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US suspends food aid to North Korea due to Satellite Launch

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The United States has suspended its food aid plan to North Korea, as Pyongyang refuses to cancel its new rocket launch.

­Washington claims that the scheduled launch, which North Korea says has nothing to do with nuclear tests, is breaking a deal made between the two countries last month.

“This planned launch is highly provocative because it manifests North Korea’s desire to test and expand its long-range missile capability,” said Peter Lavoy, Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Asian and Pacific Affairs.

Meanwhile, Pyongyang says that the launch’s purposes are absolutely peaceful, as the rocket will just take a satellite into orbit.

According to the agreement signed by the two countries in February, the US provides food aid to North Korea if it partially freezes its nuclear activities and agrees to a missile test moratorium.

The US had previously warned that that any rocket launch would jeopardize the food aid program.


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