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UK PM tells parliament that Iran wants to nuke London

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British Prime Minister David Cameron has joined the US and Israeli regime in their Iranophobia tirade in the build-up to a possible invasion of Iran.

Cameron told the lower house of the British parliament that Iran is developing nuclear missiles capable of hitting London, British media reported.

The accusations had echoes of the run-up to the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, when then prime minister Tony Blair wrongly claimed that Iraq had the ability to launch a chemical weapons attack on British bases in Cyprus within 45 minutes of an order from Saddam Hussein, the executed Iraqi dictator.

Tony Blair’s claim was later revealed to be a hollow allegation, based on which the US and its main ally Britain ‘sexed up’ a dossier on the threat posed by the then Iraqi regime.

Iraq, a sovereign member of the international community, was invaded by the US-led alliance based on false claims, which later were exposed to be wrong. Later, the alliance failed to find any evidence of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) in Iraq. But, it was too late and the country was ruined to pieces with hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions injured from both sides of the conflict.

Now, again, more than 10 years after that destructive invasion, another British Prime Minister is leveling same accusations against Iran, another sovereign member of the international community, in yet another plot to sell weapons and to cover-up internal problems and difficulties.

In a speech to British MPs, David Cameron used the same allegations in line with the Iranophobia campaign launched by the US and Israeli regimes.

He claimed that the Iranian government was trying to develop ‘intercontinental missiles’. And he repeatedly stressed that ‘military action’ against Iran was not ‘off the table’.

“I don’t believe that an Iranian nuclear weapon is just a threat to Israel,” Cameron said.

“It is also clearly very dangerous for the region because it would trigger a nuclear arms race but also it’s a danger more broadly, not least because there are signs that the Iranians want to have some sort of intercontinental missile capability. So we have to be clear this is potentially a threat much more widely”, the British premier claimed.

This is while that Iran, as a responsible member of the international community, has time and again reiterated the peaceful nature of its nuclear activities.

Meanwhile, the International Atomic Energy Organization (IAEA) as the UN nuclear watchdog has repeatedly verified the non-diversion of Iran nuclear program in its reports.


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  • Bonsai Guy.

    Embezzlers still Paki-Bashing,police still corrupt,propagandists still have a license to shit down their marks necks.

  • My Plastic Brain

    Just more hot air from a lapdog UK government.
    The British government is just as cowardly as their US and Israeli counterparts.
    None of them would dare do more than make hostile noises against Iran, for fear of provoking China and Russia.

  • Bonsai Guy.

    The problem here is shit-hole Britain.

    • My Plastic Brain

      Britain isn’t so bad.
      The succession of spineless governments, all too willing to allow the corporate US to bleed us dry, is.
      We need some regime change here in the UK.

  • Yeaster

    Effing moron trying to scare the world into another expensive we cannot afford.

  • Bonsai Guy.

    If you find a swimming pool full of turds is should not take long to realise you have found a cess pit.

  • Bumba Clot

    Do you hear that? It’s the sound of war drums being beaten for a another war we can not afford! Here we go again different day same bullshit.

  • Bonsai Guy.

    Truth is they dump nuclear waste outside of Parliament and yet insist what they do is safe,full of shit and the sooner they die the better for Britain.

  • Mr I M Jolly

    :roll: … absolute bollox!! ‘EU times’ is just a conspiracy theorists ‘Wet Dream’ full of BS and other crud!!

    Perhaps EU Times still believe that the earth s Flat and the Moon is made of Gorgonza Green Cheese. You really should stop imbibing sour mash whiskey… it make you stupid!!

  • Hank Salmons Jr

    UK PM tells parliament that Iran wants to nuke London??
    Hank of USA tells Parliament UK PM wants Obama cock in his ass for a orgy party with the UN.

  • Ferrarello

    That asshole is almost as big of a liar as the one who took over America. It’s all just to provoke a war with Russia and China because the UK Government is going to lose their wealth after stealing it from the rest of us. The U.N. are nothing but a bunch of psychopaths just begging for World War 3. :-x

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