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Cameron to team with China on Avatar 2 and 3?

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Canadian film director James Cameron at a seminar on 3D technology and film cooperation during the second Beijing International Film Festival

One of the most commercially successful directors in Hollywood, James Cameron the creator of Titanic is eyeing movie and TV co-productions in China. The director shared his plans at Beijing Film Festival.

­Cameron’s movies have been highly successful in China, and he believes it could soon become a similar size market as the United States. Cameron’s Avatar became a box office sensation in 2010, while his Titanic 3D is still the leading Chinese rentals.

The Canadian director plans to strengthen his relationship with China having scheduled a series of meetings with local producers and filmmakers. “I assumed we’d do well here,” Cameron told The Hollywood Reporter.

Fascinated with how the Chinese welcomed 3D technology and how excited they are about his films he told The Hollywood Reporter he plans to discuss Avatar 2 and 3 as Chinese co-productions.

However China might put serious obstacles in front of the forward-looking director, with government censorship and piracy among them.

Cameron’s Titanic 3D for example was stripped of nude scenes in Chinese rental version. The State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television cut out scenes where Kate Winslet poses naked for Di Caprio’s character.

“I’m here to explore the idea of a co-production, find out what restrictions need to be met, find out what content guidelines need to be met, and find out what the economic incentives are, and I will weigh them all out,” Cameron told Reuters.


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    No doubt it will involve Huangshan and a Nookular bombe suprise.

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