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US offers Israel advanced arms for not attacking Iran

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The US has proposed that Israel withhold from waging an assault on Iran till the next presidential term in America in exchange for most advanced weaponry, reports the Israeli Maariv newspaper. However,the White House denies the claim.

The proposal was supposedly made during the visit of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to Washington, the newspaper says, citing unnamed diplomats and intelligence sources.

It adds the Americans have offered Israel the latest versions of bunker-busting bombs and aerial tankers to gain tactical advantage over Iran. This would imply Israel’s shelving of plans to attack Iran until 2013.

The US diplomats allegedly believe such step would enlarge the “opportunity window” for Israel to try to solve the issue of controversial Iranian nuclear program diplomatically.

An Israeli official speaking on condition of anonymity confirmed that the conversation about arms had taken place between Netanyahu and Obama, but said it was Israel that had asked for the weaponry.

“Such a request was made” around the time of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Washington this week, the official was quoted as saying by Reuters.

He also said he doubts that Washington placed any conditions on supplying the hardware, such as Israel promising not to attack Iran this year.

However, White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters Thursday “in meetings the president had there was no such agreement proposed or reached.”

News of the US possibly supplying Israel with weapons systems suitable for long-range military operations and strikes against fortified underground targets emerged on Tuesday. At that time, however, no conditions connected to the deal were mentioned.

Speaking to the Israeli prime minister in the Oval Office on Monday, President Obama once again reaffirmed his personal “unprecedented commitment” to Israel’s security.

On Wednesday Netanyahu told the Fox News Channel that he does not actually think a war with Iran is inevitable.

“The paradox is that if they actually believe that they are going to face the military option, then you probably will not need the military option,” Netanyahu said.

The sides also discussed new steps to be taken to isolate the Islamic Republic internationally even further.

At a media briefing in the White House Obama told journalists that America will apply more pressure on Iran despite the fact that “we provide a door for the Iranian regime to walk through,” Obama said.

Israel has been stressing for years that the real aim of the Iranian nuclear program is not peaceful energy, but the creation of an atomic bomb, and furthermore, the destruction of the Jewish state. Tehran has consistently denied such allegations, allowing the IAEA to inspect its nuclear facilities in an attempt to prove that its nuclear program is solely peaceful.


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2 Responses to " US offers Israel advanced arms for not attacking Iran "

  1. Jean-Francois Morf says:

    “Who want peace prepare for war”
    When USA decide with Russia to reduce the nuclear bomb number, where do you think the thousands no more needed USA nuclear bombs goes?
    Iran would be stupid to bomb Israel: Persia would be vitrified!
    Israel would be stupid to bomb Iran: Russia and China and North Korea have so much nuclear bomb just needing to be tested! (just make some earth rotations before falling incognito on Israel)

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  2. James Hill says:

    If you ever see a country eliminate its nuclear weapons, it will only mean that they have come up with something better and even more devastating.
    Believe it.

    While we are on the subject of Israel, let me clarify something here. A few years ago, I made up a joke and posted it here, because this seems like a website where people can pull the throttle back and let it rip with a take no prisoners attitude. I saw Jews under attack from every direction possible. So, I made up this joke:

    Why do Orthodox Jews have such long beards?
    To break the swing of german testicles.

    I was away from this site for a long time, maybe a year or so, and I came back a couple of days ago, and saw my joke posted at the end of an article. Maybe an editor posted it. Maybe another reader, and it had my name on it. My first thought was “I’m famous! At least I’ll leave something to posterity!”
    So, in getting into the spirit of things, I posted it again on a few articles. But now, I need to clarify something.
    What I posted then and now was intended in the spirit of humor and nothing more… and yes. I have a tremendous sense of humor and it can reach as far as my imagination can take it and nothing is sacred as far as the humorous aspect goes.
    Am I really antisemitic is the question? No, I am not. Years ago, i read several books on the holocaust in Germany, and you better believe me when I tell you it ran my blood COLD. No human beings or even animals should ever be subjected to that kind of barbarism and inhumanity. Millions of human beings being herded and transported like cattle and shipped to their torture, starvation, and death. I would NEVER wish that on another human being. NEVER.
    We all laugh at each other, but we should have an even greater capacity to laugh at OURSELVES. So let me provide some good fuel here for others to ridicule:
    I am half Greek and half Cajun, and if I’m not fodder for a good joke, nobody is! So here goes. I just thought of this:

    What do you do with a Greek Cajun halfbreed? Sodomize him and feed him Gumbo.

    Feel free to ridicule me, because I will be laughing louder than anyone. I said I had a wild sense of humor, and I mean it. So, let it rip!

    How do I really feel? If I were king of the world, it would be a world where goodness and honesty reigned supreme. It would be a world where Palestine would somehow have a better chunk of real estate that would be a sovereign country, and Israel and Palestine would both have large and successful corporations that did business together, and both peoples would prosper. There would be friendship and opportunity shared, and it would be a model for the rest of the world to emulate.
    If only it could be. IF ONLY IT COULD BE!

    In closing, I wish my Jewish and Arabic brethren hope and good will. And always know and remember that somewhere in America, you have a Greek Cajun halfbreed hoping for you and hoping with you, and hoping that mankind can grow together, aspire together, and reach its fullest potential … Together.
    With Hope and With Respect,
    James Hill

    And always remember that we can laugh at each other, but our biggest and best laugh must always be at OURSELVES.


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