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12 Tornadoes Ravage Texas

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A woman stands in front of a house that had two vehicles thrown into it by the force of the tornadoes in Lancaster, Texas

Tornadoes raked the Dallas area Tuesday, crumbling a wing of a nursing home, peeling roofs from hundreds of homes and spiraling big-rig trailers into the air like footballs. More than a dozen injuries were reported.

Overturned cars left streets unnavigable and flattened trucks clogged highway shoulders. Preliminary estimates were that six to 12 twisters had touched down in North Texas, senior National Weather Service meteorologist Eric Martello said. But firm numbers would only come after survey teams checked damage Wednesday, he said.

In suburban Dallas, Lancaster police officer Paul Beck said 10 people were injured, two of them severely. Three people were injured in Arlington, including two residents of a nursing home who were taken to a hospital with minor injuries after swirling winds clipped the building, city assistant fire chief Jim Self said, according to HeraldNet.

Highway video cameras showed a large, dark funnel cloud moving on the ground not far from a busy Dallas interstate early Tuesday afternoon.

Big-rig tractor trailers crumpled like soda cans littered an industrial parking lot, and flattened trailers clogged the sides of highways and access roads.

In Lancaster, south of Dallas, television helicopters panned over exposed homes without roofs and flattened buildings. Broken sheets of plywood blanketed lawns and covered rooftops. Residents could be seen walking down the street with firefighters and peering into homes, looking at the damage after the storm passed.

Devlin Norwood said he was at his Lancaster home when he heard the storm sirens. He said he made a quick trip to a nearby store when he saw the funnel-shaped tornado lower, kick up debris and head toward his neighborhood.

“I didn’t see any damage until I got back home. We had trees destroyed, fences down, boards down, boards penetrating the roof and the house, shingles damaged,” said Norwood, 50, an accountant and graduate student, says Barre Montpelier Times Argus.

Texas Lieutenant Gov. David Dewhurst told FOX most of the initial damage was in southwest Dallas County.

Unlucky homes in the path of one tornado in Lancaster were left in ruins, their roofs torn off and walls shredded. Aerial footage showed overturned cars strewn among the wreckage.

Pictures from nearby Arlington showed downed trees and lampposts blocking streets and severely damaged homes with smashed windows.

KDFW-TV said there were considerable reports of damage from Johnson County and southern Tarrant County near Interstate 20 and aerial footage from WFAA-TV showed tractor trailers being sucked into the storm’s dark clouds.

Television images also showed smashed trailers in an 18-wheeler truck yard just off Interstate 35, south of the metropolitan area, and some extensive flooding from the heavy rain that accompanied the storm, informs Pocono Record.


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  1. Jean-Francois Morf says:

    Before Monetarism lie, USA houses has been constructed in stones, to resist storms.
    Now they are constructed in cheap wood, to resist high interest rates storms!
    From 2004 to 2007, Alan Greenspan five folded financial costs, forcing all supermarkets to rise consumer prices, and ruining millions Americans in 2008!

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