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EU releases amazing European Unity film

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Just few days ago the EU has released an amazing 1 minute video meant to unite Europeans against foreign possible threats. Some newspapers, such as the Daily Mail for example accused the video of being racist but with EU’s 100 million (official) to 200 million (unofficial) non-European immigrants, the EU is anything BUT racist. Most Europeans countries opened their doors to foreigners in the 60’s, most of them coming from the Middle East and Africa. The situation in Europe is summed up quite well in this video. And in this situation, an official unity/solidarity promo-video for native Europeans is more than welcomed.

The video’s message is strong simple and peaceful, it’s a message of unity and solidarity among European people of European decent in their own European continent which already has its doors opened to immigrants despite it’s deep financial crisis, budget cuts and record high 11% unemployment rate.

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