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Cameron warns North Korea as it threatens to launch "Ballistic Missile"

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David Cameron has given North Korea a stark warning over firing their rockets

North Korea have threatened to launch a rocket into space today, which is believed by Americans to be a ballistic missile.

During his trip to East Asia, David Cameron today warned North Korea not to launch the rocket as it would be in breach of UN resolution.

The North Koreans claim that the rocket is solely designed to put a satellite in in orbit and is not a threat.

But both the US and Japan believe otherwise, with Japan readying its anti-missile systems.

Mr Cameron said he regarded the prospective fifirng by the North Korean’s as a breach of UN edicts.

He said: “We need to send a very clear message to the North Korean leadership.

“They are not even able to feed their own people and yet they seem to be able to put satellites in the sky.

“They have a very clear choice. This regime needs to take a different path if it wants to be able to engage with the world.”


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