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Who profits from the shootings in France?

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Voilà, another incident which has come just in time for the current French president to fill the mainstream media news, especially the TV screens of France, with his ubiquitous presence. Tel Aviv and Washington seem to play their cards right. The timing is perfect. After the recent shooting of French parachutists is Montauban, now we have the new crime scene in Toulouse, with French children shot at a Jewish school.

Four weeks before the first round of the French presidential elections, Nicolas Sarkozy, best friend of the USA and Israel, gets the chance of lamenting Islamic “fundamentalism” in France, although the supposed culprit for the shootings has not even been captured yet.

But Sarkozy seems to be quite sure in advance that the man who shot in Montauban is the same who shot in Toulouse.

Sarkozy’s publicly displayed grief for the Jewish victims gives him another possibility of commenting on anti-semitism in France and singing Israel’s praise. Poor Israel, which is always threatened by the dangerous powers surrounding it, notably Syria and Iran.

Therefore Iran must be attacked as soon as possible, after the ousting of Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad, which French secret services are currently trying to do.

Sarkozy’s face, blown up “en toute grandeur”, larger than life, beaming from a zillion photos, filling all the TV screens in France, what a wonderful possibility of getting some extra boost for the ailing, failing polls, all of it for free. It won’t cost him a penny.

His favorite TV station, France 24, announces that “Nicolas Sarkozy is a politician who knows to follow the course of History,” whatever that means. The French are masters of hollow bombast.

Some people whisper behind closed doors that the shootings in Montauban and Toulouse might be a minor 9/11, not planned and executed on such a grand scale, of course. But France is just a minor country, after all, when compared to Big Brother overseas.

CIA and MOSSAD come to mind, but nobody dares say it aloud. Speaking the truth may entail harmful consequences. The Europeans know that speaking up is risky. It is better to remain quiet if you want to be safe and keep your health intact.

The chase is on in Toulouse, the supposed culprit locked in his house, surrounded by police, and press people scurrying back and forth like scared mice, while Monsieur le President is ever-present, larger than life. He needn’t even wear high heels to overcome his otherwise dwarflike stature.

Who profits from the crimes in Montauban and Toulouse? Honni soit qui mal y pense!

Defense Minister Longuet prepares the terrain, again on France 24: « Maybe we must watch more carefully all those coming from the exterior. » Which exterior? Syria or Israel? Iran or the USA?

At the ceremony for the victims of Montauban, Sarkozy rendered homage to the killed parachutists, presumably shot by the same man who shot the Jewish children in Toulouse.
Sarkozy forgot to mention in his pompous speech at Montauban that the parachutists were of Muslim Arab origin, at the service of France and its neo-colonial wars against Muslim brothers and sisters abroad.

Journalist Cyril Vanier, on France 24, commented that “the coffins of the victims will be sent to their families.” He did not mention that these are Arab families, Moslems living in France.

Of course it is not opportune to shout out loud that these Muslim parachutists lost their lives in France and for France, when the government of Sarkozy begins his electoral propaganda against Moslems. What a sinister farce!

Sarkozy instead drums about “defending the values of France”, whatever those might be, nobody exactly knows, these days. He drums on about “France having received an international mandate”. By whom? To do what?

We can only suppose that this mandate was given by Washington and Tel Aviv to first destroy Syria, later Iran. In this “international mandate” France will keep genociding Muslim nations, leading proxy wars for Israel.

If he loses the elections, Sarkozy has promised to withdraw from politics. Let’s hope that some clever Jewish real estate agent will sell him a nice beach house in Israel. Sarkozy might want to take his wife Carla and baby what’s-its-name to withdraw to his beloved Israel forever after. What a relief!


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8 Responses to " Who profits from the shootings in France? "

  1. JoeW says:

    What a crap this guy shovels on us. He now makes martyrs out of the murdered Arab soldiers who fought neo-colonial war against Arabs. The killer Mohammad Mehad killed the 7 people because (a) they were infidels, and (b) they were soldiers of the French army, regardless of their religion.

    The point here is, that innocent people were killed not to mention the fact that Mohammed Mehad is somehow shown here in a sympathetic light while Sarkozy is bashed to the ground. What is the point to keep talking about the victims as Arabs as if they were murdered by enemies of the Arabs, i.e. those evil Christians and Jews? I find the article very strange distorting the essence of what really happened here. What really happened here is a radical Muslim Arab killed people because he disagreed with the religious and political views of his victims. Period.

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  2. Bonsai Guy. says:

    I hear you,you support terrorism.

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  3. Jack Longchamp says:

    Now be fair guys :

    It doesnt´t help if islami splinter groups and -individuals
    do psychopathic stuff, I think even Mr Bin Laden (a clever schemer who actually reached his goals and clearly won his war) would
    NOT have approved but regarded as counterproductive –
    as this Toulouse/Montauban shit makes no sense.

    What the article is asking about is WHO PROFITS –
    and in that respect it is dead on track, conspiracy theories withheld.

    Pity there are readers who will go gung-ho, gung-ho, mickey mouse –
    whatever happens and till the day they die.
    Cause they`re conditioned that way… the little men who pay the debts
    they don´t even owe.

    You. Get a grip on yourselves.

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  4. John Brown says:

    It wasn’t us who ordered these politically expedient slayings.

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  5. John Brown says:

    Lest we forget,The Sarkozy tenure is directly responsible for crimes against humanity and do so with impunity.

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  6. Cactuar says:

    Don’t worry,the EU will reintroduce le chambre du gas deleterious.

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  7. Mary says:

    I have a long comment. I’m sorry. It’s personal and it’s about all of us. This is an opportunity to look at this world another way before summarizing. The pictures we see here are misleading and biased. The people involved do not really look this way. They looked this way for a split second one time when the camera caught them. Pictures speak a thousand words, but in this case are they accurate? This story is typical of millions just like it in the story of our world today and of mankind. Seriously, let’s get some perspective on all that is going on today. There are clear trends and similarities. There is nothing new in the world today in terms of the nature of humanity. People bully, abuse and kill people in all races, colours, religions and genders and ages within their own family, religion, race, colour, gender and age. What does this mean? Consider cyber bullying causing teen suicide. So what are we forming our perceptions and judgments upon in this situation? How different is it? Why did this person kill so many innocent people? Why did the US soldier go crazy in Afghanistan doing the same? Who forms group and mass mentality like Rwanda? What are the triggers? Look up the Internet documentary “Obsession”. Read “The Devil we Don’t Know ” by Nonie Dawish. Look at abuse in religious institutions in the past and world war deaths, struggles and impacts. Look behind the problems in every country on the face of the earth now and in history. Study them closely. Make a list. These problems are as old as mankind and all of this will take major effort to change. Some countries have more of one kind of problem than another. Freedom has its price but is still preferred. Life is beautiful. Life is a gift. Life is priceless. And life is suffering and struggle everywhere. This is the nature of life. If life hands you lemons and you can make lemonade, you have the right attitude. Life on earth is short. You are born empty handed, you live for a while learning and making your contribution, then you die, empty handed. Only one life too soon will pass. Only what’s done in love will last. This seems to really reflect the truth when people are taking their last breath. What do you believe and why? People who give their final message before leaving this life mostly say relationships and love are what matters most. Thoughts are things and form mass thinking and your reality. You have to rise above what you see and detach yourself to see the truth at times. Know there is nothing new on the face of the earth, then understand that we are all victims of a mass consciousness that is based on either fear or love when you get down to the heart of it. There is plenty of money and plenty of food, plenty of cures for disease, so why is there still suffering, criminal activity and horrible abuse and terrorism? It is all due to individual thinking? Look at all of the fabulous people trying to make a difference helping others. The US pours billions into third world countries and sends millions of volunteers to help others less fortunate to learn how to manage their own countries because they know the truth of the saying; “If you give a man a fish he will eat for a day, but if you teach him to fish he will eat for a lifetime”. But there is so much corruption and crime the impact is often far less than it could or should be. And the US is not given any credit for what they do in this regard and is always seen as the bad guy. Still they have always given from the heart. And yes they are not perfect. The US people have tons of problems just like every other country on the face of the earth. Why is it like this? It’s because of the nature of humanity and what we are here to learn. We are here to learn how to make it better and how to love unconditionally. Anger is fear and fear is the absence of love. There are many paths and pitfalls in life no matter who you are or how educated you are or not. But a wide range of knowledge helps. Make informed choices, use your time wisely and make a difference so that when you die, you know you did not contribute to mass craziness or hurt the innocent or people who trust you. Think before your speak and especially before you act. See the big picture. Look at everything there is that is wrong, like the greed and corruption of big food manufacturing companies, GMOs, pesticides, irradiation, aspertame, chemicals and filth in food, antibiotics, fluoride, and on and on. Sometimes we are mislead, sometimes the victim, sometimes we are the criminal and sometimes we are the hero. Sometimes whether we are mislead, a victim or a criminal or hero depends on who is judging our actions. Sometimes we are set up from childhood and choose the wrong action due to ignorance or mental illness, illiteracy or a crazed mass consciousness and sometimes we choose of our own free will. It’s not easy because there a huge forces basically controlling our world via the media, marketing and TV and/or training our mind in terms of mass influence. Regardless, life is short. Let’s look at this story and see what really happened and what lead up to it. How were the people involved raised from childhood? What happened in their lifetime to make them end up where they are now? Let’s ponder history. Since history repeats itself, consider how we can join together with millions of other people from a mindset of knowledge, awareness, love and not fear and help to change the world and make it a better place. I believe it’s all about raising the knowledge and awareness of the world, seeing the big picture and the whole story. Then doing what we can to fix it with love and kindness. Think about who and what you are up against. Can it be fixed? It’s a big challenge and will take millions and eventually billions of people. Can it be done? Why not? Can you do something? You can stand behind people making peace and not war. You can do something good in your neighbourhood or in your job. In other words, bloom where you are planted. If we can convince the world to take care of their own family and their own neighborhood, with love not fear or greed, it’s possible and it would impact the world. What are you up against? This will take a lifetime. Enjoy your life. It is short. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

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  8. Ben says:

    Don’t you get it people.. the new way of ruling is to manipulate the masses by creating a problem (by government and its intitutions) then ‘solving it’ just to get some personal (first) benefits… i am muslim, i am bosnian, and everybody knows what happened over here… but i don’t claim christians, serbs or what so ever, i believ it is the ‘greater power’ that created that war for some reasons we don’t get it till now.. all we can do is to be smart and not to believe ‘them’ because if we do so then the real trouble comes…

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