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Israel insists on curves on catwalk

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Skinny models in Israel are to be brought under weight control. A recently adopted law aimed at blocking the spread of eating disorders in the country doesn’t allow underweight beauties to appear in local ad campaigns.

­On top of this, local Israeli magazines also have to make it clear when they are using altered digital images to make women look thinner. The law doesn’t apply to foreign publications sold in Israel, though.

It’s reportedly the first legal attempt by a government to use legislation in regard to a fashion industry often accused of driving young girls towards anorexia.

From now on, models working for the Israeli market have to have a medical test every three months to confirm they are not undernourished according to World Heath Organization standards.

The law has been applauded by one of Israel’s top model agents who says that in the last three decades he saw young women lose more and more weight to conform to a type of sought-after beauty.

“They look like dead girls,” Adi Barkan was quoted as saying.

According to anthropologist Sigal Gooldin, about 2 percent of girls aged between 14 and 18 have severe eating disorders in Israel. The figures are similar in other developed countries.


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