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Egypt to halt gas exports to Israel and expel envoy

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The lower house of the Egyptian parliament has unanimously approved a text declaring that Israel is the number one enemy of Egypt and calling for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador and a halt to gas exports to Israel.

On Monday, Egyptian MPs voted by a show of hands on the text of a report, which was compiled by the Arab Affairs Committee of the People’s Assembly (lower house of parliament).

“Revolutionary Egypt will never be a friend, partner or ally of the Zionist entity, which we consider to be the number one enemy of Egypt and the Arab nation,” the report declared, adding, “It will deal with that entity as an enemy, and the Egyptian government is hereby called upon to review all its relations and accords with that enemy.”

In 1979, Egypt became the first Arab country to sign a peace treaty with Israel, but was compelled to agree to supply gas to Israel as one of the main economic conditions of the US-sponsored peace deal.

According to the results of an opinion poll conducted by Synovate for Press TV and published on October 3, 2011, an overwhelming majority of Egyptians oppose the terms of the country’s gas deal with Israel.

In the poll, seventy-three percent of the respondents said they were opposed to gas exports to Israel. Only 9 percent said they approved of Egypt supplying gas to Israel, and 12 percent had no opinion.

The issue of supplying gas to Israel has always been a contentious topic for Egyptians, who view Israel as an enemy and oppose engaging in any form of business with it.

According to a $2.5 billion export deal with Tel Aviv, signed in 2005, Israel receives around 40 percent of its gas supply from Egypt at an extremely low price.


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7 Responses to " Egypt to halt gas exports to Israel and expel envoy "

  1. jews are anti-Human says:

    The jews are subversive enemies of every Nation. Lets unite and put every last jew underground so we can Live and have natural freedom.

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    • Damien says:

      Let’s not go as far as saying put all of them underground. Let’s not be as bad as they are. I know many Jews and they are decent people. It’s their zionist leaders we should fight against.

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    • Dan says:

      SIEG HAIL!!!

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  2. Spectator says:

    What the world is waiting for is an alliance between Iran, Egypt, Pakistan and Syria…a real alliance. That might even bring the wavering Turks around.

    Then the so-called “Arab League” as it is presently configured will shine forth even more clearly as a tool of the Zio/Nato/US imperialists.

    Then the “Arab Spring” might even make an appearance in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, etc.

    And Al_Jazeera will cease sounding like a BBC clone.

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  3. o says:

    If the illegal jewish state was to disapeire ,or judged by there own laws by the ones they killed and pushed into the sea,they would cease to exsist any way.
    But eather way, the world don,t need this horible place nor its people.
    Destroy judism’islam and christianity the world would become one,but not as long as religon controls your life and not your councous.
    Sacrifice isreal and all of the illegal ocupants to save the world or let them destroy they world by religous difrencys. I say sacrifice all of them to save our world … what would you do if you were faced with this choice.
    This is the same choice russia ,china’iran, syria and cuba now face,ether let the world be compleatly be taken over by the nato/un fashist or stand and fight the way the u.s. did during the cuban missle crisise,but this time we have been told no by russia and china,isreal is nothing with out the u.s.,it would’nt evan exsist but wit big brother being unexpetily held back by the great bear and the mighty dragon,big brother seems to be in a mexican stand off,and by the way this isant about irans nukes(they already have four of them)it’s because they want obey the wishes of the zionist terroist,so agan destroy isreal to save the world… not such a bad idea

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    • My Plastic Brain says:

      Whilst religion provides only convenient and easily digestible amswers to some of life’s most fundamental philosophical questions, concerning the nature and meaning of existence, it is perhaps the only thing that prevents our world from being one large spiritually devoid psychiatric ward.

      It takes a brave or foolhardy soul to step away from the simplistic and unverifiable dogma of organized religion, of whatever shade, and ponder the meaning of existence for oneself.

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  4. Obese2FailFedGov2fat says:

    I wikipedia the word “Jew” and ok. I still don’t understand the hatred. I also wikipedia “Hitler and that guy was nuts. Join me on Yahoo Questions/Answers we can all say what we want and look like fools. :-o

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