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Hungary condemns British government for anti-Christian persecution

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Hungary deputy PM Semjén appalled at British government position on Christian cross.

The co-ruling Christian Democrats are “shocked and appalled” by the British government’s claims that Christians should not wear a cross or crucifix openly at work because it is not a “requirement” of the Christian faith, party leader Zsolt Semjen said on Monday.

The ban is clearly anti-Christian and a harsh and provocative violation of the freedom of religion, said Semjen in a statement sent to MTI. The issue is especially serious in light of the fact that the British government’s decision emerged after its plans to legalise same-sex marriages had been attacked by the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church in Britain.

The Christian Democrats highlight expressions of increasingly anti-Christian sentiments in the European Union and the double standards that while the EU have attacked parts of the Hungarian church law, it assists to the persecution of Christians, Semjen said.

The Daily Telegraph reported on Saturday that the British government is to argue in a case at the European Court of Human Rights that Christians should not be allowed to wear a cross or crucifix openly at work. The paper said that a British Airways worker and a nurse had taken their conflict to the European Court in Strasbourg after both faced disciplinary action for wearing a cross at work.


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  • Bonsai Guy.

    It’s none of those things,it’s merely an example of the lunacy of psychopaths and sociopaths that form the abusive core of political parties.

    Mental illness,you can tell it plays a large part in politics as normal people are not associated with them and do not want to be,indeed,we keep an armed forces to kill those sorts.

    • JoeW

      As Michael Savage, the great American talk show host says: ‘Liberalism a mental disorder”. And I see it – literally. Savage is one of the few who hits the nail on the head almost all the time, he is honest and brutal. What did he get in return. Britain banned him from traveling to the UK. This is what I call political correctness par excellence and the freedom of speech. Britain is only a shadow of its past, free speech in Britain is called hate speech if the rabid liberal left does not agree.

  • Hank motherfucking Salmons

    UK start to show how much they hate Jesus… It’s sad how they are… Can’t wear crosses…. Really, I say you can’t be in the goverment. I also say they must be devil worshippers… Oh well, they’ll burn into the lake of fire. I hope they read this, because they can see the bird and take it and live with it :-D


  • Bonsai Guy.

    So when can we expect to see homosexuality enforced in Jewish schools,good for the goose…

  • Bonsai Guy.

    So let’s look at the Embezzlers Government Resume.

    Nigger crushing,Jew lovin’,Paki bashing,Ghey trollin’ fucktards.

  • Anonymous

    The UK is bending over backward to make everyone in the world happy other than their own people. Who is helping them in the Falklands?

  • testing


  • Maria

    Hungary has zero credibility on christianity…

    Hungary has repatriated axe-killer Safarov (Azerbaijan) of an innocent Armenian while sleeping, to Azerbaijan.
    Safarov was declared hero and pardoned in Azerbaijan.
    Now no armenians (christians) will feel safe in Hungary, because any killer will potentially be declared hero and get money from Azerbaijan (muslim).

  • Douglas Brough

    I wear a crucifix and nobody, i mean nobody will make me take it off. So British government, you no doubt know where i am so come on – take me on and see what happens lol

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