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US exempts 10 EU states plus Japan from Iran sanctions

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US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

The United States says it has exempted 11 nations including 10 European Union members and Japan from tough new sanctions on Iran as they have reduced oil purchase from Tehran.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a statement on Tuesday that the exemption covers financial institutions from 11 nations – Belgium, Britain, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain, AFP reported.

“The actions taken by these countries were not easy…. They had to rethink their energy needs at a critical time for the world economy and quickly begin to find alternatives to Iranian oil, which many had been reliant on for their energy needs,” she added.

Clinton also commended these countries, especially Japan, for their actions in significantly reducing crude oil purchases from Tehran and urged other nations that import oil from Iran to follow their example.

“Diplomacy coupled with strong pressure can achieve the long-term solutions we seek and we will continue to work with our international partners to increase the pressure on Iran to meet its international obligations,” she noted.

Meanwhile, a senior US official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that President Barack Obama would ultimately have to decide whether to impose economic sanctions that under the law take effect on June 28.

The most important countries which have not been included on the exemption list are China, India and South Korea.

China is the biggest buyer of the Iranian crude and figures released by US Department of Energy show that about 22 percent of Iranian oil exports go to the East Asian country.

Beijing also strongly opposes trade restrictions against Iran, saying that oil sanctions are not “constructive.”

India, despite friendly relations with the United States, has also defied pressure to shut off oil from Iran.

The US and EU have imposed tough financial and oil sanctions against Iran since the beginning of 2012, claiming that the country’s nuclear energy program includes a military component.

Tehran refutes their claims noting that frequent inspections by International Atomic Energy Agency have failed to prove any diversion in Iran’s nuclear energy program toward military purposes.


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5 Responses to " US exempts 10 EU states plus Japan from Iran sanctions "

  1. My Plastic Brain says:

    The US government’s attempts to dictate to other nation what they can or cannot not do is rapidly becoming comical meglomania and is increasingly ineffectual.

    Countries are now more willing to simply ignore the US’ silly tantrums.

    Come on China, offload a sizeable chunk of the US debt you hold onto the world markets and show the US government who really has global power!

    The world would applaud you for taking the wind out of the US’ sails.

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  2. obeseontheriseinyourbumbum says:

    Do throwback societies understand the concept of rehearsal military war games conducted instead of having the real thing from happening? No civilian casualties that way.

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    • My Plastic Brain says:

      The accusatory notion of throwback societies does seem to be an attempt to reframe long established societies as somehow inferior to the deformed newbie US concept of ‘civilization’.

      US war games are really just a rather sad and childish way of saving face as the US timidly shies away from actually doing anything for real, since both China and Russia have now challenged the US’ greed-fueled slaughter of the defenceless.

      Rehearsal for what by the way? It certainly wont be for a war against a real army. The US military has grown soft and complacent since all it has had to face are angry and very lightly armed farmers and peasants. Amusingly, it is struggling to defeat even them…

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  3. John Brown says:

    Sea Greens and Neutrons from the sea.

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  4. TRUE says:

    Sanctions? Exemptions? All this is just stupidity of the USA. Nobody gave the US any right to dictate any states what to do or what not to do. Greed, concetness and fall! Vivat Iran.

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