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14 die, scores injured in Buenos Aires massive storm

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Damage caused by strong storm in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Thursday morning, April 05, 2012

At least 14 people have died and more than 20 others have been injured in Argentina following Wednesday night severe storms in the province of Buenos Aires and surrounding regions.

Six people were crushed and one was electrocuted near capital Buenos Aires, while three others died in a neighborhood to the south of the city when a home collapsed, AFP quoted Argentine officials as saying.

Two men and a woman also died in Buenos Aires province after walls crumbled on them.

In Santa Fe province, a teenager was also electrocuted after stepping on a snapped cable downed by strong winds.

Wind gusts reached speeds of 120 Km an hour, toppling trees, crushing cars and blowing off roofs.

“The level of virulence of this storm is not normal… The winds were similar to those of a tornado,” said Diego Santilli, the city’s environment minister.

Many neighborhoods in the capital were in the dark after power cables snapped in the strong winds.

Unseasonably hot and humid weather is believed to have given way to the violent storm.


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One Response to " 14 die, scores injured in Buenos Aires massive storm "

  1. Jack Longchamp says:

    Well winds of 120 km/h (80 mph) are bad but nor that bad, we had worse
    in Europe, and frequently.
    I am a bit surprised.

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