    Am I a homophobe? Of couse not. Live and let live as long as your choices and actions are mature, responsible and discreet and you don’t change all of our laws, recruit our children, and ram your agenda all over the whole world.
    However, it looks to me like BIG BROTHER is actively trying to break down our minds and morality and turn the whole world queer. I have something to say about that and I don’t give a god damn if it is politically correct or not. Take your lilly fingers and lady hands and your namby pamby little feelings and SHOVE IT. Soon, it will be a crime to be a heterosexual, the way things are going, and if this ugly movement ever succeeds in turning ME queer, the first person who can suck my dick is BIG BROTHER himself.
    Yeah. I got something to say.

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